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Hi friends, I, Lakshmi Kumar, welcome you to the blog of Team Masters.

Benefits of weight training are immense. Man or woman, young or old, anybody can benefit from systematic workouts and eating plan. Thousands of researches have proved time and again that weight training offers immense health benefits at any age.

However, those who train hard and follow a disciplined way of life need proper instruction.

I am trying to make my blog a reliable source of information.

I have been certified by International Sports Science Association, U.S. Through my column in The Hindu and other fitness publications, I have always tried to help people.

One of our team members is  a national judge in the Indian Body Building and Fitness Federation. We are now one more step closer to our champions, who relentlessly train without expecting lucrative endorsements and big-time contracts. I also intend to introduce these iron warriors to the elite section, so that they too appreciate the rigours, discipline, determination, dedication, self-control and positive approach of these champions.

Thanks to all of you for visiting my blog.



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  1. Hi lakshmikumar & Team,
    Nice to see your blog.A great gift for people like me .wsh ur team a great time a head.wish to see more articles and discussion happen here.


  2. Good to see this blogging.
    Can i get help on a good diet and tips on workout from you?

  3. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Naveen and Karan,
    thanks for your comments.
    I assure my readers that I would do my very best to help them reap the benefits of fitness lifestyle.
    And, yes, you CAN get diet and training tips on workouts.
    The story on flat stomach was actually a query from a reader who did not want to train like a bodybuilder but wanted to reduce his tummy.
    Send me details of your needs and I will post a story on it, at the earliest.
    good luck.

  4. Nice to see a blog on Indian fitness.. Got to know about this through the Hindu MetroPlus section u write everyweek.. Just wondering if u could add those also in this blog so one can revisit them.. Thanks

  5. Hi Trainingmasters,

    It is really a wonderful work. But i feel that you should hold a website and pen it down there instead of doing it in wordpress.. That way you can reach more people than through mere blogging.
    web site reaches masses better brother…you can actually organize the data in a better way and help everyone better


  6. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Joe

    Thanks for ur comments
    Stories published in Hindu are not supposed to be reproduced
    But i’ll post similar stories and more details over the course of time.

  7. Hi Mr lakshmi!!!
    ur colums are kinda informative.. keep it up

  8. i wanted to ask u if eating supplements will have side effects on ur body. if u refute this myth please provide me details in a way i can understand.
    Thank u

  9. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Atif,
    if your are 100 % healthy, supplements from a reputed company WILL NOT have ANY side-effect on your body. However, several institutions such as American Heart Association, etc. have now acknowledged that a supplement called creatine monohydrate, which is used by bodybuilders and sportspersons to increase strength, is not only safe but also good for heart health of certain kinds of heart conditions.
    Do I need to say more?
    Anyway, I’ll soon post more stories on supplements.
    But, until then, be sure that supplements are health-builders and not health-killers. Don’t buy 18th Century perceptions of ill-informed persons.
    Train hard and eat right.

  10. Great effort Lakshmi kumar. I am impressed by the extremely useful information provided. Best Regards

  11. prateek chaturvedi Says:

    i want to know if compound or isolated exercise will be good for making huge body?
    how can i make huge biceps n triceps?
    what r the requirements of making huge body mass?
    which company suppliments would be best?
    i have listened that some companies add steroids without any info on product label to their products
    since i dont take non veg n eats only eggs so how should i take protein to speed up my growth.
    is it true that our body breaks muscles to make essential amino acids if not taken from outside?
    some one was telling that chest, shoulders n thighs must not be done at the same day since our blood will divert to three different large muscles n result cannot be obtained also that biceps n triceps must not be done at the same time.
    if possible please provide a good time table for gym
    should we take a day gap or do daily gym?

    please remove my doubts
    thank you

  12. prateek chaturvedi Says:

    do body building causes health problems in old age if we lift very huge weights?

  13. sanjay Rao Says:

    Dear Mr. Kumar,
    You are doing a great job through your weekly column in the Hindu by demonstrating exercises using free weights. There was almost a vacuum in our country about such tips given by professionals like you. How can I get from you a complete list of exercises(with dos don’ts) ? Is there any booklet/CD/chart prepared by you? please let me know at the earliest. All the best to you and congratulations for rendering a great service to society. Sanjay Rao

  14. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Prateek,
    Check out a story on this blog which carries a photo of Manohar Aich. You can find a few more details on this topic in my story that appeared in Metro Plus. It will be available on The Hindu online archive. My answer to your question is an emphatic NO.
    Well-planned intense workouts, periodisation, enough rest and proper nutrition (which includes lot of food supplements, that are 100 % natural) will NOT lead to problems in old age.
    You have asked too many questions. Slow down brother, overspeed will kill your drive.
    Take one step at a time, learn things one by one, keep reading the stories I post and keep them in your mind. All your questions will be answered, trust me.
    Good Luck !

  15. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Mr. Rao,
    I intend conducting one-day seminars and offering pamphlet-like workout programmes, pretty soon. My team members and I are working on it, the charges, fee, etc., etc. I will post information on that in a couple of months.
    As regards demonstration CDs, there are plenty. But I recommend visiting only bodybuilding.com to watch exercise demonstration.
    They are the best!
    Thanks for your compliment

  16. Joseph Vimal Francis Says:

    hello sir,
    this blog is very informative. I am a regular reader. Also a word of praise for our Master’s gym. It has nice ambiance and very supportive instructors in Sridhar and Bhaskar.
    Thanks for all that.

  17. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Vimal,
    I will answer your questions in a separate post, as a full-fledged story.
    and thanks a lot for comment.

  18. can i replace meat with soyabean for body building?
    should i heat it before consuming?
    should i workout only one muscle group or many at a time to build huge body?
    please advice
    thank you

  19. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear prateek, here are my answers:
    1. ‘NO’ for the first question.
    2. All foods have to be cooked in the manner they are to be cooked. This is answer for second question.
    3. You hear too many things that confuse you. Slow down, as I said. Do the 4-day routine which is going to be posted soon on this blog.
    Send a feedback after 3 months.
    Stop searching any further until then. Start working brutally hard.

  20. Manpreet Singh Duggal Says:

    My hats off to you, Mr.C.Lakshmi Kumar !!

    I never ever came across such a wonderful website on bodybuilding. I am a Civil Services aspirant preparing in Delhi. I have written Body Building as my hobby in the Mains examination form. You may be having an idea as to how much they grill us on our hobby in the interview.

    I have been keeping the cuttings of your column from The Hindu Newspaper since June 2008. Long time back, your site didn’t open.Today only, it opened up and seriously speaking, i am taken by surprise ! I thought i have almost prepared fully on bodybuilding. But after visiting this blog, i know i have a long way to go !

