‘Rahul Gandhi Classic’

Inter-districts body building championship
June 19 will be a red letter day in the annals of body building in Tamil Nadu.
Babu of Sky Gym [known as ‘Sky’ Babu in Tamil Nadu Amateur Body Building Association] did the unthinkable by organising inter- districts body building championship with a prize money of Rs.1 lakh for the overall winner! The competition was held at Sir Theyagaraya Arts & Science College, T.H. Road, Chennai 21.

Munusamy is sure to rock the nationals, win gold and bring laurels to Tamil Nadu

We take our hats off to this amazing gentleman who has showered cash prizes that are perhaps offered only at the Nationals. Another gentleman who deserves praise is ‘Royapuram’ Mano of the Congress party who worked with Babu in organising and sponsoring this competition. The efforts of Suresh of Youth Congress in working with Babu and Mano deserve special mention. Chennai-based television channel, Vasanth TV, gave a live coverage of the entire competition. The chief guest at the event was Union Minister of Shipping and Congress leader G.K. Vasan. He was in all praise of the awesome threesome in organising such a fantastic event to mark the birthday of “the future of the Congress party,” Rahul Gandhi.

The condition Munusamy displayed at the prejudging was a sight to behold

As regards cash prize, the winner of each category was given Rs. 10,000; second place finisher Rs. 5,000 ; and third place finisher, Rs. 3000/-. Though all champions who won the title in each class were in great condition, Munusamy of 65 kg class was the hero of the day. The condition he displayed at the prejudging was a sight to behold. It has been a long time since any of us had seen a thing like this – he was a mini Li John and Bobby Singh rolled into one. He was full, ripped and dry. Each muscle stood out as if there was no skin covering it. Munusamy is sure to rock the nationals, win gold and bring laurels to Tamil Nadu.

M. Venkatesh who won the title in 75 kg category, a national champion, was also in very good shape. V. Senthil Kumar of Tiruvallur, who has been State champion several times, was at his best and rocked the 55 kg class.

V. Murugan and E. Karthik were also clear winners of their classes.
Team Masters had a truly enjoyable day watching this amazing event.
Here is the list of top five finishers
55 kg
1. V. Senthil Kumar – Tiruvallur
2. S. Kathirvelu – Chennai
3. V. Prakash – Kanchi
4. A. Venkatesh – Tiruvallur
5. K. Sasi Kumar – Tiruvallur

60 kg
1. A. Srinivasan – Chennai
2. K. Saravanan – Tiruvallur
3. D. Kumar – Tiruvallur
4. K. Mani – Chennai
5. L. Babu – Tiruvallur

65 kg
1. R. Munusamy – Chennai
2. S. Pandian – Tiruvallur
3. E. Jaya Prakash – Tiruvallur
4. P. Navaraj – Chennai
5. S. Hemakumar – Chennai

70 kg
1. S. Dhinakaran – Chennai
2. M. Arul Jeevi – Chennai
3. P. Dilli Kumar – Chennai
4. T. Prabhu – Tiruvallur
5. S.V. Abdul – Chennai

75 Kg
1. M. Venkatesh – Chennai
2. T. Gopi – Chennai
3. M. Anbarasan – Kanchi
4. K. Sundar – Chennai
5. A. Yuvaraj – Tiruvallur

80 kg
1. Karthik Parthasarathy – Chennai
2. P.A. Jacob – Chennai
3. Jai Ganesh – Kanchi
4. K. Dinesh Kumar – Chennai
5. M. Thiyaga Rajan – Chennai

85 kg
1. V. Murugan – Chennai
2. S. Manimaran – Chennai
3. M. Annamalai – Chennai
4. M. Mahendran – Chennai
5. Victor Jesu Rajan – Kanchi

Plus 85 kg
1. E. Karthik – Chennai
2. P.S. Anish – Chennai
3. C. Ramesh – Tiruvallur
4. E. Suresh – Tiruvallur
5. Sunil Suhas Soloman – Chennai

Tailpiece: As we are yet to get the photographs of this event, we are posting a couple of pictures taken in our mobile phones. We will post more photographs once we receive it.

_ P. Srimathy


4 Responses to “‘Rahul Gandhi Classic’”

  1. dilli kumar Says:

    can u upload the more photo’s about that compentitors in these classic.

  2. vellaipandian Says:

    Hai ooty brother munisami,
    You’r body is very sharp!!!

    Neenga bodybuilding’ku kedacha price!
    By- u’r fan vellaipandian. Periyakulam..
    Ennai nyabagam irukka?

  3. can yall have the same body structure without using steroids…..

  4. proud on ur hardwork…but steroids a big issue

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