Stay in shape with this 3-day routine

We recently received a request from one of our friends to post a training routine on the blog, which would help a person stay in good shape despite being able to make it to the gym only three days a week.

Here is a routine which will help you to build and maintain a good body. Train on three non-consecutive days every week. During week one, train using split A on Monday, split B on Wednesday and again split A on Friday. In the second week, train using split B on Monday, split A on Wednesday and split B on Friday.

Keep training in this alternate manner for 8 to 12 weeks.

As regards diet plan: If your aim is to build muscle, add more complex carbohydrates like wheat bread, oats, products made of whole wheat and complete protein.

If your aim is to lose fat, increase your protein intake and cut back on carbs. Try to consume very less or almost no carbs in the last two meals of the day.

If you have lot of fat to shed, try doing cardio for 45 minutes on an empty stomach three to five days a week. You needn’t drag yourself to the gym for cardio. Go for a brisk walk around your house in the mornings and hit the gym three non-consecutive days in the evenings

Split A – Chest, shoulders, triceps

Incline dumbbell press 4 x 15,12,10,8

Flat bench flye 3 x 12,12,12

Dumbbell press 4 x 15,12,10,8

Lateral raises 3 x 12,12,12

Lying barbell extension 4 x 15,12,10,8

Standing calf raises 4 x 15

Hanging knee raises 3 x 15,15,15

Cardio 30 mins

Split B – Leg, back, biceps

Squats 4 x 15,12,10,8

Leg curl 3 x 15,15,15

Pulldown 4 x 15,12,10,8

Deadlift   3 x 10,10,10

Incline dumbbell curl 3 x 15,15,15

Crunches 3 x 15,15,15

– P. Srimathy


13 Responses to “Stay in shape with this 3-day routine”

  1. Mir Atif ali Says:

    Thank you ma’am for this amazing routine. Will put this into practice from next week God willing

  2. Thanks for work out chart, i am concentrating on abs and sides to get a correct V shape, i am not interested in six pack or any other packs. I am looking for decent lower body shape. Can u suggest best workouts and diets

  3. hello,
    sir i have gained a large amount of wright and fat in my body , as i had accdient and due to side effects of medicine i have a large amount of fat on my hips and stomach plz suggest me a dite and a an excercise routine to get rid of that fat ,
    mohammad mudassir

  4. @ Saravanan –

    The workout suggested above fits your goals.
    if you have fat, you wont show v taper. If you do not have fat you will have a good taper (if you carry good muscle) and the packs will be visible apparently. So if you follow this workout – you can get a good V shape and lose lot of fat along with the diet suggestions Shrimathi has made regarding protein intake etc. But if you stick to the program for considerable amount of time, you will find your PACKS. But we do not have any ideas on bringing v shape without PACKS … sorry

    @ mohammad mudassir
    many people have this wrong idea that medicines make you fat. Actually when you get injured, you might have gone into bed rest and would have continued to eat good amount of food for recovery.. But as you were inactive that gets converted into fat (which ever is not used).. And as we indians live in tropical regions which has high temperature, our body;s mechanism tries to hold that fat mostly around the mid section to maintain the thermostat of the body. Moreover as there are no bones in that area it starts looking much flabbier….
    Now the workout suggested above would be of great use for you. Train weights on mon, wed and fri. Do 45 mins of moderate speed walking on non training days. Eat protein rich food and complex corbohydrates . Eat lots of fiber rich food and you should be fine.. As you get more and more regular in training you will see that your mid sections gets more and more tighter


    For Team Masters,
    The Beast under construction,

  5. Hi masters,
    I am 31 year old and my job involves spending long hours (10hrs) sitting . I dont know if it is due to the above reason or not, i have very flat buttocks. I have tried doing 50 situps daily. But still there is no improvement to the shape of my buttocks. Please suggest me a good exercise routine


  6. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Sanjay,
    I don’t think your guess is right. Stop doing this ‘sit-ups.’
    And, if I am right, what you mean by saying ‘sit-ups’ is actually squats.
    Doing squats every day is certainly NOT a good idea.
    I urge you to train with weights, perfroming exercises such as squats and barbell lunges if you really want to improve the shape of your glutes.
    See how you can train at least twice a week, performing 5 or 6 exercises (2 or 3 sets each) for all major muscle groups at each of those two workouts.
    If you can go to the gym more frequently, train each muscle group twice a week in the following manner:
    Mon and Thu: Chest, shoulders, triceps
    Tue and Fri: Legs, back, biceps, abs
    Wed and Sat: Cardio

  7. Tell me how to reduce fat in abs

  8. Hi Coach,

    I am 23 year old, I am going to gym since i was 20 , since then i had increased my weigh around 5 to 6kg. I need to know best possible methods thrice in a week to put some weigh.
    i Have been taking serious mass supplements i have not seen any improvement please suggest me .

  9. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Girish,
    Please click the link below. You will find all details you require regarding training and diet. If you feel you need to add some supplements apart from the diet suggestions given, you can take 3 servings of whey – one serving as soon as you wake up, one serving before workout and one serving after workout.
    Other supplements can wait.
    Try to establish maximum mind-muscle link, because if that’s missing, you cannot see any change in your body. This is what many trainees do not realise. Good luck.

  10. mohammad mudassir Says:

    thanks a lot for your advise coach!

  11. Santosh Kumar C Says:

    I do Chest & Back on monday and thursday, Biceps & Triceps on Tuesday and Friday and Shoulder/Leg on wednesday and Saturday.
    My question is can we combine biceps & tricep and Chest & Back?

    My trainer wants me to continue with the same routine.

  12. Santosh Kumar C Says:

    Thank You

  13. Hi Srimathy,
    Thanks for posting this useful chart. I would like to know how can we do the below excerises using dumb bell.

    Hanging knee raises , Lying barbell extension,Leg curl ,Pulldown ,Deadlift ,Incline dumbbell curl

    Do you have any video/Photo to share .

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