    Thank you so much from the core of my heart..You just can’t imagine, how much your site has helped me..I will get back to you, if ever any kind of help is needed.

    Till then, keep up the good work !

  21. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Manpreet Singh,
    I am glad that my blog was useful to you in some way. The science of weight training and body building is like an ocean….I am a little row boat sailing in it….your feedback has put some more power into my deltoids and made me to row hard…thanks a lot.
    ‘vishwaas karoonga ki aap jo bhi ‘career’ me jeeye, hamesha ‘top pe aaye….’success’ mubaarak ho, ‘advance’ mein!”

  22. Manpreet Singh Duggal Says:

    Seriously, i could answer most of the questions on bodybuilding confidently in a recent mock interview which we conducted amongst ourselves.

    I am hoping for the Best. Thank you very much !

  23. thank you for giving a good time table which is best suuited to me.I have began to follow it up will inform you after 3 months about improvement
    till than my best wishes to you for helping others a lot in this field

  24. Hai Lakshmi,
    This blog is very informative for the known and unknown bodybuilders. I wish U and UR team much more success…reaching international standards is not too far; keep trying.
    I want to personally thank you and my trainer Baskar too.
    Keep moving towards success.
    All the Best for Team Masters.

  25. Hi Mr. Lakshmikumar,

    I am 18 yr old and I enjiy going to gym. Your blog is very helpful since we dont have a trainer in our gym .

    My question is does taking pull ups increase height . As I am about 180cms I dont want to increase my height .
    Please respond to my query.

  26. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Manu,
    there is a story on height in my blog. Pl. read it again.
    There are no exercises to increase your height or stop your height….what you are genetically engineerd to get, you WILL get. If growing taller than 180 cm is in your gene, perhaps it can be stopped only through hormonal intervention and administration, which I am thoroughly against.
    So stop worrying about height. Build a nice, healthy body that will make you look an extremely impressive six-footer and not a duster-stick.
    eat and train hard and correctly.
    Good Luck.

  27. prateek Says:

    please tell about a good body building magazine which i can refer

  28. takeupsculpting Says:

    I can tell you about half-a-dozen magazines……but, the more you read, the more you will get confused…….this field is an ocean….You are already too confused and have just started to learn…. so just read what I publish on this blog, if you are REALLY serious about learning something….any person who wants to learn English should always start with A,B,C,D and not refer to Wren & Martin grammer textbook, it’s like that.
    Trust me, I will guide you step-by-step, and help you to learn a lot of things, all free of cost through my blog….I always try to write in a simple English using short sentences, which you CANNOT find in reputable and top-quality magazines and books. My library collection is worth more than Rs. 20 lakh, so you can trust my words.
    Their standard and explantion will also be too scientific and you may get more confused.
    Stay with me, IF you really want to learn…And, as I initially said, believe in what I gave you and work hard exactly like what I said, if you really want to succeed.
    Good Luck.

  29. prateek Says:

    ok thanks
    i regurlarly visit your site and following your time table

  30. prateek Says:

    should i eat eggs in summer since they produce a lot of heat in body? please advice

  31. Respected kumar, your blog is simply superb
    please contiue…
    your”s venkat

  32. Hi Training Masters team,

    this ia a nice informative blog for people who are into fitness. It will really induce people to workout.

    It’s very awesome work by the master team. I am updating and carefully reading ur articles. It’s good..

    The interview with Mr. India Basheer is very good and contains all vital nutrients for bodybuilding buffs.

    Good team work

  33. Hi Sir,

    First of all I would like to thank you for your social service. I want to know that I am 39 yr. old and want to maintain my body. My waist size is 34″ and want to reduce it to 30″. Can it possible? As am living in Nanded (Maharashtra) and doing sitting job for 10 hours. pl. guide me.

    Thanking you

  34. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Madhav,
    yes it is possible.
    But, first get a thorough medical check-up done.
    If all vital health parameters such as heart conditionand BP are normal, you can start training.
    I cannot say from here if you are fit enough to start as I am no doctor and have not examined you personally.
    But if you pass the medical tests with flying colours, you can follow a story which I am soon going to post on this blog.
    Wait for it.
    Good Luck.


    hai sir,
    First of all I would like to thank you for your social service. Is peanut good for bodybuilders? i fount it has more protein but i feel it is increasing my weight. what will you suggest.

  36. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Mr. Chandrasekaran,
    thanks for your comment.
    Peanuts are good but don’t make them your main source of protein.
    They contain heart-healthy fat, I accept it, but the high calorie content may increase body fat levels.
    However, if your overall fat intake is well-monitored, the fat from peanut may do good to your health. Still I would say, always have an eye on total calories.
    For best sources of protein, stick to grilled chicken breast, tuna, egg whites, whey protein and skimmed milk.
    good luck.

  37. ravi shekar Says:

    hi,i got to know about your blog from hindu paper. my age is 21 and iam 5.5 feet tall.is there any exercise to increase my height by 2 inches.if you could give me a suggestions i will be grateful to you……..thank you.

  38. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Shekar,
    I urge you to read the stories I have posted about height, teenagers and weight training.
    I have answered this kind of question several times to many of my readers. But, I don’t mind repeating it once again.
    If you are over 18, chances of growing taller are slim (i.e., you cannot). Very few persons alone grow until they turn 20, but those cases are very rare.
    If nature had engineerd your gene in such a way that you had to grow 7 feet, then you WILL grow until you stand 7 feet tall.
    If your gene had been pre-programmed to make you grow only upto 5.5. feet, you CANNOT grow any taller. This is cience, irrespective of whoever you are and whichever part of the world you live in.
    It’s like 2×2 is always 4 and not 4.1!
    Height growth cannot be manipulated. It cannot be increased using ANY exercise or stopped because of doing certain exercises.
    But, doing exercises in a wrong manner can weaken your joints or damage them or your bones. But, that will happen only if your exercise form is bad and your diet is poor.
    But, if your posture is less than perfect, by correcting it you may be able to stand stretching out your spine completely. This will make it appear as if your bones have grown. But, they actually would not have grown at all.
    That can be accomplished only if your posture is bad and you walk with your shoulders and spine slightly rolled forward.
    My honest suggestion is don’t buy any idea sold by ANYBODY (however big he or she maybe) saying that he or she can help you to grow taller at this age.
    Instead, concentrate on building a nice and healthy physique, which will make you look great and feel healthy.
    Your self-confidence will skyrocket and you will be a winner in ANY field you enter. This is beacuse of the control you develop over your body. Developing confidence about seeing great results if you work hard and stay disciplined, will be your key to success.
    Weight training and bodybuilding lifestyle will keep you handsome, healthy, happy and extremely opimistic and successful throughout your life.
    good luck

  39. I was scouring the internet looking for blogs/websites dedicated to Indian bodybuilding till I came across your blog. Now I can get information on bodybuilding competitions held in Madras and different parts of Tamil Nadu. I find plenty of information I can relate to, with respect to training, nutrition and rest.

