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Mr. Tamil Nadu

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Nothing gives more satisfaction to a fan of bodybuilding than watching the top players of the game fight it out for a big title.  The thrill of watching a contest cannot be explained – it’s a feeling of high, which one has to experience to get the hang of it.  The air pungent with odour of pain-relieving spray, stains of tanning cream, clanging of weight plates and yelling (the marks of the backstage pump-up room) are things which every hardcore bodybuilding fan loves like crazy.

M. Kothandaraman

My team members and I once again got an opportunity of going through all that excitement at the 39th Senior Mr. Tamil Nadu, which was held on March 20 at Katpadi.
Once again, the Vellore District Body Building Association members deserve a word of praise for conducting three contests within a couple of months.
I sincerely thank each and every member of the association, which includes not only seniors known to me but also persons not known to me, for their warm reception.
As regards the competition, I would say it was long time since I saw a fight like this. To be precise, the State championship held at Tiruvallur in March 2009 was perhaps the toughest in the recent years. This event at Katpadi may be ranked next to that.
55 kg class


M. Kumaravel


Kumaravel of Vellore who competed in this category was thick, ripped and full. He had an excellent grip on his one-minute posing routine and flexed amazingly well to a very famous folk song.
60 kg class
The decision was very clear in 60 kg class. Haribabu of ICF was back in good form and easily took home the title. I am proud that K. Sriram of Kancheepuram, helped by Murali Vijayakumar of Team Masters, placed second only to Haribabu in this category. That it is Sriram’s very first State competition needs special mention.

K. Haribabu

Saisaran of Kancheepuram, who placed third, was ripped and in amazing condition. However, his height made him look as if he had less muscle than others, and this pushed him to third place. You have potential to be a hell of a competitor Sai, keep moving ahead.
65 kg class
There was no competition for my young friend Kodandaraman of ICF. Now, I am waiting to see this ‘Sachin of body building’ kill all his opponents and win gold at the Senior Mr. India scheduled to be held in Karnataka on April 9 and 10.
70 kg category
Man, this class was awesome. Vignesh of Kancheepuram and Shiva Kumar of Southern Railway locked horns for the title. The former was dry, thick and hard while the latter was cut, big and had round muscles. The decision went in favour of Vignesh and not many in the audience seemed to complain.

S.S. Shivakumar (left) and D. Vignesh

I introduced myself to Antony Kumar of Chennai, who placed third in this class. My friends were right when they told me how nice a person Kumar is. I wished him all luck at the end of the show and congratulated him for making a terrific comeback. Hats-off my dear friend, you deserve a lot of praise for your dedication and respect you showed to all your fellow competitors.

Antony kumar

Ethiraj of Tiruvallur had returned to stage after some years and it was a great comeback. He placed fourth and is likely to climb up a couple of spots very soon.Murtuza of Team Masters was not at his best and had to finish fifth. I wish I could say more.

75 kg category

Tamilanban of Nagapattinam and Arunachalam of Kancheepuram fought for the title here. This is one weight category, which gave the judges a tough time.

P. Tamilanban

However, Tamilanban won the first prize and Arunachalm had to settle for second. Speaking to this year’s Mr. South India on his loss to a much younger champ, I found out that Arunachalam was a great champion and all geared up to fight it out at the nationals.
My good friend Munusamy was not at his best and finished third. Mohanarangam of Salem, who was second at Mr. South India, was unlucky to have brought down his weight to enter this class. However, he was much more ripped, dry and carried more muscle than the previous years. I am proud of Mohan’s achievement and dedication as Team Masters has been helping him for a couple of years now.


K. Arunachalam


80 kg class

M. Manikandan (left) and P. Ranjith Kumar

The fight was between an incredible Manikandan and national champion Ranjith Kumar of Southern Railway. After several rounds of comparison, over 90 per cent of the judges chose Mani as the winner. However, Ranjith is sure to reach his top form and rock the nationals.
85 kg category
Senthil Kumar of I.C.F. and Karthick of Chennai fought for the title in this class. This time, Karthick had to take second to the seasoned ICF athlete. A couple of days after the show, Karthick called me over phone and said that he would give his body a break and come back in amazing form for the next season.
90 kg class

