Build triceps with dips

There are some trainees who aren’t pleased with their triceps development. Invariably, they would have been avoiding a great mass builder in their routine for quite sometime.
Dips performed on a parallel bar (not the one in which you lean forward to hit the chest) hits the triceps very hard.

Professional bodybuilders such as Troy Alves of the United States vouch for the effectiveness of this exercise. According to Alves, his triceps started to grow very well only after he added dips to his routine.

Alves says that a trainee should try to add more weights to his weight belt while dipping. This would be a constant challenge to the triceps muscle and result in very good growth.
Some trainers recommend that after a thorough warm up of the elbows, a trainee can perform a couple of weightless sets of dips and follow them with 3 or 4 sets of dips with a heavy weight strapped to their belt. This can be followed by 4 sets of any extension movement or close grip bench press for maximum stimulation.

Mr. Tamil Nadu Manikandan has a set of huge triceps.

Advanced champions can take a tip from these instructions and make their own routine carefully, avoiding overtraining.
Note: A routine should be made only after taking into consideration the condition of a trainee’s elbows.

                                                    _ C. Lakshmi Kumar


5 Responses to “Build triceps with dips”

  1. manu sankar Says:

    very useful one. can u pls sent me d warm up & workouts for shoulder,tries,chest,thighs,wings,bies

  2. Lakshmi Says:

    Dear Sankar,
    I cannot suggest any training routine without seeing your physique. You see, a strong body part need not be worked with mind-blowing intensity but a weak part has to be bombed furiously. Hope you see the point.
    I need to know about your current training routine, how long you have been doing this programme, how long have you been hitting the gym, how good is your diet, how many hours a day do you sleep, and your general lifestyle.
    There are routines in my blog on building muscle and losing fat. The four-day routine I recommend in that can help even an advanced bodybuilder to gain muscular bodyweight and size. It will be great for an intermediate bodybuilder or even beginner.
    You can try it out if your needs are just losing fat and muscle building.
    However, if certain muscles alone are stubborn and refuse to respond, they may need special attention.
    There are general guidelines about even advanced bodybuilding training, but beyond a particular stage, the trainee himself should observe the feedback coming from his body and make his own routine based on that.
    Get back to me with more details and probably pictures of yours for more help.

  3. parag daudia Says:


    i would like to ask u that we are in india having a long summer in which you cant workout for so long so what to do in the summers. one other thing is which food is good for making your mucle good and hugh.

    my hight is just 5’6″ is it good enough to be a professional bodybuilder.

  4. Parag,

    Just to give you an idea of temperature in chennai – We have hot-hotter-hottest and the term cold would be somewhere 20+ on Celsius scale…. And there have been more than 10 Mr. India’s from this place…
    So how do they make it???

    1. Training in the gym is not for building endurance but to stimulate muscle growth. You need not train hours together to build muscle but train between 6-10 sets per bodypart once a week and still grow like a weed if you keep an eye on your diet
    2. Nature knows best. In hot places you get a variety of seasonal fruits and veggies which actually help you to keep your body at its prime. For example include fruits like melons, veggies like cucumber etc to keep your body in proper thermostat
    3. Dont wear tank top like cloths. instead wear a light color cotton cloth which absorbs sweat easily and keeps you cool.
    4. Always carry water to gym

    About height – Lee priest is one of the best pro bodybuilders in the world and he is only 5’4″ . So you can start working with what you have

    For TeamMasters,
    Beast under construction,
    Biglee Murali

  5. Very good article. I’m facing many of these issues as well..

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