Laughter improves health

Laughter is the best medicine – so goes the old adage.
You may be surprised to hear that having a good laugh every now and then indeed offers an array of health benefits.
Researchers from Maryland Medical Centre (Baltimore), the U.S., observed persons who watched funny television programmes every day for 30 minutes and concluded that such persons are less prone to suffering a heart attack.
Studies from Japan have stated that watching comedies regularly and having a good laugh often helps in lowering blood sugar. Researchers have also found that laughter regulates the immune system, increases energy expenditure by 10 to 20 per cent (burns more calories) and eases pain in the muscles by relaxing them.
An adult, on an average, laughs only once an hour it seems. Health experts say that by keeping our mind relaxed, listening to jokes, watching comedies and having a hearty laugh frequently can go hand-in-hand with a lifestyle committed to fitness and good health.
_ C. Lakshmi Kumar


2 Responses to “Laughter improves health”

  1. Nice post

  2. Can i ask you something please dont laugh because the question is somewhat unexpected
    Can i build my body in 30 days ??give me any suggestions please i have less holidays oly please reply me soon…

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