V. Jayakumar

Mr. India Jayakumar of Southern Railway stood like a statue in this weight category. Wow, what an amazing physique! He was big, cut and extremely pleasing to the eye. He is a ‘big guy’ with a lot of class. I stood 100 feet from the stage in the open air stadium to watch this class in the evening finals and was blown away by Jayakumar’s looks. Murali Vijayakumar, the beast-in the-making, who stood by my side, was equally stunned.
Nataraja of Salem, another competitor helped by Team Masters, finished third.
Champion of champions
The clash for the overall title was as exciting as the entire show. In the end, Manikandan walked away with another overall title, a cash prize of Rs. 10,000 and everyone seemed happy.
Cash prizes of Rs.5,000, Rs.3,000, and Rs.2,000 were given to top three finishers respectively and Rs.1,000 each for fourth and fifth place finishers in each weight category.
Here is how the competitors finished top 5
55 kg
1. M. Kumaravel – Vellore
2. L. Karthick Kumar – Vellore
3. K. Manikandan – Kanchee
4. N. Karunakaran – Vellore
5. J. Saravana Kumar – Cuddalore
60 kg
1. K. Haribabu – I.C.F.
2. K. Sriram – Kanchee
3. M. Saisaran – Kanchee
4. M. Srinivasan – Chennai
5. M. Raj Kumar – Kanchee
65 kg
1. M. Kothandaraman – I.C.F.
2. S. Jayaraj – Chennai
3. D. Sadeendran – Tiruvallur
4. G. Kalaiarasan – Tiruvallur
5. K. Saravanan – Tiruvallur
70 kg
1. D. Vignesh – Kanchee
2. S.S. Shivakumar- Southern Railway
3. A. Kumar – Chennai
4. G. Ethiraj – Tiruvallur
5. S.R. Murtuza – Chennai
75 kg
1. P. Tamilanban – Nagai
2. K. Arunachalam – Kanchee
3. R. Munusamy – Chennai
4. R. Mohanarangam – Salem
5. S. Senthil Murugan – Tiruvallur
80 kg
1. M. Manikandan – Tiruvallur
2. P. Ranjit Kumar – S.Rly
3. S. Dhinakaran – Chennai
4. V. Raja – Chennai
5. M. Karthick – Tiruvallur
85 kg
1. S. Senthil Kumar –  I.C.F.
2. E. Karthick – Chennai
3. S. Manikandan – Vellore
4. V. Manohar – Tiruvallur
5. C. Praveen Kumar – Kanyakumari
90 kg
1. V. Jayakumar – S. Rly
2. P. Rajesh Kannan – Krishnagiri
3. C. Nataraja – Salem
4. S.M. Krishna – Vellore
5. M. Karunakaran – S. Rly
Plus 90 kg
1. S. Nishal Varma – S. Rly
2. A.M. Zulfi – Cuddalore
3. G. Naresh Kumar – Thanjavur
4. A. Sathish – Vellore
5. P. Raj – Vellore

_ C. Lakshmi Kumar


Varinder Ghuman at 2011 IFBB Australian Pro Grand Prix XI

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It has been a long wait for us, Indians, to see one of our musclemen flex along with professional bodybuilders of the West. What was often dismissed by naysayers as a mere dream finally came true on March 12, 2011.

India’s largest bodybuilder and ‘Punjab ka puttar,’ Varinder Singh Ghuman, competed with pro bodybuilders at the 2011 IFBB Australian Pro Grand Prix XI, held at Melbourne. Though Ghuman placed eighth in the contest, his physique shows that he is just a lion cub entering a pride of adults, who have their territory clearly marked. We are sure that this cub will grow up and someday take over the pride and earn a place of its own in the jungle of beasts.
We are eagerly waiting to see our champions finish in the top five of professional competitions, which may not be a dream either.

Here is the score card and some pictures of Ghuman. (Source:
1. Dennis Wolf
2. Johnnie Jackson
3. Michael Kefalianos
4. Ben Pakulski
5. Grigori Atoyan
6. Adorthus Cherry
7. Luke Timms
8. Varinder Singh
9. Darryn Onekawa
10. Daniel Hill

 _ C. Lakshmi Kumar

Inter-State Federation Cup Bodybuilding Championship 2011

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Annual Inter-State Federation Cup championship was held in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, on February 19 and 20.

Sangram Chougule takes home the overall title !

