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Mr. Classic – Inter-district Championship

Posted in Contests on September 10, 2010 by takeupsculpting

Dayalan, proprietor of Classic Fitness Centre, Kanchi, organised an Inter-district bodybuilding championship among Chennai and Kanchi on August 21.

Balamurugan’s vascularity helped him get the overall championship

More than 150 competitors participated in the event. It needs special mention that Dayalan has been organising such a competition every year for the past eight years, to mark the anniversary of his gym. This year’s event marks the ninth anniversary and the man has plans to organise a State championship for the 10th year celebration next year.

The champions who finished in top three were showered with gifts such as iron boxes, wrist watches, sweet boxes, soft drinks, shirts, t-shirts, bags, crockery and protein supplements!

Dayalan also presented mementos to all gym owners registered under Kanchi District Amateur Body Building Association to encourage the sport of bodybuilding and fitness.

Dayalan (left) presenting a memento to Lakshmipathy, Kanchi District BodyBuilding Assn. Secretary

As regards placing, the overall title went to Balamurugan (65 kg class) of Kanchi. He received bicycle as a special gift. The fight for the overall was close as Balamurugan flexed his muscles standing next to National champion K. Gopinath (75 kg winner) and up-and-coming Murali Vijayakumar (80 kg champ). At the end of all the excitement, Balamurugan’s vascularity helped him finish first.

Murali Vijayakumar won the 80 kg class

Murali Vijayakumar got the best poser award, for the second time in two weeks. Audience’s reaction for his robot-like posing and most musculars for the title song from ‘Singam’ was unbelievable. Gopinath was given a special award for being the most seasoned bodybuilder.

_ P. Srimathy


Mr. Tamil Nadu Climmons

Posted in Champions on September 9, 2010 by takeupsculpting

Every time we, members of Team Masters, go out of town to attend a competition, we happen to meet a champion who rocked the bodybuilding scene not too long ago. During our recent visit to Salem, we ran into not one but two champions of Salem district, who have a special place in the history of the sport in Tamil Nadu. One of them is Climmons, four-time State champion.

Climmons was as muscular as any of the modern day champions

Climmons was as muscular as any of the modern day champions

Based at Mettur, the gentleman is in his fifties and still hitting the gym early every morning. His current looks say that he is fit enough to go onstage and take a shot at the masters’ title.
A picture of the champion taken in his competitive heyday shows that the man was as muscular as any of the modern day champions.
Team Masters takes pride in writing about a man whose love for the iron game has not diminished in the last two decades.
Tailpiece: We were informed by a friend of Climmons that during his youth, the man used to eat a kind of snake!!!!
We have heard weird stories about former Mr. Universe Steve Michalik of the United States eating monkey’s brains. But, a champion eating snakes was something new to us.
_ C. Lakshmi Kumar