MEET: Subramanyam ‘Ayya’

His simplicity has earned him the respect he commands today. Yoga exponents, bodybuilders and athletes spring up from their seats on seeing him.
His knowledge and undying thirst for learning have made him one of the living legends of Madurai.  S. Subramanyam, more familiar as Ayya,  shares his wisdom and experience.

Lakshmi Kumar with Ayya at a function

“Ours is a family of priests.  We are in charge of an ancient temple.  My father’s passion for soccer made me take up sports seriously.  I was district champion in soccer and cricket.  After breaking every single bone in my body, I bumped into the science of weight training.  All my injuries healed and my body started to take shape amazingly.  I studied yoga while doing economics at Madura College.  On completing my studies, I took up the job of an executive officer at a temple.”
On whether the spiritual side nurtured by yoga and worldly things co-exist, Ayya says : “Of course, yes, as long as you don’t dwell deep into things such as kundalini yoga. Books written by people like Jose Silva are based on sciences of the East.
“They help you to develop the art of visualization.  Your creativity will grow and the body will obey whatever the mind orders.  Use it to conquer the world.”
Ayya has always remained a source of motivation to many.  During his days as an EO, he made his juniors train with weights.  Even today, this 84-year-old man pumps iron three non-consecutive days every week.
Share your knowledge
“Society is changing.  Try to be useful to as many people as possible.  Share your knowledge with everyone.  Don’t let frustration get the better of you.  Believe in the voice of your sub-conscious mind that says you are born only to get better,” he says.
Ayya is now planning to write a book, ‘Success Made Easy,’ to help bodybuilders, sportspersons and the general public.

World belongs to youth
“The world belongs to the youth.  I want young journalists to practice certain techniques I am going to explain, experience the power of the mind and present it in a powerful way.  Together we can teach the experts of the West a thing or two.  Help me to help yourself.”
_ C. Lakshmi Kumar


2 Responses to “MEET: Subramanyam ‘Ayya’”

  1. aruna reddy Says:

    i liked these words and inspired me lot.
    thaking u.

  2. Hi sir my goal is bodybuilder i need training master and support

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