Food supplements needed the most

Every competitor has to battle several odds before he is being accepted as the best. E.Karthik of Chennai, who is gold medalist in federation cup, is one such competitor.


I  regularly come across a lot of bodybuilders who are serious about building their physiques but are financially struggling. In countries like ours, only a few have the desire to take on challenges against such odds and over 90 per cent of these warriors come from a poor background. Often they are confused about what minimum food supplements are needed.

Here are a few suggestions which might be of help to those who do not want their supplement bill to soar.

1. Take 1,000 mg of Vitamin C, split into two doses every day.

2. Add a multivitamin/multi-mineral tablet to your lunch, which might contain brown rice, vegetables and chicken breast.

3. Take calcium orotate once with a meal.

4. Take a serving of whey protein immediately after workout.

5. If possible, take 5 gm of glutamine, twice a day. This helps to improve recovery and gut health.

This supplement plan has been suggested under the assumption that your diet contains enough solid food giving you sufficient calories and all macronutrients such as protein, carbohydrate and fat in the right numbers based on your activity level and physique goal.

– C. Lakshmi Kumar


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