Rising superstar body builder, Sangram Chougule of Maharashtra won the overall title. Barun Yum Nam represented Uttar Pradesh and won the best poser award. The most improved bodybuilder title went to Navijeet Singh of Punjab.

Bihari Lal of Punjab, who placed fourth, also competed in Masters division and won the title. This great man has once again repeated his usual practice of competing with youngsters and men of his age. Hats off to the veteran!

Here is how the competitors finished in top five places of each weight category.
55 kg
1. Sunil Sakpal – Maharashtra
2. B. Palani – Karnataka
3. Sonu – Delhi
4. G. Arulanandham – Tamil Nadu
5. Jahir Ahmad – Maharashtra
60 kg
1. Sanjeev Kumaar – Delhi
2. Jaison George – Kerala
3. G. Kalaiarasan – Tamil Nadu
4. Santosh Kumble – Kerala
5. M.D. Matibur Rahaman – Manipur
65 kg
1. S.K. Mustaque – West Bengal
2. Ashok Kumar – Punjab
3. Augustine Jusion K.J. – Kerala
4. K. Depolan Meetei – Manipur
5. T. Haridoss – TamilNadu
70 kg
1. Mukesh Yadav – Manipur
2. Tushar Tendulkar – Maharashtra
3. Abdul Wahid – Madhya Pradesh
4. Bihari Lal – Punjab
75 kg
1. L.Ojith Kumar – Manipur
2. Avdesh Yadav – Maharashtra
3. N.G. Surchandra – Manipur
4. Sachin – Delhi
5. P.H. Pramot – Delhi
80 kg
1. Ashish Sakarkar – Maharashtra
2. Barun Yum Nam – Uttar Pradesh
3. E. Karthik – Tamil Nadu
4. Pramod Palde – Maharashtra
5. Narendra Kumar – Delhi
85 kg
1. Amit Choudhary – Uttar Pradesh
2. K. Arnold – Manipur
3. Naveed Khan – Madhya Pradesh
4. Mamatomba – Delhi
5. Jitendar Singh – Uttarkhand
90 kg
1. Sangram Chougule – Maharashtra
2. Rohit Tankh – Punjab
3. Amit – Delhi
4. M. Dhiren – Delhi
100 kg
1. Shashikant Hotkar – Maharashtra
2. Pritam Singh – Delhi
3. Navijeet Singh – Punjab
4. Narendra Singh – Punjab
5. M.D. Asif Khan – Madhya Pradesh
100 + kg
1. Varinder Ghuman – Punjab
2. Vinay Kumar – Delhi
3. Raj Kumar – Madhya Pradesh

Photo courtesy –

– P. Srimathy

Mr. South India

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Champion of champions Arunachalam ! (Photo courtesy – Chandran Munuswamy, Vellore)

An event, which had almost faded into the pages of history, has been coming back with a vengeance in the last couple of years.  The title of ‘Mr. South India’ was being considered by some competitors as an easy shot for a while. However, the way champions are turning up for the show in the last few years has put fear into the minds of those, who had been paricipating to take home a big title with a less-than stellar physique.
The 2011 event was conducted at Ambur, Tamil Nadu, on March 5 and 6, by M.S. Jalandhar and C.J. Kumar of Vellore district amateur body building association. The organisers left no stone unturned in making the competition a memorable one. Hats-off to these veterans and all members of the association, who have been serving the body building field for years.
I sincerely thank our dear friend and trainer of champions, S. Gurumurthy of Salem, for sharing photographs and some videos he captured.
Notable names
Though so many champions participated in amazing condition and placed well in this event, I would like to mention a few names of those who are known to me and my team members.

A comparison for overall title

K. Arunachalam of Tamil Nadu, who won the 70-kg class and the overall, has made a comeback this year. From good performance to great performance, this gentleman has transformed his physique so much that his absence from the competitive scene in the last five years is now being considered a loss to the field and not the individual.
M. Manikandan of Tamil Nadu, who won the 80 kg category, also returned to stage after the February 2010 Inter-district championship held at Chennai. His legs, which many seniors had once commented as ‘poor,’ had improved a lot and were coming close to his amazing upper body and freaky arms.

Manikandan is an awesome competitor, isn’t he ?

However, R. Mohanarangam of Salem, who finished second to Manikandan, deserved lot of praise. This veteran has been battling genetic limitations and improving from every earlier show of his for the past one and a half decades. Every time I see Mohan, I feel like bowing my head in respect for his commitment, perseverance, dedication and self-confidence. The day he wins gold in major shows is not far away.

