Suhas wins Satish Sugars Classic 2011 – FLASH NEWS

Suhas Khamkar of Maharashtra has successfully defended his title at the Satish Sugars Classic 2011 held at Gokak, Karnataka, on December 18.

(More details to be posted soon)


11 Responses to “Suhas wins Satish Sugars Classic 2011 – FLASH NEWS”

  1. iam not satisfied with the result. i found other guy tanveer akram better then suhas. no dobt suhas is a great bodybuilder but other guy was better i suppose.

  2. Raja, by any chance do you have pics of Tanveer so that we can compare?

  3. Suhas beat the Tanvee Firstly see the pic than coment

  4. I saw the category myself..Tanveer Akram was better than suhas.. The decesion was partial towards suhas khamkar

  5. I also have the Pics in my facebook account… If you wish to see the pics and compare both of them you can send your request to

  6. i agree with abhishek.. taveer was better..

  7. Abhishek, I just sent mail on your yahoo account. Please check.

  8. Thank you Chetan.. can you please send the mail to as well..

  9. Abhishek, email sent to Tanveer too.

  10. amit gautam Says:

    tanveer sir kya body h apki mashallah apke aage sab fail h.

  11. satish suger is fixed already…and khamker is not the deserving one….

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