Building big arms and weight gain

Vitender Singh Pawar

Vitender Singh Pawar


I received a question from a young friend of mine regarding arm building. Here I present that mail of his and also my opinion on the subject.
My height is 177cm; weight, 72kg. I’m thin with tooth pick arms measuring 10 inches roughly. Long ago I read that for one’s arm to grow in size by one inch, he has to increase body weight by 4kg. Assuming I would want to increase my arm size by 6″ (10″ to 16″), I need to become 72+24 = 96kg! (4 kg a year as per Mike Mentzer’s calculation x 6 years).
1. Let’s say I do increase my body weight to 96 kg, will my arm size surely increase to 16″?
2. Is there the weirdest possibility that I can grow a 16″ arm even at 85kg? I mean will genetics favour it that way? Or does the fact that I have a 10″ arm now (weight 72kg) in itself convey that I can never grow bigger arms?
My view:
That you are almost 5’ 11” and only 72 kg with 10” arms shows that you HAVE to gain more lean muscle.
My suggestion is start training and eating right. I don’t know whether a person can keep gaining at the rate of 4 kg every year for six years straight…he might gain that much or might not…he might gain more the first year and less the following years…or whatever.
I come from a school of thought which says that the arms grow to their fullest potential only when the overall body weight increases. I would also like to add that by gaining lean muscle and losing fat, a trainee may not show much increase on the weight scale but his body composition would have drastically changed. Even in such cases, the person might have gained some size in his arms. Examples of such cases are some bodybuilders who are on the shorter side and compete in 55, 60 or 65 kg. Their original body weight might have been 60 kg and contest weight 65 kg. However, by losing fat and gaining muscle, they might have actually gained more than 5 kg of lean muscle than what is seen on the weight scale. In all possibilities, their arms would have grown.
So, I feel a trainee should increase his total lean muscle mass to help his arms grow.
1. Will your arms surely touch 16” at a body weight of 96 kg? They might…or they might be slightly less or more. It’s a hypothetical question.
2. As regards your question on 16” arm at a weight of 85 kg, you have to try and see for yourself. There are champs with 16” arms at that body weight…but, each individual is different. Just because it happened for A, it need not happen for B.
And, having a 10” arm now does not mean you can never get a 16” arm. My suggestion is start your journey with a perfect plan today and keep moving towards you goal.

– C. LakshmiKumar


5 Responses to “Building big arms and weight gain”

  1. Nice article boss; I have a question too..when i was 62kg my biceps size was 13.2″ (without pump) and i did some power lifting routine and went to 68.5kg in 3 months with biceps size 14″. Now I reduced some weight and staying at 66kg but my biceps size is remaining the same at 14″ (without pumping) how it is possible??

  2. takeupsculpting Says:

    I guess you might not have gained too much fat and what you have lost now might be more of water and some fat. You should be happy that the gains you made in your arms were lean muscle and not just fat or bloat. That might be the reason they are staying the same size even now. Or else, when a person generally ‘bulks up’ (gains a lot of fat and muscle), he might gain size everywhere, and when he diets down for a show, all his measurements come down. This is because he might have gained more fat than lean muscle.

  3. Thank you for your reply Boss..

  4. Hi
    Iam 22 years old
    My weight 85kg / my height 174cm
    And i have Loose skin in my stomach
    Lower chest waist and my bottom
    And total fat in my body about 21%
    i want to know how to burn the fat and gaine
    And what should i eat and how much my daily calories value should be ?

  5. I can speak from my own personal experience. My height is 6’0″ (183cm)

    A. Untrained but fit & lean: 68kg, arms 12″
    B. 2 years into weight lifting. 79kg, arms 15″
    C. Some significant time later and much more weightlifting. 91kg, arms 17″

    Now looking to 18″ but don’t want to be a whole lot bigger in the body overall. I plan to get there at under 100kg.

    Hope this helps.

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