Mr. Tamil Nadu Open State Bodybuilding Championship

It was back to ‘Ambedkar Arangam,’ ICF, Chennai.
‘Mr. Tamil Nadu’ and National champion (silver medalist) N. Perumal Durai had organised ‘Mr. Tamil Nadu Open State Bodybuilding Championship ’ on July 25.

Murali Vijayakumar (left), Murugan

Sasikumar of Salem (left) and Srinivasan of Chennai

Durai had left no stone unturned in making the event a grand success. He had taken special care in getting the right kind of sponsors (AMA Group of companies) who helped him arrange every single thing – right from the stage backdrop to trophies – in a grand manner.
Durai offered good cash prizes to competitors and ensured that many of them went home happy. The highlight of the event was offering cash awards for the ‘most improved bodybuilder (Rs. 15,000),’ ‘best poser (Rs.10,000),’ ‘most muscular man(Rs.10,000 )’ and overall champion (Rs.25,000).

Medalists in each category were also given cash awards – first place Rs. 5,000; second place Rs. 3,000; and third place Rs. 2,000.

Most improved bodybuilder award was presented to P.K. Nishant of Nilgiris.

The overall championship went to R. Munusamy of Chennai; the best poser award was given to M. Chandran of Salem; the most improved bodybuilder award was presented to P.K. Nishant of Nilgiris; and the most muscular man award went to A. Srinivasan of Chennai.

The overall championship went to R. Munusamy (right)

As regards placing, Team Masters never complaints.

However, there are instances which made us wonder what could have gone in favour of a particular competitor or what could have cost another competitor a valuable placing.

A couple of competitors from Team Masters were unlucky to have lost good placing.

All said and done, it’s always the good old ‘Apples vs. Oranges’ stuff. Team Masters appreciates that and salutes all the judges for their tireless and thankless (yes, it IS thankless) job.

R. Mohanarangam of Salem (left) was just too good.

A couple of competitors from Team Masters were unlucky to have lost good placing. One of them was stressed out and started to hold a lot of water. Another competitor still needs a little muscularity in the legs to get into the top five and little more size to win a medal.
Special mention
We would like to congratulate L. Dhanaraj – trained by Team Masters – who had transformed his body from a flabby 90 + kg to 62 kg in 9 months. Though he didn’t place – as he went against toughest of competitors in 65 kg class – his metamorphosis at the age of around 46 is astounding! We wish that those who hear about him and see his picture realise that bodybuilding is truly a game where age is just a number.

L. Dhanaraj (before, at 90 +kg)

Nishant who won the 85 kg class can go a long way if he works on his conditioning and muscularity.

Salem supermen
Sasikumar of Salem blew our minds away by changing his body in the last couple of years and winning the 60 kg category. C. Nataraja of Salem, who competed in 85 kg class, has a lot of potential. The 85 kg + category winner, R. Vimal Anand of Salem (once again), has enough stuff to help him go places. Team Masters wishes him more success.
R. Mohanarangam of Salem was just too good when he flexed his much improved physique in the 80 kg line-up. With a little more time, and, perhaps a little bit of luck, he is sure to win big titles. K. Mariappan of Salem, who placed fifth in the 55 kg class, has a bright future. He just needs some more time to make it big.

L. Dhanaraj (now, at 62 kg)

Team Masters is finding it difficult to write enough about Munusamy as the little man just keeps moving ahead like a speeding bullet.
Even as we walked out of the venue, it was clear that this competition was kind of warm-up for another open State championship scheduled for August 8 at Salem.
There is going to be a rematch in some (if not all) categories in exactly two weeks.

55 kg
1. M. Chandran – Salem
2. V. Senthil Kumar – Tiruvallur
3. A. Balaguru – Chennai
4. M. Rammurthy – Thiruppur
5. K. Mariappan – Salem

60 kg
1. Sasikumar – Salem
2. A. Srinivasan – Chennai
3. N. Senguttuvan – Chennai
4. T. Kingsley – Chennai
5. D. Kumar – Tiruvallur

65 kg
1. R. Munusamy – Chennai
2. N. Dakshnamoorthy – Cuddalore
3. P. Navaraj – Chennai
4. P. Vijayakumar – Chennai
5. D. Karthik – Chennai

70 kg
1. K. Mathanakaran – Madurai
2. S. Pandiyan – Thiruvallur
3. M. Suresh – Nilgris
4. C. Prabhakaran – Salem
5. S. Dhinakaran – Chennai

75 Kg
1. K. Gopinath – Chennai
2. K. Sundar – Chennai
3. V. Saravanan – Kanchee
4. R. Kavaskar – Salem
5. K. Venkatesan – Salem

80 kg
1. T. Gopi – Chennai
2. R. Ramachandran – Thiruvallur
3. R. Mohanarangam – Salem
4. A.J. Nijam – Nagai
5. E. Suresh – Thiruvallur

85 kg
1. P.K. Nishanth – Nilgris
2. V. Murugan – Chennai
3. S. Nithiyanandam – Thiruvallur
4. Murali Vijayakumar – Chennai
5. C. Nataraja – Salem

Plus 85 kg
1. R. Vimal Anand – Salem
2. C. Ramesh – Tiruvallur
3. P.S. Anish – Chennai
4. E. Karthik – Chennai
5. D. Kamal Kumar – Salem

– C. LakshmiKumar


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  1. i have never seen so many ripped indians. What are your diets like? It would be great if you can help, Thank you.

  2. Hiral,

    Check out our articles and you will see exact strategies that we use to gain size and get ripped…

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  3. how to develop the body muscles

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  5. Mr Munuswamy Looks Great Ever Than Before .Good Luck

  6. SMS Fitness GYM. Mecheri
    Master : M.ASHOK. Title winner

    Im Old Master of SMS Fitness GYM. In Mecheri. I want to say some words about MR. Mohanarangan.
    Mr. Mohanarangan was a great hard worker. He improves his body very well in short period. He have a great future in body building field. I wish to mr. Mohanarangan to get MR. India in few months. Good Mr. Mohan. Continue your journey.
    _M.ASHOK from SMS Fitness Center, Mecheri.

  7. I neverrealized Bodybuilding was this popular and accepted in India. I’ve known a lot of people from India, but have never known a bodybuilder from India. I’ve learned something new. Thank you.

  8. Very nice write-up. I absolutely appreciate this website. Thanks!

  9. all the best to all body builders

  10. Are there any age categories. Iam 48 years old and would love to compete

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