Mohanarangam(left) and Manikandan hitting a double biceps pose backstage

E. Karthick of Tamil Nadu, who placed first at the junior State championship, inter-district meet and second at junior nationals, was a bit off. His conditioning was great, but not freaky as how we were used to seeing. Though Karthick beat a muscular freak like P.K. Nishant of Tamil Nadu to win his 85 kg class, his conditioning couldn’t help him win the overall title.
Champion of champions
The fight was between Arunachalam and Manikandan. The nail-biting event ended with the former happily walking away with the overall title and a cash prize of Rs.40,000.
Cash prizes of Rs.3,000, Rs.2,000 and Rs.1,000 were given to the top three finishers respectively in each weight class.

E. Karthick wins 85 kg category

Here is how the competitors finished in the top five of each category:
 55 kg
1. B. Palani – Karnataka
2. G. Arulanandham – Tamil Nadu
3. L. Karthik Kumar – Karnataka
4. R. Jagadeesan – Andhra Pradesh
5. Subin – Kerala
60 kg
1. M. Balamurugan – Tamil Nadu
2. Pratap Kalkundrikar – Karnataka
3. P. Chilaimannan – Tamil Nadu
4. K. Kanagaraj – Tamil Nadu
5. M. Kumaravel – Tamil Nadu
65 kg
1. D. Vignesh – Tamil Nadu
2. K.J. Augustine Jaison – Kerala
3. Vijay Gowda – Karnataka
4. T. Haridoss – Tamil Nadu
5. M.V. Parthiban – Puducherry
70 kg
1. K. Arunachalam – Tamil Nadu
2. Md. Hidayath Ullahkhan – Telangana
3. S. Jayaraj – Tamil Nadu
4. K. Venkateswaralu – Telangana
5. N. Yuvaraj – Tamil Nadu
75 Kg
1. S. Senthil Murugan – Tamil Nadu
2. Sanjeev – Tamil Nadu
3. Kumar – Tamil Nadu
4. V.D. Sunil Dass – Kerala
5. N. Suresh – Puducherry
80 kg
1. M. Manikandan – Tamil Nadu
2. R. Mohanarangam – Tamil Nadu
3. S. Dhinakaran – Tamil Nadu
4. Ajith Jose – Kerala
5. D. Gopalakrishna – Andhra Pradesh
85 kg
1. E. Karthik – Tamil Nadu
2. P.K. Nishanth – Tamil Nadu
3. V.S. Shihab – Kerala
4. Md. Zihan Ali – Telangana
5. C. Natarajan – Tamil Nadu
90 kg
1. P. Rajesh Kannan – Tamil Nadu
2. S.M. Krishna – Tamil Nadu
3. M. Sai – Andhra Pradesh
100 kg
1. O. Aneesh – Kerala
2. V. Pradeep Kumar – Kerala
3. R. Suresh – Karnataka
Plus 100 kg
1. A. Sathish – Tamil Nadu
2. S. Sharath Priyan – Tamil Nadu

– C. LakshmiKumar

MEET – ‘Mr. India’ (Federation Cup champion) M. Kodandaraman

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Some champions are applauded for their freakish mass. Some are admired for their beautiful frame and “nice lines.” And then there are some, who display a perfect blend of factors that makes them a great champion – “mass with class.”
The most popular champion on the international arena, who won such an admiration, was the legendary Lee Labrada of the United States. 

