Mr. India 2011 – flash results

Champion of champions



Suhas Khamkar of Maharashtra beat an awesome line–up of bodybuilders  to win the overall ‘Champion of Champions’ title at the 51st Senior National Body Building Championship held at Hebbagodi, Karnataka, on Sunday, April 10, 2011.
_ C. Lakshmi Kumar








Note: These photos were uploaded by Suhas Khamkar in FaceBook

Detailed story and photos to be posted soon.


32 Responses to “Mr. India 2011 – flash results”

  1. Nagarajan N Says:

    Wow!, waiting for the detailed story and photos.

  2. Suhas again….!!! Kudos…!!!
    Isnt there any videos of the show??

  3. prabhuram gurukkal Says:

    Wow….Suhas Looking Great….JAI HO…..

  4. Training Masters….Any addition of pics vids…??

  5. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Chetan,
    I am waiting for photographs, which a friend has promised to send me.
    I was not in a position to take any pics myself that day owing to a lot of security arrangements near the stage.
    I’ll post a detailed story and pics pretty soon.

  6. sreekanth Says:

    could you pl update on top 5 bodybuilders name in their category

  7. Thanks Lakshmi.

  8. is really suhas deserve for title? as sangram chougule is looking better than suhas, so why suhas won the title?

  9. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Kailas, both Suhas and Sangram are awesome competitors. I personally was waiting to see how the results would go as both the champs had their own strong points and equal number of supporters.
    However, there is something in body building which we call ‘apples versus oranges.’ To give an example, I like Ronnie Coleman more than Jay Cutler. You should have seen this kind of decisions in several State-level shows as well, but , it need not always be favouritism. Mark my words, I only said it NEED NOT BE. Such decisions may turn out surprising to some, I understand because I myself have been left bewildered by certain decisions.
    I think that should explain it.

  10. hi Suhas , awesome great. CONGRATULATIONS. DONT SLOW DOWN please, an Indian can also win MR. OLMPIA. All the best.

  11. sreekanth Says:

    Hi team,
    Is that possible for you to give us priror intimation about the competition (tentative)dates on mr.tamilnadu, mr.southindia and mr.india for 2011.

    Sreekanth krishnan

  12. sangram nvr beat suhas
    suhas hv great symmetrical nd musculer body

  13. I was on the venue and all i would say is this

    sangram was much bigger than suhal
    suhas had something called as Muscle Maturity which comes in with years and years of competing.. And along with that muscle maturity suhas was dry like hell.. so these two factors make him a winner over suhas…

    And from the sight i could understand one thing – both suhas and sangram had a healthy competition which would keep the sport going.. both have great potential which we have to wait and watch to realize


    for Team Masters,

    Beast under construction,

  14. really waiting for details of all weight catagory nd photos.

  15. waiting for photos

  16. suhas is one side tital winner

  17. this time suhas is no.1 bodybuilder in india …nobdy beat him

  18. suhas khamkar is godfather of new junreshn in bodybulding!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. sreekanth Says:

    I heard tat abs & lower part plays vital role for body builders, is that true? if so why?
    could you pl advise us how points are given to body builders because some may like size and some may go for muscular, but what would be judges views.

    I suggest judges should point out body builders weakness on stage so that they can rectify their weaknes, at least for top 5 body builders these feed backs will help to enhance them. I believe judges feed back will have more weight than the others.

  20. Hi, sir i am very big fan of u i saw ur bodybuilding photos nd i want to know that bodybuilding supplement harm our body

  21. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Jatin,
    I know your question was addressed to Suhas Khamkar.
    I don’t know if Khamkar bhai is going to read this comment because this blog is not connected to his facebook account or email or stuff like that.
    I have chosen to answer this question because you posted it on my blog.
    If you are a 100 per cent healthy guy, quality supplements coming from reputable companies WILL NOT HARM you IN ANY WAY.
    train hard, eat right and then, add the right kind of supplements to your regimen.
    If your overall diet is deficient in complete protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats and calories, taking supplements alone will not make you grow.

  22. no dought Suhas Khamkar has a v good body but this is not for long time because it is all drugs,,,,,i think he does not know the side effect of drugs,he should spot taking this other wise he will suffer in the longer life,god bless him,

  23. nothing is there in body building in india,i won the tittle on mr.india u will get 01 bike worth 50000rs,this is all wait there r many good builders in india in past they left this sport because there is no money and no support from government,,,,,,,,only play 01 ipl ur life is full on happiness and full of money–if u do body building ur hole life u will not earn 50lakhs…

  24. wow nice pics dude:-}}}}}}}}}}}

  25. dear suhas in year 2014 i’m your tuf competitor.

  26. Rubeena Ajam Says:

    Congratulations Suhas…

  27. Rubeena Ajam Says:

    Congratulations Suhas…All the best.

  28. I am sure you will break the record of premchand dogra

  29. Samir Dange Says:

    Hi Suhas, would like to see you in Mr. Olimpiya

  30. every body in kanpur says that mr ashraf has won the mr india title is it so. because I dont really know who mr ashraf is

  31. Parveen verma Says:

    Meri body to h lekin garib hone ke kaarn duniya ko dikha nahi sakta

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