    Will you be focussing on bodybuilding events held in other parts of India too?

    I am in the process of losing weight and am focussing on getting the lean physique I have always dreamed about. I hope the information on your blog will help me reach that goal.

    Keep up the good work.

  40. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Anandkrishnan (is that your name?),
    I try to write about every major contest taking place in the country. Being employed (full-time) at the editorial desk in a newspaper, I cannot get leave to go out of station too often.
    Whenever I can go, I go..that’s it.
    Did you see ‘Jr. Mr. India’ report on the blog?
    That was in Guntur, you should have noticed.
    Of course, I am not in a position to go to Kolkata for the Nationals scheduled this weekend.
    But, I’ll try to get the details and photos.
    The problem is that not many people are showing interest in giving us details, photographs or videos.
    Whatever we get, we publish, thats the irony!
    All the photographs you see in contest reports are taken by members of Team Masters.
    As regards training guidance, my reputation is at stake here. I always try to give only the best information, be it through my column in ‘The Hindu or my earlier contributions to the NO. 1 training magazine in India,”Bodybuilding Master” (Tamil).
    Getting results depends on your commitment, hard work and smartness in approach.
    Good luck.

  41. Hello,

    The sample diet that you have published in the “Shape up – lose fat and get muscular” section is geared towards non-vegetarians.

    Would you be able to suggest a similar diet for vegetarians?


  42. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear friend,
    This is the answer I sent to one of my readers last night. I am now posting it on the blog as well.
    Please realise that the moment you start training, your body changes.
    I don’t believe in someone saying that “I need to improve my appearance through workouts but won’t eat this, this and that.”
    We have to adopt what modern science says. When sentimental beliefs or superstition were ‘codified’ thousands of years ago, nobody was into physique sculpting, losing fat or improving sports performance (including muscle building).
    Irrespective of whatever the big names in ‘fitness business’ say today, if the body is trained in a particular manner, it has to be given certain foods. This alone will ensure that it recovers and maintains itself properly. Getting good looks comes next.
    I will say for sure that if you train very hard at the gym but do not want to take meat, you at least have to consume egg whites.
    Irrespective of however efficiently you combine vegetarian foods, the quality of protein will still be a tad less than egg whites and other nv protein.
    When you want to lose fat, your carbohydrate intake should be monitored. If you combine several vegetarian foods for improving the quality of protein, the extra carbohydrate you get from those sources should be reduced from your other foods. This will help to keep your total carb intake on the lower side (to lose body fat).
    All this can make the diet process cumbersome.
    You can, however, take protein powders and meal replacement shakes from reputed international companies. But, think about the cost factor.
    I will soon post a story on that kind of diet.
    It will be really good, that’s for sure. But how great, only a tryout can say.

  43. SREERAM.S Says:

    I found ur blog only today & Iam happy with it. As you said, more reading of magazines only confuse. Instead we can hit hard with basics to gain what we dream. Iam a guy of 30 years with height 5’9” and weight 70 kgs. I am working out in gym for the past 1& 1/2 years. I was only 55kg while starting and now Iam 70 kgs. Besides physical improvement, I also experience improved mental & psychological states like improved patience limits, extended confidence levels & also a tendency to serve others in need.
    Everyone used to mock at me in school since I was very lean. But I had confidence that some day I will do it great. Now I need some workout routine for solid physique, since I find that now I am gaining fat.
    At present I dont have any regular schedule. But I work out in a cyclic manner every day(morning), for chest,shoulder & lats on alternate days, and for arms, biceps & abs in between.
    Before going to work out I consume 2 or 3 raw eggs. Is it right? I find it exhausting to work out with empty stomach.
    Similarly I take bath before workout. It seems good. But I get more sweaty while workouts. Is it normal?

  44. Lakshmi Says:

    Dear Sreeram,

    Congratulations for working out…but, I am sorry to tell you that your workout is pathetic brother…why is it that you aren’t working the MOST important muscle group in your body, the legs?
    There is a training story on this blog, written by Murtuza, about the value of intense leg training. I urge you to read that.
    You are also training the muscles of your upper body too frequently. This will certainly lead to overtraining, if you train hard. I am sure you aren’t training hard enough because if it were very hard, you will not be able to train like this for more than a couple of weeks.
    You are not satisfied with your progress because your training is poorly organised. The weight gain you are seeing may also be owing to improper training and the resultant fluid accumulation (along with fat). I have seen such cases….
    I urge you to read all the stories on this blog. Yes, you have to read ALL of them IF you are serious about learning training and nutrition facts and seeing results.
    There is a training story on ‘How to build muscle and lose fat’ written by Srimathy and I.
    Follow the 4-day routine and diet plan in that story.
    I wish you all the best.

  45. Radhakrishnan.N Says:


    Hats off and my best wishes to continue ur wonderful work.
    May god give health and prosperity to u and ur family.
    Here are some details about me… I m 25 yrs old, weigh 70 kg, height 160 cm, married before 4 months.
    I m doing regularly exercise, both mor and even (except sunday) doing running (only in mor) for 2 kms following workouts (doing for separate muscles)
    I will make it hard work……….
    I want to reduce my abs heavily…
    How long it takes when I work out seriously?
    Pls suggest an effective workout.
    Does it remain good doing abs exercise mor and even for 6 days per week?
    Shall I take fat burner (STAMIN)? Is it effective?
    Pls guide me to the right path for achieving my goals of being a perfect man.
    Thanks and Regards

  46. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Radhakrishnan,
    thanks for your wishes.
    I urge you to read ALL the stories posted on my blog.
    You can see several training routines and sample diet plans there. Please read all of them carefully and try to understand.
    Whatever you are doing now is exteremely flawed…pl. stop all that right away.
    I have posted a story for persons who want to lose fat and shape up but at the same time do not want to look like a bodybuilder.
    Follow every word of that…
    Do not train abs every day or workout twice as all these kind of funny things will lead to severe overtraining. That will ruin your health.
    There are stories on all that too.
    Please read EVERY WORD of ALL the stories if you are serious about seeing results.
    I assure you 100 per cent success.
    Keep me posted.

