Eating slowly can help you to lose fat

My grandmother used to quote an old saying in Tamil language which when translated into English may read ‘the one who chews food well before swallowing will live for a hundred years.’
Funny, isn’t it?
However, researchers have started to state that while trying to lose body fat, a person has to chew every piece of food really well and eat slowly!
Eating slowly ensures that a person eats less, thereby consuming fewer calories.
In a book published over three decades ago, authors Richard B. Stuart and Barbara Davis had said that eating slowly provided greater appetite satisfaction. Even as a person eats, the brain senses the food through certain hormones in the gut. Pushing down food into the stomach promotes release of hormones such as cholecystokinin, glucagonlike peptide-1 and ghrelin. Secretion of these hormones sends signals to the brain telling it to cut down appetite. However, this process reaches the peak only after 20-30 minutes!
When a person eats fast, he or she does not give the body a chance to control appetite or get a feeling of satisfaction.
A study conducted in 2009 compared two groups of women. Those who ate slowly, chewing every bit of food 20-30 times before swallowing, consumed less food (and thereby fewer calories) than those who ate fast.
Researchers also said that they left the dining table satisfied.
Another study which compared two similar groups found that those who ate fast had greater release of insulin. Higher insulin levels may eventually lead to insulin resistance.
It’s well known that higher insulin levels may result in an increase of body fat, especially if a person consumes a lot of calories.
A third study, which observed men and women in the 30-69 age group for a period of three years, found that those who ate fast gained more body fat. Those who ate fast were three times more likely to be overweight than those who ate slowly!
So, if you are on a diet plan – either to lose some body fat or get into a bodybuilding competition – start chewing every piece of food several times before swallowing it.
You can eat smaller meals and get away with a satisfied smile.
You can burn all the fat you want by combining the diet with systematic weight training and enough cardio.
_ C. Lakshmi Kumar


5 Responses to “Eating slowly can help you to lose fat”

  1. There are now “Plates for eating slowly” available that stay still hot after 30 minutes to keep your food warm; the plates make of eating slowly a pleasant experience that helps you acquire the habit. If your food gets cold because you are eating slowly you will be discouraged.

  2. Lakshmi Says:

    That’s was a nice piece of information Ramirez, thank you.

  3. Hi Lakshmi,
    Very informative blog but couldn’t find posts on tummy or waist loss… Can u plz suggest tips fot losing tummy fat.I am thin with 47kgs weight and 5’2 ht but have a small pot belly…Plz suggest how to get rid of pot belly??Should i follow any diet for this? I underwent archidopexy operation 6months back so I should not lift weights…AWAITING FOR UR POST ON TUMMY LOSS FOR THIN PEOPLE…


  4. Karthik,

    If you read through the blogs slowly, article after article on fat loss, you will realize that spot reduction of fat is impossible. However with regular activity and diet you can get into shape easily.

    As your medical condition does not allow you to lift weights, i recommend you to go for 30 mins of brisk walking every alternate day on empty stomach (upon rising). Just have a couple of glasses of water and finish off the walking and then head towards your breakfast..

    Avoid all junk food and you will start looking good in few weeks and you would need 4-6 months to get into good shape….

    For Trainingmasters,

  5. It’s really use full information for me.bcoz am looking to reduce my weight,i think this information well help me. Thanks Lakshmi.

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