Varinder Ghuman at 2011 IFBB Australian Pro Grand Prix XI

It has been a long wait for us, Indians, to see one of our musclemen flex along with professional bodybuilders of the West. What was often dismissed by naysayers as a mere dream finally came true on March 12, 2011.

India’s largest bodybuilder and ‘Punjab ka puttar,’ Varinder Singh Ghuman, competed with pro bodybuilders at the 2011 IFBB Australian Pro Grand Prix XI, held at Melbourne. Though Ghuman placed eighth in the contest, his physique shows that he is just a lion cub entering a pride of adults, who have their territory clearly marked. We are sure that this cub will grow up and someday take over the pride and earn a place of its own in the jungle of beasts.
We are eagerly waiting to see our champions finish in the top five of professional competitions, which may not be a dream either.

Here is the score card and some pictures of Ghuman. (Source:
1. Dennis Wolf
2. Johnnie Jackson
3. Michael Kefalianos
4. Ben Pakulski
5. Grigori Atoyan
6. Adorthus Cherry
7. Luke Timms
8. Varinder Singh
9. Darryn Onekawa
10. Daniel Hill

 _ C. Lakshmi Kumar


47 Responses to “Varinder Ghuman at 2011 IFBB Australian Pro Grand Prix XI”

  1. Saptarshi Choudhury Says:

    Hi Lakshmi,

    Saptarshi here again… Brother Thanx a ton for sharing the most exciting news for indian bodybuilding in recent years… Australia Pro Grand Prix held by IFBB is a very very big event in International Bodybuilding… Lots of big names competes in this… Varinder Singh Ghuman- he is our pride…. He is looking fabbb , even far better than last year Arnold classic amateur… Looking much more complete and sharper than previous year and balanced too… My heartiest congratulations to Varinder…

  2. had he earned his pro card

  3. takeupsculpting Says:

    Yes, he got it recently.

  4. Saptarshi Choudhury Says:

    One confusion… In IFBBPRO official website they have mentioned varinder as australian… is it ture that he changes is nationality? if not then what was that?

  5. prabhuram Gurukkal Says:

    Hi…Sir Namaskaram,
    “Punjab ka puttar” ZABARDAST Frame.
    Pls..We need Varinder Singh Ghuman Diet Chart & Work out Routine.
    My wishes & heartiest congratulations to Training Master Team.
    All d best 4r ur upcoming Competitions…
    Thanx & Regards.

  6. takeupsculpting Says:

    I’ll try my best to get those details Prabhu.
    Thanks a lot for everything.
    Happy training.

  7. very nice body i have seen him in meerut in national championship he improved a lot. i need his latest pics for his fans here are alot of fans of him including me

  8. You said right brother, our champion Varinder will improve and be competitive against the IFBB Pros. To be critical about his physique, he must work a lot on his conditioning and present a harder package.

    He has an amazing frame and legs that can do damage in the pro ranks. He needs to find another version of his most muscular pose and work on it.

    His turning pro is something we really are proud of. I know there are lots of excellent bodybuilders in India who will follow his footsteps.

    Veeraj. South Africa

  9. Hi Prabhu,
    If you follow the diet chart and exercise routine of Varinder Ghuman, you could very well be heading for a disaster. Everyones, body type and level of training is different and working out like a pro can lead to overtraining which may result in muscle loss. I hope this is the last thing you would want. 🙂

  10. Harinder singh Says:

    great huge musles of varinder singh ghumman carry on deat

  11. prabhuram gurukkal Says:


    i hope u dont mine….1st of all i m nt mention 2 follow his workout routine & Diet chart. every body exicted 2 watch champ routine…. tat’s y wrote. i never followed any pro routine. bcoz body building is my passion…..
    i knw ? level i m & then successfully last couple of yrs r i followed
    mr.Lashmi sir work out routine i get a good shape also…

    Thanx & Regards

  12. Vikash Singh Chahun Says:

    congrats paji. i m 4m shillong

  13. varinder ghuman veere maan hai twade ute or punjabiya di shaan ho tusi .

  14. wao!! felt really very happy n proud to see an indian at a renound international competition,.

    keep up the good work bro our all the best wishes are with you, would like to see you much higher on the ladder in international arena and plz do some thing to make bodybuilding more popular in india be media savy n more visible on the media it is a requirement ofthe day.

  15. where do i find virender ghuman body building chart from beginning stage?pls help

  16. very gud paji

  17. Great! Proudto see Indian pro bodybuilder! We need a proactive facebook fa page to get latest information about him. Where can we find his information like height, weight,what weight class he competes for etc? please reply

  18. nice pics

  19. Veer ji tusi end ho..I love u…..

  20. veera i love you , laage roo veera… buraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  21. Jaspreet sandhu Says:

    veer ghuman mai tera bhut wadda fine a mai malna veer tanu mai ak pic karvona chona a plz tusi daso punjab jalinder kado auna gea a plz.veer plz

  22. paji tusi punjab di shaan ho

  23. Bhaji pehla ta mai ardaas karda k tusi saare khush raho te vadiya sehta maano te jis karke tusi apne desh da naam roshan kar rahe ho. Ji ek request hai k je veer tusi vegetarian diet follow karde je ta apni diet jarur dasseyo cuz In india every second person is in the club or sports and being indian and vegetarian I would love to see what you guys have got there in vegetarian diet..
    keep up the hardwork veer..
    Rabb tuhanu chardi kalah bakshe 🙂

  24. kunal sharma Says:

    ghumman paji ok report

  25. kunal sharma Says:

    The Most Muscular Man In The World

    MR varinder singh

  26. ma kehya varinder 22g fate chak deo

  27. surajsingh Says:

    virender ghuman is my favorate he rock


    m ur big fan and I want to be like u after few days I will be join the IFBB

  29. kavinder Says:

    awsm body… carry on bro…

  30. jagdeep Says:

    Great paaji, Rab hamesha Chardi Kala wich rakhe

  31. mahabir ghosh Says:

    great body…ur a complete physical perfection….

  32. i m proud of you.chak de fate.


  34. Maa Da Ladla Says:

    The Lion Of Punjabi………

  35. tarun mohindru Says:

    desi jatt nahi kise nalo ghat

  36. va yaar tohadi body baari masat ha i like it dear god bless u

  37. Parvesh Yadav Says:

    great VEER sir it’s just starting and end is at three times mr olympia in a row.
    Sir it’s not for u, we or us but now it’s for INDIA
    Just say loudly INDIA and u will get motivation
    Sir u r the star who can show way to most of INDIANS towards bodybuilding

    Sir great
    At last u r Star now but u have to become SUN which is one only

  38. *612961* Says:

    att lag da o 22 g carry on bro
    desi jatt nahi kise nalo ghat

  39. att lag da o 22 g carry on bro
    desi jatt nahi kise nalo ghat

  40. really nice boy!!

  41. mani dhillon Says:

    nice ghuman saab

  42. jatt punjabi Says:

    he punjabi jatt sikh and lol yea we are pride the mose punjabi jatt genetics made it in the west llol

  43. Good to see India coming to the fore of bodybuilding after Premchand Dogra. All the best to Varinder!

  44. arun saini Says:

    balle oh jatta na roshan kitan gurdaspuria da —- jionda reh rab tenu chardi kalan ch rakhan !!

  45. he is like giant

  46. Nice look veer

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