  47. Radhakrishnan.N Says:

    Dear sir,

    First of all, thanks for u, for the time you gave to reply my question

    I m doing in a small gym, the mislead of my coach and one of my gym friend prone to do this work outs,

    They are saying like……. for a complete fat loss, u need to work out for both mor and even

    So, i did the same

    I m so enthusiastic and i want to prove my self as best in physique….

    I dono the right person to ask what i need, all are giving confusing informations

    So i m completely depending on u

    If u root what to do? i ll sure follow the same

    Ya i ll read all the informations from right now and follow the same

    Plz reply for my questions

    I think from ur side only one time is good for exrercise?

    But sir, my office time 9-6

    I can spend hardly 1.5 hrs morning

    But within that specified time (due to rush in gym), is it possible to complete the work outs mentioned?

    But i saw in most small gyms, people use to work out daily cited the work out as chest, tri, lat, bi, shoulder, leg (each one day) along with abs

    Is it completely wrong doing?

    What is the alternative?

    Please guide me sir

  48. Radhakrishnan.N Says:


    I m woking in a MNC company in mylapore

    My request

    If u give ur mobile number, or the place in chennai where u can reside?

    I ll come and meet u directly (if u ve time or out of ur busy schedule)

    Plz reply

  49. such fabulous blog for young body builders. Keep it up. My hearty best wishes. themes and photos are superb. A small feedback – do not dump all ur posts in single page, bcoz its takes lot of time to load. put 5 posts per page and we can go to older posts and rest. Thumbs up to you guys proud to be Tamilan.
    I too won 10th place in Madurai body building. for ur information, only 10 participated 🙂

  50. Dear TM team,

    I found this blog today only and really impressed with it.

    Thanks for your excellent guide and knowledge sharing.

  51. Hello, TM Team

    i am new to this blog, there is no words to comment your awsome work. simply great.

    i am from coimbatore
    23 years old guy, i have been doing weight training for the past 4 years. also attended two competitions. but i have wash outed.

    i just want to ask you that


    give me some tips, workout plans, natural diet plans

    (Note : i am from a middle class family, No costly supplements or others )

    waiting for your reply …… please….

  52. takeupsculpting Says:

    My friend,
    it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get cut in ONE month! That can happen only if you are already very lean, something like a labourer.
    And, what do you mean NATURAL diet plans, huh?
    You mean to say only solid food and no supplements, right?
    Read all the stories posted on this blog.
    There are general guidelines. There are also specific guidelines on how to make a diet according to each individual’s weight and goals. If there are protein powders or supplements like glutamine, forget them and take SEVERAL egg whites instead.
    But you have to take certain minimum amount of supplements like Vitamin C, E and a multi-vitamin/multi-mineral capsule every day. They are something like insurance policies.
    It’s all like what ‘Mr. India’ Muniappan says, “You chose this sport of body building. So you have to give it enough quality food.”
    If you don’t, citing the cost factor, you will lose a lot of muscle and it will also seriously harm your health in the long run.
    Remember, if you pay peanuts, you get only monkeys.
    Be smart.

  53. Hi Team,
    Good to see your blog. The art of bodybuilding, once a subculture among the youngsters has now became a part of daily life for thousands…and I’m one among those fortunate thousands. Being an IT professional in academic arena, the chances for any physical activity is very less in my workplace. This makes me very particular about my workouts….which makes me still dynamic n vibrant…perhaps far more than the students around me.

    Thanks for the team to come up with such a wonderful blog….specially for the interview with
    Mr.V M Basheer.

  54. Dear Sir,
    Hope you remember me. Your blog is excellent and wonderful. I’m sure that years of experience and knowledge in the field has made you to give what is exactly needed for the people. Now – a – days if any of my friends ask suggestion, I use to help them and also ask them to pay a visit to your blog. As it has ABCDs (basics) of fitness for beginners and stuffed information for experienced persons. I was in an attitude that I know all about fitness but after meeting you I started updating and reinforcing things. While seeing your descriptive answer to the question, that itself shows your empathy towards people’s welfare. My sincere congrats to You, Sri Ma’am and to the entire team of team masters, having Mission and Vision of making healthy society.

    Pray Fitness
    Pray Bodybuilding
    Jai ho…

    With love

    champion bodybuilder.

  55. Here goes my question.Is it possible to reduce weight by doing cardio alone like 30 minutes of jogging and skipping or doing exercise is a must to burn fat and reduce weight.

    Thanks in advance

  56. takeupsculpting Says:

    Here comes the answer….
    But this ‘only-cardio’ regimen will make you look thin, weak and unimpressive. Losing a lot of weight this way may make a person’s muscles get a loose, hanging look.
    If you desire that look, you may begin.
    If you don’t want that, search for stories on this blog that would help you to get into shape.

  57. hello sir.
    i do lot of skipping in order to reduce my fat and mostly to reduce my belly??
    can u plz sugest me some work outs for lower abs

  58. santhosh R Says:

    Hello sir I am new 2 this blog and also nice 2 see this blog, i am 23 yrs old & wieght just 45 kgs i am going gym from past 8 months to increase my weight i work hardly & eat nicely but i have increased even 1 kg also so am very confused so plz give some suggestions.

    Thanking you

  59. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Arpan,
    I don’t approve of your approach.
    Refer to stories on this blog about losing fat and flattening the abs.
    You will not only get good abs but also an athletic-looking body.
    The ‘only-cardio’ approach will give you a loose, haggered look…….and…. I don’t recommend skipping for weight loss as it may be too hard on the joints.

  60. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Santosh,
    there is a story on this blog under the training category to build muscle and lose fat.
    Follow the 3-day routine found in it.
    Don’t eat WELL my dear friend, most of the persons are of the wrong opinion that eating a lot of food, that too any kind of food, is ok at a young age….they are all dead wrong.
    you will end up looking like a fat pig with loose bags of fat all over your body and a belly.
    Eat like a smart bodybuilder if you want to look like a smart, fit young man.
    Refer to stories on eating to gain muscle, found on this blog.
    Good Luck.

