Mr. Tamil Nadu 2015 -Steelman Of Tamil Nadu 2015


The year 2015 began with a triple treat for the champions competing under the Tamil Nadu Amateur Body Building Association (TABBA) affiliated to the Indian Body Building and Fitness Federation (IBBFF). Three State contests were held within two months and several champions repeated their winning performance in the events. The major event, however, was conducted on January 26. Titled ‘Steelman of Tamil Nadu 2015,’ it was conducted by the Chairman of Chennai District Amateur Body Building Association, ‘Royapuram’ R. Mano. For the first time in the country, a State-level bodybuilding championship offered a cash prize of Rs. 5 lakh for the competitor winning the overall champion of champions title and a total cash prize of Rs. 50,000 in each weight category. The sponsors – M. Pushparaj, Executive Director, Sanmuga Transport (P) Ltd., and V. Kopli Shanker, Pillayar Infrastructure (P) Ltd – took lot of interest in ensuring that the contest was one of the best ever organized in the country. The coordinator of the mega event, ‘Sky’ J. Babu, president, Chennai District Amateur Bodybuilding Association, needs special mention for his efforts.

Special guests

Senior official of the Indian Body Building and Fitness Federation, Benny Francis; president of Andhra Pradesh Body Building Association Ramakrishna; and general secretary of Telangana District Body Building Association Salim were the special guests at the mega event. Most of all the competitors were in their best shape adding excitement to the event.

Chief Guest, VIPs

The chief guest at the evening show was actor Vikram, bodybuilder-turned actor M. Kamaraj, Commonwealth gold medalist in weight lifting Satish Sivalingam and Vel’s University Chancellor ‘Aisari’ Ganesh.

55 kg category

  1. Gopalakrishnan of Kanchi was the clear winner in this class. M. Ramamurthy of Tiruvallur, a national champion, finished second. R. Ranjith of Chennai finished third. R. Ganesh Kumar of Coimbatore was fourth and N. Arivazhagan of Salem, fifth.

60 kg category

Haribabu of ICF, national champion, was in great shape and took the top spot. P. Krishna of Chennai finished second, and the ageless wonder, R. Rajendran of Chennai, at 55 years of age, placed third. C. Rajendran of Kanchi finished fourth and R. Rajkumar of Chennai was fifth.

65 kg category

Baskaran of ICF, former South Asian champion, looked incredible and dominated this class. A. Ahmed Sadiq of Vellore was in excellent shape and placed second. M. Arun Gandhi of Tiruppur was third, R. Anand Ramakrishnan of Chennai, fourth and R. Gubendiran of Kanchi, fifth.

70 kg category

Munusamy of Chennai won this category while G. Harikrishnan of Kanchi was back in good form to finish second. K. Jaishankar of Kanchi was third; M. Udayakumar of Tiruvallur, fourth; and G. Vikranth of Dindigul, fifth.

75 kg category

Kothandaraman of ICF, national champion, looked fantastic and won this category. V. Durai of Chennai and R. Aravindh of Kanchi finished second and third respectively. K. Serendran of Kanchi was fourth and S. Madhushankar of Sivaganga, fifth.

80 kg category

Jayaprakash of ICF, 3-time Mr. India, was at his absolute best and dominated this class. M.S. Kandan of Chennai, another national medalist, finished second; A. Baranidharan of Pudukottai, third; S. Anupkumar of Chennai, fourth; and C. Prabhakaran of Salem, fifth.

85 kg category National champion G. Kumar of Chennai won this weight class. S. Madan Subramanian of Kanchi finished second while M. Mahendran of Chennai, third. A. Abdul Malik of Tiruchi finished fourth and S. Keerthivasan of Kanchi won the fifth prize.

90 kg category

Gopi of Krishnagiri was awesomely big and in good condition to win the top prize in this class. Murali Vijayakumar of Chennai was second. C. Ramesh Tiruvallur finished third with a very few points behind the runner-up. K. Senthilkumar of Chennai placed fourth and J. Prasannakumar of Tiruchi, fifth.

90 + kg category

Vimal Anand of Salem was big and in good shape to win first. B. Purnachandran of ICF was second prize while V. Satish of Chennai, third. K. Gopalakrishnan of Chennai finished fourth and B.R. Navin Kumar of Tiruvallur, fifth.

Physically challenged champions

Raja of Chennai, who has won several national titles in the differently abled category, was the unanimous winner. R. Prasad of Cuddalore finished second; R. Mohanraj of Tiruvallur, third; M. Santhoshkumar of Salem, fourth; and M. Thangadurai of Salem, fifth.

Champion of Champions

Jayaprakash won the champion of champions title. It was a tough job for the judges to decide the winner as three of the finalists chosen for the title were all incredible in their own way. Baskaran was extremely hard, dry and thick and pushed Jayaprakash hard for the title. Kothandaraman was too classic and gave a great fight in his own way. However, Jayaprakash’s complete physique combined with muscle maturity made him the hero of the event.


Senior Mr. Tamil Nadu

The 43rd Senior Mr. Tamil Nadu was held on March 8 at Katpadi, Vellore. A young champion from Chennai, Karthik, turned up in great form and beat Kumar for the overall. Karthik rocked the 80 kg class where he beat M.S. Kandan ; while Kumar dominated the 85 kg category. Gopalakrishnan of Kanchi won the 55 kg class. Harikrishnan of Chennai displayed a beautiful physique to win the 70 kg class. Vimal Anand of Salem improved considerably from his previous performance to win against a great competitor in Senthil Kumar in the 90 kg class. Ramesh of Chennai was bigger and harder and won in the 90 + category.


Mr. Tamil Nadu

‘Gold’ D. Prakash of Kanchi District Amateur Body Building Association conducted a State championship at AJS Nidhi School in Alandur, Chennai, on March 22.

Amazing Karthik

Amazing Karthik

Kumar once again won his class and beat Karthik to take home the overall championship and won a Tata Nano car. Munusamy was second in the overall fight while an incredibly conditioned Karthik placed third in the overall fight. The triple-treat to muscle fans ended with the association selecting the Tamil Nadu team to represent the State at the 55th Senior Mr. India scheduled for the second week of April in Pune.

– C. Lakshmi Kumar


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  1. r.loganathan Says:

    i m from a small village. iwant to know when the competetion will be conducted please…..!

  2. Bittu prasad Says:

    Sir me af Ki pass training Lena chtahu to keya karna parega.


    exact location of competion

  4. I love bodybuilding. En vayasu 16.eanaku mr.india win pannanumnu aasai. Athan en kanave. Competition eanga nadanthaalu naan miss pannaama paapen. 2020 la. Naan win pannuven.

  5. nishanth kumar Says:

    Ennaku life la yathana sathikkanum nu romba asai ennaku bodybuilding pannanum first Mr.Chennai win pannanum second Mr.Tamil nadu win pannanum kandippa Na pannuvan

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