M. Kodandaraman is a package of mass and class

As regards India, there have been several great champions, who have won titles with their blend of mass and class. The up-and-coming young star from Tamil Nadu, M. Kodandaraman [known as Vinod among friends and relatives], is now on that right track to entering the league of such classic champions.
I have had the privilege of interacting with this smiling young man for a few years now and been left speechless by the manner in which he has sculpted that amazing physique of his. 
Wow, what a change – not only in his physique but also the way he talks. He is now fun to interact with and not that shy kid of 2007.
I also remember how cooperative he was during a photo shoot done exclusively for our ace photographer P. Sowmya. Though he was just starting his contest prep and not at his best, Kodandaraman was so accommodative and patient even when the session stretched to more than three hours. 
I take pride in interacting with this young man, who, I’m sure, is soon going to win several medals at the national and Asian levels.
Team Masters: Welcome Kodandaraman, I am too happy that you agreed to come to my place for this interaction.  I could have as well come to your house. However, I am glad that you came here.
Kodandaraman: Oh sir, please don’t make me feel embarrassed. Coming to your place is no big deal. All of us [champions] know your interest in the sport.
Team Masters: I know about your father and your background. For the sake of this interaction, I request you to tell me about that and how your journey as a champion began.
Kodandaraman:  I was born on September 25. My father Manivendan is a former body building and national power lifting champion. He works in Integral Coach Factory (ICF), Chennai.  I have an elder brother, Manimaran; an elder sister who is married; and a younger sister, who is studying in Class IX.
Team Masters: When did you start training and who was your first hero?
Kodandaraman: I started training in 2006. My father was my hero.  I joined Youngsters Gym in Villivakkam, Chennai, run by T.K. Gurunathan.

The winning form at Senior Mr. TamilNadu 2009, at Thiruvallur

Team Masters: How did your body respond to training? Were you a good gainer?
Kodandaraman: The response was pretty good. After 6 or 7 months of initial training, I won my first competition as a student, conducted by the University of Madras.
Team Masters: Oops, sorry, I forgot to ask about your academic qualification.
Kodandaraman: [With a smile] I have completed B. Sc. microbiology in Vel’s college.
Team Masters: Hey, that’s great. I am happy that educated youth are entering our sport of bodybuilding. OK, did anyone from bodybuilding association see you win your first show?
Kodandaraman: TABBA general secretary M. Arasu and Gurunathan sir were there. Their encouraging words made me train seriously. My next competition was an inter-district championship held in 2007. I entered the 60 kg class and won.
Team Masters: Which was your first big competition?
Kodandaraman: The Federation Cup held in Kolkata, where I did not place. However, it was a great experience seeing K. Balamurugan of ICF and other seniors compete in their top shape. After this meet, I took a long gap as I had to improve a lot before competing again. Gurunathan sir sent me to Gold Gym, Alandur, to train under the guidance of Arasu.

M.Kodandaraman's awesome back double biceps pose

Team Masters: Yes, I know that. I believe Balamurugan is a very helpful person and has helped so many up-and-coming champions. Did he help you as well?
Kodandaraman: Of course, Bala ‘anna’ has been so helpful. I worked very hard, harder than even before, and won my next competition.
Team Masters: When was it?
Kodandaraman: It was Junior Mr. Tamil Nadu conducted in January 2008 at Gobi. I won the 60 kg class. My next show was the All-India University Championship held the same year at Punjab. However, I couldn’t win a medal. A little after that I entered the Junior Mr. India 2008 held at Orissa. I won silver.
Team Masters: Impressive.
Kodandaraman: I qualified for Senior Mr. India being held at Meerut and competed in that prestigious show as well. I was thrilled to finish fourth.
Team Masters: Who were the top three finishers and what is your opinion about the outcome of the contest?
Kodandaraman: I don’t exactly remember sir, there were very seniors like S. Kumarananthan (first) and others. The judging was very fair.
Team Masters: That is the mark of a true champion. I am happy that you are fair and respectful to seniors. Yes, please continue…
Kodandaraman: Then I competed in 2008 Senior Mr. Tamil Nadu held at Coimbatore that year…
Team Masters: Ah, I remember that very well. Sorry to tell you brother, though you won your class and the overall in a very close contest against K. Gopinath, I still felt you were not at your best that day.

M.Kodandaraman with N.Senguttuvan at Senior Mr. Tamil Nadu 2008, Coimbatore

Kodandaraman: I could not have been better sir, I was sick. I had diarrhoea and was losing muscle and condition. It was hell competing that day and I somehow pulled it through. However, it earned me a qualification for the Senior Mr. India, which was being conducted at Aurangabad in June.
Team Masters: Was your health better by that time?
Kodandaraman: Slightly better. But, I competed in 55 kg class that time and won silver.
Team Masters: Yes, but you lost gold only to a class champion like Suryanarayanan of ICF. A very fair decision, I would say. I also remember that nationals for another reason. It was Murtuza Rasheed’s (of Team Masters) first Senior Mr. India contest as well, where he placed 8th against seniors and freaks in the 65 kg class. He told me how tired you were on the train and how much your father helped you in carb loading and stuff like that.
Kodandaraman: Oh sir, I would be nowhere without my father’s help. I owe him everything.
Team Masters: You also won Federation Cup in 2009, right?
Kodandaraman: Yes, I was at my best shape in that contest held at Thrissur. I won my class while K. Venkatesh and Gopi won in their categories.
Team Masters: Ah, and you then entered a Mr. Chennai in March 2009 conducted by Arul of A.R. Fitness, at ICF, right? Those shows are for ‘smaller guys’ like us brother, you literally ate up your competitors and won the overall.

