Mr. India 2013

Taking bodybuilding contests to a new height – this was the mission accomplished by TABBA General Secretary M. Arasu and his dedicated team, in Chennai on May 8 and 9.

The prestigious ‘Senior Mr. India’ was being brought back to Chennai after 2005, and it wasn’t just another contest to be taken lightly. Having witnessed the event and being part of the team behind organising it, we could clearly understand that Arasu and CEO of Ateliers Fitness Sushila Maran had sacrificed so much and lost sleep for several weeks to make the contest a grand success. Kudos to them.

On a very hot summer day, Chennaiites watched the country’s best-built men flex their mighty muscles in a cool auditorium, Kamarajar Arangam, along with colorful entertainment.
Hot Shoe Company needs a special mention for giving a stupendous performance and entertaining the audience. Joint Commissioner of Police Arun, film stars Prashant, Bharath, Riaz Khan and Varalakshmi Sarathkumar were special guests.

Our team members felt great being a part of this wonderful event. It was like taking part in a 3-day wedding ceremony. The weigh-in was conducted on May 7, per-judging on May 8, and the grand finale on May 9.

I was more excited sitting as a national judge next to veterans such as Shri. Sanjay More, Shri Giri, Shri Benny Francis, and so many others and judging not one but three categories! I thank all officials and veterans of Indian Body Building and Fitness Federation and Tamil Nadu Amateur Body Building Association for encouraging me.

55 kg class
The winner of the very first category, Sunil Sakpal of Maharashtra, was thick, full and in top shape. He was a clear winner though medalists Sonu and Roshan Tatkare gave it everything to win top honours. P. Perumal of Tamil Nadu looked good and finished fifth.

60 kg class
Jai Singh, who represented Maharashtra, won gold in this category, while Karan Jeet Singh and Aju Gosh bagged silver and bronze. Jai used to compete in 55 kg category and has won the nationals several times. Though he was full and beautifully shaped, he was not as ripped or dry as on earlier occasions. However, his structure, muscle shape and beauty helped him win. Karan is a very promising body builder and placed second in the Mr. Asia contest held 3 weeks after this show.

65 kg category
Kothandaraman (Vinoth) of Tamil Nadu was the hero in this class. There was doubts during prejudging whether he would win gold or just walk away with a medal. However, there was no room for any doubt at the finals when the young champ flexed on the stage – fuller, harder, ripped and in crazy condition.
Kudos to Hari Ram and Ashok Kumar for giving Vinoth a great fight. Vinoth also finished 4th in the Mr.Asia held a few weeks after this contest.


70 kg class
It was ‘apples vs oranges’ in this weight category. Beautifully-built Ravi Kumar and incredibly-cut Vijay More fought for the title! More pushed Kumar really hard and some of us felt that the fighter from Maharashtra might take the title. Finally, Kumar’s structure and round muscle bellies helped him triumph.
Ambar Sharma, who finished third, had a perfect package of size and shape. He was in top condition and looked stunning. This great champion from Uttarkhand is sure to win gold pretty soon.


75 kg category
There was no doubt on who would win the 75 kg category. Ashish Sakharkar was big, full and in good shape. The surprise package, however, came in the form of Abdul Ashraf from Tamil Nadu. Though Sakharkar was a clear winner, Ashraf pushed him to a great extent and bagged silver!
Manjeet Singh and Sachin Patil looked incredible and were not ready to give up the runner-up spot to Ashraf without a fight.

Two of our good friends, K. Arunachalam and Mohammed Abdullah, clashed in this category. The veterans had to settle for fifth and sixth places respectively.

80 kg class
The moment competitors of this class were led to the stage, everyone knew that Maharashtra’s Suhas Khamkar was ahead of the pack. Now synonymous with the word ‘Mr. India,’ Khamkar was big, muscular, hard and ripped. Randhir of CRPF and Pranay Londhe of Maharashtra who finished second and third respectively presented a fantastic package as well.


            85 kg category
Barun Yum Nam was a clear winner here. Tijendher Singh of Uttarakhand, who won silver, was a tough competitor. But, the former’s size, muscularity and conditioning got him the top place. Amit Choudry was off his usual form and, hence, finished third. G. Kumar of Tamil Nadu took fourth. We wish him all luck to win the next nationals.

90 kg class
Momotambo of CRPF won gold in the 90 kg category. He looked the best in the line-up and made the judges’ job easy.
All others who flexed their muscles in this class were separated by just a few points.
We were thrilled to see our very own Murali Vijayakumar taking on the big names in this class. Biglee was at his best – period. Though we were confident that he would crack into the Top Five, he narrowly missed it and finished sixth. Nevertheless, his performance was class and Biglee is sure to win the big prize soon.

