Mr. South India

Champion of champions Arunachalam ! (Photo courtesy – Chandran Munuswamy, Vellore)

An event, which had almost faded into the pages of history, has been coming back with a vengeance in the last couple of years.  The title of ‘Mr. South India’ was being considered by some competitors as an easy shot for a while. However, the way champions are turning up for the show in the last few years has put fear into the minds of those, who had been paricipating to take home a big title with a less-than stellar physique.
The 2011 event was conducted at Ambur, Tamil Nadu, on March 5 and 6, by M.S. Jalandhar and C.J. Kumar of Vellore district amateur body building association. The organisers left no stone unturned in making the competition a memorable one. Hats-off to these veterans and all members of the association, who have been serving the body building field for years.
I sincerely thank our dear friend and trainer of champions, S. Gurumurthy of Salem, for sharing photographs and some videos he captured.
Notable names
Though so many champions participated in amazing condition and placed well in this event, I would like to mention a few names of those who are known to me and my team members.

A comparison for overall title

K. Arunachalam of Tamil Nadu, who won the 70-kg class and the overall, has made a comeback this year. From good performance to great performance, this gentleman has transformed his physique so much that his absence from the competitive scene in the last five years is now being considered a loss to the field and not the individual.
M. Manikandan of Tamil Nadu, who won the 80 kg category, also returned to stage after the February 2010 Inter-district championship held at Chennai. His legs, which many seniors had once commented as ‘poor,’ had improved a lot and were coming close to his amazing upper body and freaky arms.

Manikandan is an awesome competitor, isn’t he ?

However, R. Mohanarangam of Salem, who finished second to Manikandan, deserved lot of praise. This veteran has been battling genetic limitations and improving from every earlier show of his for the past one and a half decades. Every time I see Mohan, I feel like bowing my head in respect for his commitment, perseverance, dedication and self-confidence. The day he wins gold in major shows is not far away.

Mohanarangam(left) and Manikandan hitting a double biceps pose backstage

E. Karthick of Tamil Nadu, who placed first at the junior State championship, inter-district meet and second at junior nationals, was a bit off. His conditioning was great, but not freaky as how we were used to seeing. Though Karthick beat a muscular freak like P.K. Nishant of Tamil Nadu to win his 85 kg class, his conditioning couldn’t help him win the overall title.
Champion of champions
The fight was between Arunachalam and Manikandan. The nail-biting event ended with the former happily walking away with the overall title and a cash prize of Rs.40,000.
Cash prizes of Rs.3,000, Rs.2,000 and Rs.1,000 were given to the top three finishers respectively in each weight class.

E. Karthick wins 85 kg category

Here is how the competitors finished in the top five of each category:
 55 kg
1. B. Palani – Karnataka
2. G. Arulanandham – Tamil Nadu
3. L. Karthik Kumar – Karnataka
4. R. Jagadeesan – Andhra Pradesh
5. Subin – Kerala
60 kg
1. M. Balamurugan – Tamil Nadu
2. Pratap Kalkundrikar – Karnataka
3. P. Chilaimannan – Tamil Nadu
4. K. Kanagaraj – Tamil Nadu
5. M. Kumaravel – Tamil Nadu
65 kg
1. D. Vignesh – Tamil Nadu
2. K.J. Augustine Jaison – Kerala
3. Vijay Gowda – Karnataka
4. T. Haridoss – Tamil Nadu
5. M.V. Parthiban – Puducherry
70 kg
1. K. Arunachalam – Tamil Nadu
2. Md. Hidayath Ullahkhan – Telangana
3. S. Jayaraj – Tamil Nadu
4. K. Venkateswaralu – Telangana
5. N. Yuvaraj – Tamil Nadu
75 Kg
1. S. Senthil Murugan – Tamil Nadu
2. Sanjeev – Tamil Nadu
3. Kumar – Tamil Nadu
4. V.D. Sunil Dass – Kerala
5. N. Suresh – Puducherry
80 kg
1. M. Manikandan – Tamil Nadu
2. R. Mohanarangam – Tamil Nadu
3. S. Dhinakaran – Tamil Nadu
4. Ajith Jose – Kerala
5. D. Gopalakrishna – Andhra Pradesh
85 kg
1. E. Karthik – Tamil Nadu
2. P.K. Nishanth – Tamil Nadu
3. V.S. Shihab – Kerala
4. Md. Zihan Ali – Telangana
5. C. Natarajan – Tamil Nadu
90 kg
1. P. Rajesh Kannan – Tamil Nadu
2. S.M. Krishna – Tamil Nadu
3. M. Sai – Andhra Pradesh
100 kg
1. O. Aneesh – Kerala
2. V. Pradeep Kumar – Kerala
3. R. Suresh – Karnataka
Plus 100 kg
1. A. Sathish – Tamil Nadu
2. S. Sharath Priyan – Tamil Nadu

– C. LakshmiKumar


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