  61. dhanaraj.L Says:

    அன்புள்ள லஸ்மிகுமார் சார் அவர்களுக்கு வணக்கம் நான் உங்கள் தீவிர வாசகன் உங்களை நீண்டநாள் மாஸ்டரில் கானாததால் மிகுந்த வருத்தம் அடைந்தேன் தற்செயலாக உங்களைப்பற்றி என் நண்பர் ஒருவரிடம் விசாரித்த போது நீங்கள் TrainingMasters என்ற இணையதளம் தொடங்கி வெற்றிகரமாக நடத்தி வருவதாக கூறி உங்கள் இணையதள முகவரியும் கொடுத்தார் நான் உங்கள் இணையதளம் கண்டு மிக்க மகிழ்சி அடைந்தேன் வாழ்த்துக்கள்…!!!
    சார் ஒருமுக்கிய கேள்வி எங்கள் கேள்விகளை எப்படி அனுப்புவது
    அதைகொஞ்சம் கூறுங்கள் ப்ளீஸ்….
    லெ.தனராஜ் wwcgym nsn palayam cbe 31

  62. I found this site using google.com And i want to thank you for your work. You have done really very good site. Great work, great site! Thank you!

    Sorry for offtopic

  63. Radhakrishnan Says:

    Dear sir,

    Hope you remember me,

    As per the schedule provided by u, i m following it and had reduced 6.5 kgs in past 4 months (73 to 66.5). But still i need to reduce further (my waist line reduction is 36 to 32)

    Many thanks for you.

    I ve two questions. It would be much helpful if u please provide me the answer.

    1. Doing cardio for 30 mins continuosly is boring, Is that shall i split and do 15 mins before and after work out?

    2. I think probably i need a change in my work outs, since i m following the same work-out provided by u. As u r genius and professionals pls provide an another 5 day work out chart to get fit and maintain my weight.

    Many thanks in advance

    Please answer my doubts


  64. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Radhakrishnan,

    Sorry for the delayed response.
    You can change your workout if you have stopped seeing results. Or else change for the sake of change will stop improvement. Reducing weight too fast will affect your health, so go slow.
    Your progress, if it is exactly like what you have told me, is quite good.
    You should not split cardio into two sessions, that is what science says.
    But, there are people who always break rules and still claim that what they are doing alone is right. Its up to you to make a choice.
    “enakku mugasthuthi panradhu pidikkadhu.”
    I’m no genius, you got it wrong.
    But, keep one thing in your mind – there are no short cuts and no magic can be worked by any expert. Changing your body needs patience, perseverance, discipline and hard work.
    Good Luck !
    P.S : By the by, have you received any response from Jayakumar sir ? Seems you have been waiting from Deepavali.

  65. Manpreet Singh Duggal Says:

    Hello Sir,

    How you doing ?

    Its been wonderful visiting your blog after such a long time.I have certain queries..

    – What is the ideal weight for a person like me with height 5’8″, age 27 ?

    – Is there is any relation between Bodybuilding and Akharas ? ( hope u got my point … Akharas,,where the Pehelwaans train themselves..)

    – Could you please tell me few branded chain of gyms in India ?

    – What’s the difference between fitness and Bodybuilding ?

    I know my queries are many , but i also know one thing that its you only who can give me authentic answers.I have stopped believing in the veracity of other’s statements.

    Just to recall, want to tell you that i am the same person preparing for the civil services with Bodybuilding as my hobby..Waiting for my interview call this year again..

    I am really impressed with your blog.Seriously, i have got so many queries in there but will not ask them right now.The hectic study schedule doesnt permit me to train the way i want to.Just looking for some answers from your side,,which could help me in my interview.

    Thanks and Regards.

  66. Hey Manpreeth,

    – What is the ideal weight for a person like me with height 5′8″, age 27 ?
    >> If your bodyfat is less than 10 % you need not worry about weight at all.. (even if you are 100 kgs)

    – Is there is any relation between Bodybuilding and Akharas ? ( hope u got my point … Akharas,,where the Pehelwaans train themselves..)
    >> all sports of strenght and muscle follow the same basics. Build and strengthen muscles. But in bodybuilding we also showcase them…

    – Could you please tell me few branded chain of gyms in India ?
    >>golds, mavric, talwalker, o2 etc…. but i would rather prefer a calm gym where i can just do my workout rather than giving importance to my tracks and shoes…

    – What’s the difference between fitness and Bodybuilding ?
    A bodybuilder is a fit person. But all fit persons are not bodybuilders..

    For Team Masters,

  67. sir,i want to lose stubborn belly fat , sidetyre and to build up muscle….can u please provide me a diet plan.i weigh 80kg and my height is 6feet..is it good to jog in evening???anticipating for the reply…..

  68. takeupsculpting Says:

    there is a story in the ‘training section’ on how to build muscle and lose fat.
    I urge you to read it.
    Also read the stories posted on this blog on ab training and diet programmes.
    You will find help in those stories.
    PS: Here is a condensed tip – cut calories by reducing carbohydrates; increase top quality protein; train hard with weights 4 to 6 days a week; do cardio 4 to 6 times a week; drink plenty of water; clean up your lifestyle; sleep well; and last but not least, be patient and confident.
    And, I don’t recommend jogging as a heavy person is more likely to do harm to his/her joints by jogging, running or rope jumping.

  69. dear sir,
    i have been following your blog…i have a couple of questions….

    1. is it okay for a 16yr old to lift dumbbells?(they say weight training stunts growth)…if so can i start with 5kg and then go on increasing the weight…can one lift with only one hand or is it a must to lift with both hands simultaneously?

    2. they say that growth plates get damaged when one lifts heavy weights…does this damage occur when one lifts heavy weights for a period of time or if a person just has the weights for a few minutes?

    3. since im a staunch vegetarian can you suggest protein-rich vegetarian items…

  70. takeupsculpting Says:

    My dear friend,
    it’s surprising that you have been following my blog but still have doubts on weight training and stunted growth.
    I have attched the link to a story which I urge you to read.
    As regards other questions, here are my answers:
    1. A 16-year-old can train with dumbbells. Mindless ‘lifting’ has no place in any person’s regimen, teenager or otherwise.
    This 5 kg thing is tricky. It cannot be decided without knowing what exercise you are doing, how strong you are and how good is your technique. There are some exercises for stregthening delicate fibres in the shoulders, for which even 5 kg may be too much. This is even for an advanced bodybuilder.
    Training with one hand is known as ‘unilateral training.’ It’s a very good way to develop core muscle strength and correct imbalances in development. However, a beginner need not try unilateral training.
    2. What you wanted to ask is if the duration may cause stress. I write programmes for young, old, sportsmen and people with health problems.
    I don’t come from the school fo thought which accepts that ‘growth plates’ can be damaged like that…if a person lifts a weight using poor technique, one second is enough to damage the spine, especially if the trainee is a teenager and his bones are not fully matured and grown strong.
    3. There is a story on vegetarian protein on the blog.