100 kg category
I was reminded of 2003 Mr. Olympia when this weight category started. The audience’s reaction on seeing Ronnie Coleman at the Big O was “Jesus Christ!”
That was precisely the reaction of the Chennai fans too when Amit Chetri walked on to the stage. His huge size and perfect proportion drew the attention of one and all. Amit won his category hands down and made it clear that he had potential to go places. The day he wins a pro card and makes our country proud isn’t far away.

100+ category

Vinay Kumar was the champion in this class. He was, as usual, the clear winner. Our friend Jayaprakash, who won the Nationals in 2009, made a comeback and finished third.

Champion of Champions
There was a tough fight for the overall championship. As expected, Suhas and Amit clashed for the title, ‘Champion of Champions’. It looked like there was a tie between both and a comparison round was called to make things clearer.
When all the compulsory poses were called, Amit looked big, proportional and ripped. However Suhas’s muscularity, hardness and conditioning made him look like he was cut out of rock. Suhas’s hardness and muscularity leaped out screaming for attention. That gave him an upper hand.
He was awarded with a Royal Enfield bullet.

The best poser award went to Barun Yum Nam for his most entertaining posing routine.

Miss Fitness
8th Miss Fitness was also organised along with this muscle extravaganza. Almost 20 fitness models competed in two categories.
It was an all together different experience for me to judge a fitness event.
The girls exhibited their gymnastic skills along with posing routines displaying their muscle tone, flexibility and control.
The event received a lot of applause from the Chennai crowd.

Hats off Arasu
When it was time to leave the hall, a sense of pride filled our minds for being part of a great association and a mega event.
It might sound like hyperbole, but Arasu has undoubtedly earned an unshakeable place for himself in the history of Indian body building.
– P. Srimathy
Here is the list of competitors who finished in top places in all categories:
55 kg
1. Sunil Sakpal                          Maharashtra
2. Sonu                                        Delhi
3. Roshan Tatkare                  Maharashtra
4. Bharat A Jadhav                 Maharashtra
5. P. Perumal                             Tamil Nadu

60 kg
1. Jai Singh                                 Maharashtra
2. Karan Jeet Singh                Punjab
3. Aju Gosh                                West Bengal
4. Sanjeev Kumar                    CRPF

65 kg
1. M. Kothandaraman            Tamil Nadu
2. Hari Ram                            CRPF
3. Ashok Kumar                      Punjab
4. Imran                                  Maharashtra
5. Sanjay Shrivas                   Vidarbha

70 kg
1. Ravi Kumar                        Punjab
2. Vijay More                          Maharashtra
3. Ambar Sharma                   Uttarkhand
4. Sachin A Patil                    Maharashtra
5. K. Arunachalam                 Tamil Nadu

75 kg
1. Ashish N. Sakharkar           Maharashtra
2. Abdul Ashraf                       Tamil Nadu
3. Manjeet Shokeen                Delhi
4. Sachin Y Patil                      Maharashtra
5. Jay A Dabhade                    Maharashtra

80 kg
1. Suhas Khamkar                   Maharashtra
2. N.G. Randhir                       CRPF
3. Pranay N. Londhe               Maharashtra
4. Pawan Kumar                      Delhi
5. T. Sivasankar                      Karnataka

85 kg
1. Barun Yum Nam                 CRPF
2. Tijender Singh                    Uttarkhand
3. Amit Chowdry                      Uttar Pradesh
4. G. Kumar                            Tamil Nadu
5. Mahesh Rao                       Maharashtra

90 kg
1. A. Momotomba                   CRPF
2. Praveen Kumar                  Uttar Pradesh
3. Varun Juneja                      Delhi
4. Kiran Dabhi                        Gujarat
5. Avinash Ingale                    Maharashtra

100 kg
1. Amit Chettri                         Uttarkhand
2. K.H. Pritam                          CRPF
3. Jagdish Kumar                    Punjab
4. Rohit Bohra                        Haryana
5. Avinash Waghule               Vidarbha

Above 100 kg
1. Vinay Kumar                       Delhi
2. Narinder Singh                    Punjab
3. M. Jayaprakash                  Tamil Nadu
4. Charan Mohan                    Punjab
5. Rajnikant Parmar                Gujarat

Miss Fitness India 2013

Under 163 cm
1. Diprina Bhattacharjee          West Bengal
2. Savitri Das                            Uttar Pradesh
3. Durga P. Jadav                     Maharashtra
4. Sulochana Das                     West Bengal
5. Nabanita Basu                      West Bengal

Above 163 cm
1. Shreyashi Das Chowdry        West Bengal
2. Kamalika Mukherjee              West Bengal
3. Vidya Shtras                          Maharashtra
4. Shenshue Shalrita                 Manipur
5. Subhra Mondal                      West Bengal


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    Rohit bohra (haryana)

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