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Build muscle with ‘High-Low routine’

Posted in training on November 27, 2010 by takeupsculpting

You need to train hard and smart if you want to be a great bodybuilder. 'Mr. India' Sangram Chougule is one such champion.

Researchers have put together several training techniques to help a bodybuilding trainee break all barriers to gaining muscle. Here is a training routine drawn up using a technique, which, according to some trainers, is supposed to work very well.
The first exercise for a particular muscle group should be a basic exercise, performed using a very heavy weight for low reps (around 5). This could be followed by another set of the same exercise performed with a light weight for 15 reps.
An example of chest routine would look like this:
Bench presses using a heavy weight for five reps followed by a set of 15 reps with light weight.
Some trainers are also of the opinion that a heavy set of basic exercise can be followed by an isolation exercise with a light weight for 15 reps.

Incorporate this technique into your schedule, experimenting with total number of sets and workout frequency based on your recovery ability, for optimum results.
This kind of programme is also known as ‘light-heavy routine.’

_ C. Lakshmi Kumar


Suhas Khamkar at world championship

Posted in Contests on November 13, 2010 by takeupsculpting

The world bodybuilding championship organised under the aegis of International Federation of Body Builders (IFBB) was held at the Heydar Aliyev’s Palace, in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Newly crowned ‘Mr. Asia’ Suhas Khamkar entered the 75-kg category to the delight of every Indian bodybuilding fan.

Though Khamkar was at his driest and best shape period, he finished seventh, surprising many who expected him to finish in the top five.

Being a true champion, Khamkar has gracefully accepted his placing and vowed to work on his ‘weak points.’

He has confidently said that he would bring home the world championship title next year.

We all know that he can do it and let’s wish him the very best of luck to be crowned winner come 2011.

Jai ho!

_ C. Lakshmi Kumar

Here are some photographs which were published on a Russian website.