  71. Hi,

    1.Would you suggest me a complete body workout spanning 5 consecutive days. I am 24 yrs old and 165cm tall,weigh 67kg.

    2.Also, I work on the treadmill and cross-trainer, daily 10 mins each, before doing weight-training. Is this the right approach?

    3.Almost all the gyms have steam-bath now-a-days.What is the impact of it on the body.


  72. takeupsculpting Says:

    Here are my suggestions:
    1. You have to tell me your goal. Only then will I be able to tell you how many days you can workout – 4, 5 or 6.
    How long have you been training ang what kind of results have you seen? I need more details like this.
    2. Once again, this depends on your needs. However, I do not advocate starting a workout with 20 minutes cardio. It’s insufficient to burn fat. You can do 30 minutes cardio after hitting the weights to lose maximum fat. There are some persons who get too tired if they start the day with an intense 30-minute cardio and then move to the weights. However, very fat persons who just wnat to lose fat can begin their workout with cardio as they are not going to train heavy.
    3. Steam-bath is ok for losing some subcutenous water and unwanted fluids. But, taking it regularly is not a great idea. Taken once in a while, it may open up clogged skin pores and do some good. Steam does not elicit real weight loss as it cannot burn much fat. It just flushes out fluids, which the body will once again hold after, maybe, 24 hours or so.

  73. Hi Lakshmi,
    Thank you for your reply.
    1. I want to bring down my body fat % to under 10(its approx 25 now) and build muscle. I have been self-training for the past 6-8 months (without a trainer) and have not seen much results.

    2. Can you suggest a warm-up routine that should be followed before doing weights.Also how do we know when is a good time to increase weight?


  74. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Teja,
    you may need even an year (or even more) to bring down your body fat levels to 10 per cent. Don’t expect to see results too fast. It WILL take time. Be patient, sensible and committed to hard work.
    Here are some basic training and diet plans:
    Day 1
    Dumbbell bench press 15,12,10,8
    Incline dumbbell press 10,10,10
    Dumbbell shoulder press 15,12,10,8
    Bent over lateral raises 12,12,12
    Lateral raises 15,15,15
    Pressdowns 15,12,10,8
    Standing (two arm) dumbbell extension 10,10,10,10
    HIIT cardio 15 minutes
    Day 2
    Squats 16,12,10,8
    Barbell lunges 15,15,15
    Stiff leg deadlifts 10,10,10
    Chinning 4 sets as many reps as possible on each set
    One arm dumbbell row 10,10,10
    Barbell curls 12,10,8
    Barbell preacher curl 10,10,10
    Standing calf raises 15,15,15
    Seated Calf Raises 15,15,15
    Day 3
    Cardio 45-60 minutes
    Hanging knee raises 15,15,15
    Crunches 15,15,15
    Twisting crunches 15,15,15
    Day 4 – Rest
    Cycle repeats
    Eat small meals every 3 hours.
    Eat 3 egg whites with every meal – i.e. 15 total egg whites every day (3 egg whites each in all the 5 small meals which can be had at 8 am, 11 am, 2 pm, 5 pm and 8 pm).
    Apart from egg whites, have 50 gm of oats for Meal No. 1; one apple for Meal No. 2; a little rice for Meal No. 3; 3 dry chappatis (3) and 20 gm of groundnuts for Meal No. 4; a large plate of vegetable salad for Meal No. 5.
    Have a multivitamin/multimineral pill (becadexamin) with lunch.
    Have 500 mg Vitamin C with the meal before workout and another 500 mg Vitamin C with the meal after workout.
    Have fish oil capsules along with 2 or 3 meals every day.
    Drink several litres of water every day.
    This is a very basic, simple programme, yet effective.
    Give it a try.
    Note: A full-fledged story on warm-up will be posted soon.

  75. Dear Lakshmi,

    While doing HIIT, what should be the upper and lower boundaries for heart rate?

  76. Hi Teja,

    Welcome to the blog.

    First of all you must calculate your maximum heart rate.

    Formula: 220 – (your age)

    so if your age is 20, then your maximum heart rate is 200.

    for HIIT you can keep your heart rate between 60% – 80% of your maximum heart rate.

    So based on our example of 20 yr old guy, he can work between the heart rates 120beats per minute – 160 beats per minute.

    for trainingmasters,
    beast in the making,

  77. Hi

    I was doing HIIT cardio on treadmill y’day and noticed that my heart-rate had gone upto 90% of the max heart rate. Should I reduce the intensity/ will this pose a problem if continued? I also doubt the accuracy of the heart-monitor as well (I mean it may be false reading…)


  78. Teja,

    In general the HRT monitors show a very accurate beats per minute. So i would recommend you to drop down the intensity.

    Going intense upto 90% is good to improve your sprints and endurance, but if your goal is fat loss, then you need to cut back on the intensity and keep it around 80.

    for trainingmasters,
    beast in the making,

  79. Hi,

    Do we tend to lose muscle over time? Because when I skipped gym for 2 weeks, I began noticing that my body has changed considerably. The stiffness in the muscles was lacking etc. So if I go to gym for over a period and want to retain that shape, should I be going to gym for the rest of my life?


  80. Teja,

    How does our muscles grow?
    When we lift more weights, the overload sends signal to muscles that it needs to become big in order to handle the load….rite?

    when you stop lifting for a week, your muscles will think what is happening.

    After another few days, your muscles will feel that as it need not do much work it can become normal and be normal… Its adaptation mechanism of our human body.

    Just a small stat – in order to maintain one pound of muscle, you need to spend between 50-100 calories a day, even if you sleep for 24 hours. So your body will try to save energy by getting away with muscle..

    That is the reason why experts suggest one week lay off if you are completely burnt out.. but they ask you to return back to basic routine after that

    so continue lifting hard

    for training masters,
    Beast in the making,

  81. Sir,

    After a 3-week period of inactivity, is it safe to begin where I left it? Or should I begin with light weights?


  82. Teja,

    I really appreciate your thought of going back to gym and training hard. But when you have a long gap and when you want to workout again, it is highly recommended that you start off from the basics again.

    i will give you a simile here. When you have a bench press day, you do few light weight sets to pump in blood and then proceed rite?
    Similarly when you have long gap, it would be beneficial to start of few days of moderate weight – moderate intensity training. this will inform your body that you have started training and it will signal your body to get ready for the brutal workouts that you will take on in future.

    so sensibly plan your workouts and progress steadily

    4 Team Masters
    beast in the making,

  83. Sir,

    A few more queries:-
    1. What should an ideal warmup routine consist of? Is there a complete warmup routine that I can do daily, irrespective of the muscle group I am going to train.
    2. What is the recommended rest-time between sets and between different exercises (like bench press and dumbell fly)


  84. Teja,

    Warm up routine –
    there is no “set on the stone” kind of warm up routine. however, few minutes on stationary bike or treadmill gets your lower body and hips ready for the workout. Few rotator cuff movements and very light weight lateral raises, flys and curls gets your upper body ready for workout.
    personally i do bike, some rotatory cuff work and some light weight warm up for the muscle group about to be trained and helping muscles for that….

