Mr. Chennai – flash report

Murali got ready for this show at short notice

Murali got ready for this show at short notice

Joy, surprise, fun, and, of course, a little disappointment – the ‘Mr. Chennai ’ held on July 15 at Ambedkar Arangam, ICF, was a mix of all that.
E. Arul of A.R. Fitness has to be congratulated for successfully conducting a city championship after a gap of two years. Arul and his brother E. Ponmudi (‘Junior Mr. India’) worked very hard for a couple of months to make this show a success and need appreciation.
Special thanks to all the sponsors and friends who helped the brothers in organising the event.
As this happens to be the first show of the second competitive season this year, not all competitors were in top form. So, I will limit myself to writing about only a few who stood out in some of the weight categories.
65kg class
Saravanan, who won this class, was a clear winner and this could be seen even while he was applying the tanning cream. His well-proportioned mass, hardness and muscle fullness were eye-catching. Though he was not at his driest, his physique was more than enough to grab the top spot.

Huzaifa was the surprise package

Huzaifa was the surprise package

However, a young upstart by the name of I.K. Huzaifa stood next to the seasoned champ and stole the show. This kid, whom I had seen as a nobody, is now serious stuff. Huzaifa’s quadriceps (thighs) were deep, big, ripped and hard, which are hallmarks of big-time competitors. As he turned backwards to hit a back double biceps shot, the audience couldn’t believe the knots of muscle they saw on the young man. His body opened up as he posed. With more muscle maturity and conditioning, this youth can rock shows.
70 kg class
The hero of the entire event was Murali of Powerzone Gym, who returned to stage after a couple of years. Though not totally ripped and dry, the handsome young man displayed a beautiful physique. His big, round arms were still the same while his deltoids (shoulders) were rounder. His quads were big and had reasonable separation for a person who had whipped himself into shape at short notice. Murali’s back was wide, thick and had mountains and valleys all over. That he has to get ripped is clear, but  he can do it in another 4 to 6 weeks.

In short, the handsome prince has returned. Let’s wait and see if he wins the bigger wars and is crowned king.
My friend Nirmal G. Krishna took second in this class. He carried decent size, was ripped and in good condition. Krish posed well and that was a neat job.
75 kg class
Sundar, who won this class, was cut above the rest. I remember seeing him win medals in contests held in May 2009 and then in 2010. In this show, Sundar was big, cut, hard and dry. His muscles were proportionately developed and his conditioning was better at the evening finals. He might soon move into the A-list of competitors.
Deepan, who finished third in this category, was the best conditioned athlete among the group. However, the young man needs to pack at least 20 kg of ripped mass on his frame proportionately to win future shows. As this happens to be his first contest, that too after a mere 3-month training-and-diet schedule, one has to wait and see what more this six-footer can do.

Murali (left) and Balaguru hit biceps at the comparison for overall

Murali (left) and Balaguru hit biceps at the comparison for overall

80 + class
Balaguru, a veteran of wars, was the winner of this class from the word ‘go.’ He was huge, hard, reasonably cut and dry, though not at his freakiest.
Champion of Champions
The fight was intense – Murali’s beautiful physique versus Saravanan’s muscle maturity versus Balaguru’s muscularity…In the end, Murali was declared winner and it was a popular decision.
Saravanan was given the most muscular award.
Tailpiece: The fun element of the evening show was the posing routine of a youngster named Kumaraguru, who finished third in the 55 kg category. The ‘little guy’ entertained the audience by imitating ‘Mr. India’ Mohammed Abdullah and the house reverberated with laughter and applause.
_ C. Lakshmi Kumar



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