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Recovery, key to non-stop gains

Posted in training on October 11, 2012 by takeupsculpting

I keep reading about how important recovery is to improving your physique even as you move into mid-to-late thirties and forties.
There are a lot of persons with pretty good knowledge of training and diet, but fall short in the recovery part. Majority of trainees are still under the impression that doing more sets or reps ALONE lead to overtraining. Reality, however, is a person can overtrain even if he or she hits the weights hard when the body is still tired from a previous workout. This can be what many big names call ‘systemic recovery.’

Inability of a person to sleep well, feeling tired despite regularly working out and eating right, and the lack of motivation to train are some of the common symptoms of overtraining.
These are more pronounced in the case of a person who is in his mid-thirties and older.
For example, a person who used to feel fresh and ready for another serious bout with the weights on his usual three-on-one-off split (or any split, for that matter) may suddenly need one more rest day. If the person ignores this message coming from the body and BLINDLY sticks to his split, he might not be able to train hard. He might even find it impossible to move a weight which he usually does, or experience pain and discomfort while forcibly training. This will most certainly lead to overtraining and might even cause injury.
In my own case, I can see that my body is right now not recovering as fast as it used to when I was 30. This is despite eating pretty right and training carefully.
On one of my recent workout days, I felt kind of tired and didn’t know if I was ready for the weights again. When I ignored that thought and started training, I was horrified to see my training poundage drop by more than 25 per cent on basic movements!!! Listen to your body and try to differentiate between laziness and genuine tiredness.
The concept of recovery applies not only to pro bodybuilders but also small-time amateur competitors.
– C. Lakshmi Kumar