    Rest period –
    do your next set after your heart beat returns to normal if you are trying to lift heavy. if you are trying to burn maximum fat during weight training… keep rest below 45 secs

    4 Team Masters
    beast in the making,

  85. hi,it’s been rollor coaster ride for me for the past 2 months,yes i was suffered from jaundice this let me lose weight from whopping 85kg to mere 70 kgs..by god’s grace i’ve completely healed,pls help me am so dazed and confused how bring back my original weight.i hope u’ll help me and am not into bodybuilding, but i want to look muscular and healthy……..my height is 6ft……

  86. Hi Manuel,

    Losing 15 kgs in two months is very bad. And good to hear that you have fully recovered. It is very normal for a person to work his way back to where he left. and you wont need any special effort to do that.
    Muscle memory – if you happen to lose muscle due to sudden change like sickness, you can easily get back the same amount of muscle in just few months after you start back your training.

    So stop worrying. and start training. build up your intensity slowly. Eat healthy food rich in protein and complex carbs and add few grams of essential fatty acids in your food dail…

    Hope to hear from you soon on your recovery and muscle mass regain….

    For Team Masters,
    beast in the making,

  87. Hi,

    This is karthik from chennai. I just found this blog from Mr.Murali’s blog page. This blog has many useful information for body builders,fitness freeks and others. Great work by Lakshmi Kumar, murali and others. Keep going

    I could see many pictures of our GYM trainer Mr. Bala Murugan, Proud of him 🙂

    My Suggestion:
    It would be great if these information is putup in a website,with complete details about each bodybuilder,their achievements, their trianing, their diet plan and etc (Complete Photo and Video Gallery).


  88. Hi,

    Why is it that most of the people who start something new in India has some western experience? Everyone I know who start something new or innovative in India has been heavily influenced by the west. I have nothing against the west; it’s just that it means we don’t think for ourselves and come up with something of our own. My question to you is: would you developed this website and taken the initiative to continue with this website had you not gone to the west?

  89. takeupsculpting Says:

    My dear friend, I don’t exactly understand what u mean by saying “gone to the west.” If you literally meant travelling to the west and interacting with people there, I’m sorry, I’ve never travelled out of the country.
    As regards quoting training experts from the west, there has been so much work done in this field only by those people. They kind of started it and developed it. However, we ensure that we write about physique competitors in India and use their pictures, to the maximum extent possible. You may not find photographs or news about international competitions being held all over the world, in this blog. The very soul of this blog is promoting Indian bodybuilders and the sport in our country.

  90. This blog is just rocking !! Meet u soon !!

  91. bodybuildersofindia.blogspot.com

  92. v.sai prashanth Says:

    i am 18 year old..i’m too lean and underweight..
    please suggest me diet and exerscises to build some body..

  93. i am alex 25yr old working as a office assistant. My body is very thin. i am started to go in a Gymnasium to workout. Shall u introduce me to get good for my healthy body…i will eat fish, vegetable, egg etc…how will improve my body to healthy style…which powder will i use for this purpose.

  94. Thambi K.Parthasarathy Says:

    I had the pleasure of seeing your blog and the response. I am proud of you. Keep it up.

  95. takeupsculpting Says:

    It gives us great satisfaction to see encouraging words from a person whom we look up to for guidance.
    We will continue to work hard and try doing our best.

  96. Nice job sir…!

  97. Ya sir am ur chinna thambi… very thanks for unforgetting me… when i see my competition photo that’s time am think about u. and again say thanks to u sir b’coz u give great answer to my all ques.. Thank u so much sir…

  98. Sir,

    When I was working out recently, I wanted to train shoulders the same day after working out my lats. However, my trainer suggested that its a bad idea and it would put excess strain on my muscles. But another trainer said its ok to workout lats and shoulders on the same day. Would you please clear the confusion here..


  99. takeupsculpting Says:

    This is based on more than one factor….if you are really pounding the back very hard, your rear delts, traps and certain other muscles would have taken enough load. So, if you choose to train delts after back, take into account all this and make a routine accordingly….going all out on back and then doing a lot of volume (more number of sets and exercises) for delts is not a smart thing.
    Personally, I don’t like pairing back and shoulders, but if enough care is taken like what I said, it’s not bad. I come from a school of thought which pairs push-pull muscles together. Just keep this in mind – make a routine based on your goals, your recovery ability and feedback from your body. What works well for one person NEED NOT work well for another. Ensure that all muscles get enough time to recover and there isn’t much overlap in your routine, which may lead to overtraining.

  100. hi

    When i searched in internet i suddenly catch up your site. I have one doubt regarding protein supplements. I am planning to take whey protein. I have some fat around my waist. i am regular gym goer. Taking whey protein and doing abs workout will it reduce my fat and my body lean.

  101. taking whey will not do any magic to reduce fat….concentrate on following a good diet plan with plenty of protein from solid food like egg whites, chicken breast and fish….take whole grains and oats for carbs….add vegetables….do cardio after weight training and train under proper guidance…. supplements help a lot, yes, but they are not magic potions, be very clear about this…doing abs ALONE will not reduce fat in your midsection.

  102. Iman Kalyan Halder Says:

    Respectable sir,
    I’m a 21 years male with 5’8″ height & 72 k gs weight.I’ve trained at my local gym for few months and now as I’m a college student I’ve no time to go to the gym & I’ve bought myself some basic but very important equipments like dumbbells & barbells,weights,bench etc for doing exercise at home.
    My current bicep size is 14.5″ and I want them to be 17-18″ but the biggest problem is that my father has died and my family runs on my mother’s pension.So it’s not possible for me to feed myself like a real bodybuilder e.g 6-8 egg whites,chicken/turkey,whey/casein protein shake everyday.I can take 10-12 eggs on 5 days per week,fishes( river & sea) 4 days per week,350-400 ml milk everyday,400-500 gm chicken once in a week and some soybeans on my workout days which is 3 days per week.Now my question is that can I get my desired body like 17″ biceps, 42″ chest etc etc, and also please notice I don’t want a monster like body.My another problem is that I’ve some fat on my belly and I want to lose fat and gain mussclemass at a same time,so please help me…….Thank you

  103. hello sri,
    u r doing a grt job , its really usefull to be abdated with latest competition photos .. i hav a doubt sir how to become a bodybuilding judge, wat are the eligibility criteria and qualification needed , wat need to qualify to become a bodybuilding judge……..

