Key to muscle growth

Often trainees do not see results because they simply ‘go through’ the movements – i.e., they simply keep moving the weight from Point A to Point B.

To ensure optimum growth, trainees ought to establish a clear link between their mind and muscle, which would help them feel every single rep working hard on their target muscle. Lack of this mind-muscle link might prevent lot of trainees from seeing results.

Bodybuilding is a sport where you come up with your own ways and ideas which might eventually be accepted as training principles or techniques. However funny it might sound, if it looks like an idea would help you establish a strong mind-muscle link, you shouldn’t hesitate to regularly try it out.

One such idea I hit upon sometime back was ridiculed by some of my own friends. However, I incorporated it into my training and it did help me feel the exercises in my muscles during each rep, better than before. I had struggled for years to establish mind-muscle link and this idea help me do that.

It’s pretty simple – your spotter or training partner should put couple of his fingers exactly on the spot where a particular exercise is supposed to work.  You should concentrate on squeezing that area and getting a good pump and burn. The great feeling you are going to get after performing a set like this will tell you how well you have stimulated growth. However, it would be clumsy to try out this idea on exercises like squats and some abdominal exercises.

Try it out sensibly.

P.S: I remember reading about 1995 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic champion Mike Francois incorporating something similar to this in his training.

_ C. Lakshmi Kumar



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  1. good post. I am a regular visitor of your blog. keep posting. I read your articles in “Energy Magazine” too. you are good

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