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Inter-district bodybuilding championship

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 Our good friend Mr. India (Federation Cup) K . Gopinath conducted an inter-district championship between bodybuilders of Chennai and Tiruvallur on February 6. A total of 136 champions flexed their muscles for the title in eight weight categories.

Karthik was the undisputed overall champion

P. Chilai Mannan, who won the 60 kg class, looked like a real ‘silai’ [statue]. Former Mr. South India S. Murthy outmuscled a fabulous T. Haridoss to win the 65 kg class. That Murthy has just come back from a major accident and is struggling to train his legs is noteworthy. Hats off to this little freak. As regards Haridoss – your time will come brother, you will go places.

In 70 kg category, our dear friend R. Munusamy was the clear winner. Making a comeback in 75 kg class was multi-title winner K. Arunachalam. Welcome back friend, your next stop should be the nationals.

In 80 kg class, Murali Vijayakumar of Team Masters dominated the stage with his newly acquired fullness. Big Lee Murali was really big this time. However, he was not his best as regards conditioning, thanks to a lot of work pressure. Yet, we congratulate the young man for pulling it through difficult times. Get ready to take the next step and move into the world of muscle monsters, Murali. The bigger titles are out there, just for fighters like you.

Karthik's amazing back

E. Karthick, who won the 85 kg class and overall, was the hero of the day. The young man won gold at Junior Mr. Tamil Nadu and silver at Junior Mr. India this year. He was big, hard, ripped and dry, and won the overall championship.

 Talking to Team Masters, this young man said he owes everything to his mentor, former Junior Mr. India Jagannathan. “Jagan anna is everything to me – my coach, brother, friend, all rolled into one. Whatever I am today, the credit goes to him. Please write about him and not me,” said Karthick.

Sure Karthick, we have great respect for Jagan. We salute people like him, who take a lot of interest in helping competitors like you. He has also conducted several competitions to encourage champions like you, and this deserves a lot of praise.

 The evening ended happily with Karthick walking away with the overall trophy and a big smile.

 _ P. Srimathy

Note : We are posting some pictures, which Karthik gave us. Waiting for more pictures from the event.

 Here is the list of top five finishers in each category

55 kg
1. M. Ramamurthy-  Chennai
2. K. Sasikumar – Thiruvallur
3. R. Jagadeesh – Thiruvallur
4. V. Raj –  Thiruvallur
5. L. Babu –  Thiruvallur

60 kg
1. Chilai Mannan P – Chennai
2. M. Srinivasan – Chennai
3. G. Kalaiarasan – Thiruvallur
4. S. Divakar – Thiruvallur
5. S.Babu –  Thiruvallur

65 kg
1. S. Murthy – Thiruvallur
2. T. Haridoss – Chennai
3. D. Gokul Raj – Chennai
4. K. Saravanan – Thiruvallur
5. K. Albinson – Chennai

70 kg
1. R. Munusamy – Chennai
2. A. Thamotharan – Thiruvallur
3. R. Prabhu – Chennai
4. R. Rajesh – Thiruvallur
5. M. Niyamath Basha – Chennai

75 kg
1. K.Arunachalam – Chennai
2. S. Dhinakaran – Chennai
3. R. Arun Kumar – Thiruvallur
4. D. Saseedharan – Thiruvallur
5. K. Nava Bharath – Chennai

80 kg
1. Murali Vijayakumar – Chennai
2. B. Sathiyaraj – Chennai
3. T. Subramani – Chennai
4. B. Hariharan – Chennai
5. J. Sathish – Thiruvallur

85 kg
1. E. Karthik – Chennai
2. M. Mahendran – Chennai
3. B. Suresh – Chennai
4. M.Malcommarshel – Thiruvallur
5. N.S.K. Srikanth – Thiruvallur

+ 85 kg
1. P.S. Anish – Chennai
2. S. Sharathpriyan – Chennai
3. S. Balaguru – Chennai
4. K. Kavikumar – Chennai
5. K. Ronny – Chennai


Junior Mr. India

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The 49th Junior National Body Building Championship was conducted at Kalyan, Maharashtra, on January 30.
Maharashtra won the Team Championship award and the runner-up spot went to Tamil Nadu.
The overall title went to Pramod Palde of Maharashtra while S.K. Mustaque of West Bengal won the best poser award.
The most improved bodybuilder award went to Premraj Arora of Rajasthan.
As regards Tamil Nadu champions, we are proud to announce that R. Munusamy won gold in the 70-kg category.  It was sheer bad luck that E. Karthick, who carried a perfect blend of size, shape, muscularity and conditioning, came close to winning gold in the 80-kg class, yet lost it.  Being the good sportsman he is, Karthick has promised not to feel bad at all and get more amazing and win the top honours in the prestigious events lined up.
Here is how the players finished in the top 5 spots in each category:
1. Sonu                                                   Delhi
2. B. Palani                                            Karnataka
3. Sandip Patil                                      Maharashtra
4. Vishwanath Shelar                          Maharashtra
5. Sayed Khadeer                                Telangana
60 kg
1. Premraj Arora                                 Rajasthan
2. Gulrez Kousar                                 U.P.
3. Chandrashekhar Pawar                 Maharashtra
4. Praveen                                            Delhi
5. Chiranjivee                                      A.P.
65 kg
1. S.K. Mustaque                                West Bengal
2. Ashok Kumar                                  Punjab
3. Sandeep Mohad                              Delhi
4. P. Navaraj                                        Tamil Nadu
5. Rajesh Gurjar                                  Rajasthan
70 kg
1. R. Munusamy                                 Tamil Nadu
2. Mohamed Tarique                         Maharashtra
3. Ajay Pevekar                                  Maharashtra
4. Ashish Dangi                                   U.P.
5. Mukesh Kumar                              Manipur
75 kg
1. Meeraj.K                                          Kerala
2. Shoaib Khan                                    Rajasthan
3. S. Dhinakaran                                 Tamil Nadu
4. Hitesh Nikan                                   Maharashtra
5. Vikas Khanna                                  Punjab
80 kg
1. Pramod Palde                                 Maharashtra
2. E.Karthik                                        Tamil Nadu
3. R.K. Manjit Singh                          Manipur
4. Krishna Chikktumbal                   Karnataka
5. Pradip Samanto                            West Bengal
80 + kg
1. Anees                                              Kerala
2. Vinay Kumar                                 Delhi
3. P. Rajesh Kannan                         Tamil Nadu
4. S. Sharathpriyan                          Tamil Nadu
5. Satbir Singh                                  Punjab

– P. Srimathy