  104. This is a reply to your comment from last year.

    You stated you were “certified by International Sports Science Association, U.S. That is what I mean by “going to the west”. Didn’t you acquire most of the knowledge, training tips, and nutritional advice by working/earning your certification in a western nation?

    My point is that in almost every field – science, bodybuilding, sport, education, films, songs, etc., we,Indians, just don’t develop anything new in them. We just copy what someone from the west has already developed. I am speaking from my own experience as an civil engineer in Australia. We, Indians, don’t have any smart, creative people in India who can create new solutions and be innovative without being to the west. You look at all our Noble Prize winners in science and each of them have done their award winning research in a western nations, usually UK/USA. What I am saying is that we need to think up ideas for ourselves for our own conditions. For example, Dr. Anoop Misra who was educated in USA has played a pivotal role in establishing the BMI limits in India. As a trainer, you are aware the BMI limits are 25 and 30 for being considered overweight and obese. But Anoop was smart enough to recognise after years of research that Indians have a different body type and that their corresponding BMI limits should be 23 and 28. This means that a number of normal weight Indians are now either overweight or obese. All because of this one Indians guy who has done his research. You would never expect this from an Indian who has stayed in India all his life. If he had just stayed in India, he would just been another regular Indian doctor. Because he has been to western world, he has learned to take the inniative, to do research, and also change the national health policy if India. I have personally felt it from being in Australia for nearly 7 years. These westerners guys are so inventive. Whereas, we on the other hand just wait for the westerners to develop a solution and we just copy them. Who invented radio,TV, internet, computer, phone, airplane, landed man on moon, genetically engineered plants, discovered DNA and electricity? The list is endless, I will stop here.

    The initiative you have taken here to develop this website for Indians is great. I was asking if this decision is perhaps influenced by the fact you have been exposed to western creative culture.

    This post doesn’t have too much to do with bodybuilding except for the part about BMI. You should perhaps include a thread alerting all Indians that BMI limits of 25 and 30 don’t apply to Indians, it applies only to white Caucasians. For Indians, it 25 and 30. Please inform others of this. The reason for this is because we Indians develop metabolic syndrome diseases such as cardiovascular problems and diabetes at a much younger age and at a lower BMI when compared to Caucasians. That is if you take an average 70kg white caucasian male of 1.8m height, and then you taken an average 70kg Indians male of 1.8m height too, and say they have the same BMI, then it is more likely the Indian male will contain more body fat percentage than the Caucasian male. This is down to genetics. Likewise, Blacks and Polynesians have lesser body fat percentage when compared to Caucasians even at the same BMI level. This will explain why our athletes and even bodybuilders win mainly in the light and middle weight divisions and never in the heavy weight categories. Our Olympic wrestlers and weight lifters are usually in below 70ish weight category. All this affects bodybuilding for Indians. We are born with poor genetics and have to put it much more effort to get the same gain as Caucasian, even more for blacks and a lot more for the Polynesians. In terms of strength, I would rate Polynesian > Blacks > White Caucasians > Arabs > East Asians > Indians > South East Asians.

    We, Indians can win bodybuilding competitions (heavy weight category) only at an Asian level, never at an international level. If you have been to the western world, you will understand that most Indians have poor genetics. May that is even more motivation to lift weights and eat healthy!!

  105. Sorry correction

    “For Indians, it 25 and 30. Please inform others of this.”

    should instead read

    “For Indians, it is 23 and 28. Please inform others of this.”

  106. takeupsculpting Says:

    Thanks Ashwin, your concern for fellow Indians is very noble and appreciated.

  107. Mohan Raj Says:

    Hi Sir,

    I Am From Chennai . And I Love to Do Bodybuilding . How To Enter Bodybuilding Contest Which is Held On Chennai… Please give Some Guidance …

  108. takeupsculpting Says:

    Mohan, your first step is to participate in a city-level contest. Talk to your gym manager or owner and that person will guide you. You can represent that gym in a city contest, after the gym gets itself affiliated to the bodybuilding federation. The gym has to pay the federation a small membership fee, which can be done while contestants give their weight, the day before the show (at the weigh-in). That apart, for every contest you participate, you will have to pay a small sum to the federation as entry fee. This is how it goes. First talk to your trainer and see if you are good enough to enter a contest. Go and watch as many shows as possible because all that will help you to improve your posing skills and get you more motivated to train harder. Good luck.

  109. Deepan Babu Says:

    Dear Team Masters,

    Hats off to your team for dedicated effort in covering the A-Z reg. bodybuilding. It has been great effort from your end and i am regular follower of this blog.

    I am residing in Chennai and I have won silver medal in my first 2 district level bodybuilding competitions. I want to move further for participating in state level bodybuilding competitions (Mr.Tamil Nadu), can your team please guide me when will be next state and district level bodybuilding competitions will be organized in TN from July 2013 onwards.

    Right now i am in bulking phase. It would be of great help on the information on future competitions anywhere in TN so that i can prepare accordingly.


  110. lakshmi anna & team: you all doing a great job, knowledge is power many bodybuilders mostly they influenced of genetic and hard work they experience in gym, only few of them well knowledged about what they doing, i am happy that your blog giving such knowledge to bodybuilding community. what made me sad is even district level competitors abused with steriods and other improper water cutting, we all must take care to create such awarness over in this field of bodybuilding as how the olympians approach the sports with proper knowledge…..

  111. KRISHNA Says:

    Lakshmi sir, how are you . Reading your blog is a wonderful experience. May i request you to interview Mr. Murli Kumar, Mr. Jay Prakash, Mr. Kamaraj , Mr. Senthil Kumaran, Mr. Manikandan. The list is more , but these personalities are very inspiring and will really motivate us . I like many are eager to know and learn from them .. i do know im asking for more , however if we can interview few of them it would be great.

  112. takeupsculpting Says:

    Sure Krishna. I’ll try my best to interview all of them.

  113. I have sent you an email, but didn’t get any reply, so can you please reply back to me or give me your contact number so that I can call you. You can also provide me your gym number so that I can call them also.

  114. Do u have any monthly journals on your contribution and trainning

  115. You want to see my photo so im in facebook
    My facebook name is akon nayak

  116. Jai Ganesh Says:

    Hi good blog post many body building members experience

  117. Tell me about your everything gim workout..

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