Mr. India chest workout

Mr. India M. Arasu flexing at the 2004 Senior Mr. India competition

Fans often flip through pages of bodybuilding magazines to read more about training routines of superstar bodybuilders.
However, not much information is available on the training of Indian bodybuilders. If you are a person who appreciates this fact, then you would love to read this story.
A member of Team Masters had the opportunity to watch ‘Mr. India’ M. Arasu train during his competitive heyday. Here is one of the favourite chest routines of the great champion at his competitive best.

Split system
I remember Arasu telling me that he used to train each muscle group twice a week. I have also been told that he used to train on a double-split training system – working out twice a day, one muscle in each workout.
Priority for upper chest
Arasu would begin his chest workout with incline dumbbell press. After a couple of warm-up sets, he would fix three plates, each weighing 7 kg, on both sides of a dumbbell rod and bring the total weight of each bell to 42 kg (not counting the weight of the rod).
With a 42 kg dumbbell in each hand, he would perform 15 to 20 reps in a smooth, strict manner! After a minute’s rest, he would do a second working set with the same weight. After another minute’s break, he would perform a third working set.
Pyramid Principle
Arasu would then perform bench press.
He would load a 14 kg plate on each side of a barbell and perform the first set of about 15 reps. Using the Pyramid Principle, he would keep increasing the weight by 28 kg each set (14 kg on each side) and decreasing the reps on each set. The last set would be performed with a total weight of 140 kg (five plates each weighing 14 kg on each side) for 6 to 8 reps with no cheating.
The next exercise would be parallel bar dips. Arasu would perform about three sets till failure. This would conclude his regular chest workout.
Those who have watched the big man working out told me that he was naturally very strong and used to train like a monster.
Though I don’t have access to information on his contest training, he would have made small changes here and there and added some movements such as flyes or cable crossovers.
_ C. Lakshmi Kumar


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