M.Kodandaraman won the overall at Mr.Chennai 2009, ICF

Kodandaraman: (Laughs) Sir, it was just the ‘josh’ of competing and getting better. I then won the Senior Mr. Tamil Nadu held at Tiruvallur later that month.
Team Masters: God, how can I forget that show! It had champions like you, Haribabu, Ponmudy, Senguttuvan, Murthy, Udayakumar, Harikrishnan, Bala, Arumugam, Jayaprakash, Lakshmipathy, Gopi, Ranjith Kumar, Sathish Kumar and Jayakumar fighting for the title. It was a jam-packed muscle extravaganza!
Kodandaraman: Due to unavoidable circumstances, I could not participate in Senior Mr. India held that year in Kolkata. My next contest was JKR Classic Mr. Tamil Nadu held in October, which I did in for fun. I was not fully ready and placed third in the 75 kg class. I came to top form and entered the Amateur Mr. Tamil Nadu held at Tiruchi in January 2010. I won my class and Manikandan of Chennai won the overall title.
Team Masters: You really were at your all-time best for the inter-district championship conducted by my good friend Mohan Kumar of Yuva Fitness at Nehru indoor stadium in February 2010. You were really pushing Manikandan very hard for the overall title that night. And, you then got a job in ICF, right?
Kodandaraman: After a lot of hard work, I would like to add. Life is full of struggles. And, then I participated in my first Inter-Railway Bodybuilding Championship that year.
Team Masters: I was told that you could not enter your usual 60 kg class and had to settle for a bronze medal in 65 kg, isn’t it?
Kodandaraman: Yes, unfortunately…
Team Masters: Oh, don’t let it bother you Kodandaraman, you have a lot more big shows to win.
Kodandaraman: I won’t let it affect my spirit, sir. I just focus on getting better. I will participate in this year’s (2011) Inter-Railway Bodybuilding Championship, the Senior State and Senior Nationals scheduled to be held at Bangalore.
Team Masters: Murali Vijayakumar of Team Masters recently told me that you are looking freaky. It seems you are all set to vanquish every single competitor, huh?
Kodandaraman: (Blushes) Sir, nothing of that sort. I just think about improving and making my father, Arasu ‘anna’ and Gurunathan sir proud.
Team Masters: That you will, now tell me about your training split.
Kodandaraman: I generally train every muscle group twice a week. I keep making changes now and then. 
Team Masters: Are you a big believer in consuming more solid food than supplements?
Kodandaraman: Sort of…but, I drink whey protein isolate immediately after workout. I also use creatine monohydrate and glutamine from reputable companies. Pre-contest season will also see the entry of amino acid supplements. My protein sources for off-season are chicken breast, lean beef and egg whites. While getting ready for a show, I consume only chicken breast and not beef.
Team Masters: How long do you take to get ready for a contest?
Kodandaraman: I never get fat in the off-season. So, I can step on stage in 45 days. I need 12 weeks to get to my absolute best.
Team Masters: Tell me who is your favourite international body builder?
Kodandaraman: Kevin Levrone and Flex Wheeler.
Team Masters: And among Indian champions?
Kodandaraman: Vitendar Singh Pawar and Bobby Singh. As regards champions from south, I admire Bala ‘anna’ and Jayaprakash.
Team Masters: Which is the ultimate goal of your competitive career?
Kodandaraman: I will feel content the day I win gold at Mr. Asia.

You will go places, C.LakshmiKumar wishes M. Kodandaraman

Team Masters: You have that potential Kodandaraman, it’s just some more years you need to get that dense and mature muscle. I remember Mohan Kumar speaking on stage that you are like Sachin Tendulkar, a champion with class. He could not have said it better. I wish you all success in your carrier and my regards to your father.

                           _ C. Lakshmi Kumar