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Bodybuilding Dictionary – Part 2

Posted in Dictionary on March 20, 2009 by takeupsculpting

Super Set

Performing an exercise each for two antagonistic muscles in a non-stop manner is known as a Super Set. For example, you can perform a set of Barbell Curl for biceps and immediately do as set of Pressdown for triceps. You rest for a minute or so and perform the next Super Set.

Compound Set

Performing two exercises for the same muscle in non-stop manner, though referred to as a Super Set by some trainers, is actually a Compound Set. For example, you may perform one set of Bench Press for chest and immediately do a set of Parallel Bar Dips (again for the chest).

Tri Set

Performing three exercises for the same muscle group in a non-stop manner is known as a Tri Set. For example, you can perform one set each of Military Press, Lateral Raise and Bent Over Lateral Raise in a non-stop manner for shoulders.

Giant Set

Performing four or more exercises for a particular muscle in a non-stop manner is known as a Giant Set. For example, you can perform one set each of Chinning, Barbell Row, One Arm Dumbbell Row and Seated Cable Row for the back.

Drop Sets

Assuming that you have completed six reps on the last, heavy set of Barbell Curls and are unable to perform even one more rep in textbook form. Now, take away one kg weight plate from each side of the barbell and perform some more reps in strict form. You may get about four or five reps. Once you are unable to perfom any more reps, drop some more weight as before and continue doing more reps until you are unable to do any more. This is called ‘Stripping Technique’ or a Drop Set.

Some trainers prefer to drop the weight three times. Some of them also prefer to call this ‘triple drop set.’
Note: More stories will soon be posted explaining in detail the benefits of these four techniques and several other such productive techniques.

_ P. Srimathy


Bodybuilding dictionary – Part 1

Posted in Dictionary on February 4, 2009 by takeupsculpting

Here are some commonly used words you should be familiar with to understand exercise performance and our sport of bodybuilding.

Repetitions (Reps):

Moving a barbell, dumbbell or a machine handle from the starting position of an exercise to the finish position one time is known as a repetition or ‘rep.’


A specified number of reps of an exercise performed continuously without rest is known as one set.

Training routine:

A complete programme of exercises for each muscle group is known as a routine.


Often referred to by our Indian bodybuilders as ‘practice,’ it is just an exercise session done on a particular day.


It is the short from of carbohydrates, the macronutrient that provides energy. It used to be known as ‘carbo’ in the 1980s. Now, it is popularly known among international champs and nutritionists as ‘carbs.’

_ P. Srimathy