Varinder Ghuman at Arnold Classic Amateur 2010

Ghuman Front Double biceps

Ghuman making India proud in his very first pose

It wasn’t long ago that we, at Team Masters,  used to wonder why Indians did not place well in international bodybuilding contests.  All those thoughts vanished recently when Murtuza called me up and told me to check-out MD website. I was thrilled to see that “vegetarian legend from India,” Varinder Singh Ghuman, had participated in 100+ category of Arnold Classic Amateur 2010, held at Columbus, Ohio, the U.S.

Man!!! The exclamations we exchanged over phone cannot be put in words.

Our national hero was the tallest and the biggest of all competitors in that line-up, well almost!

When he walked in, he literally dwarfed most of the competitors with his humongous built. Though he appeared slightly on the softer side at the beginning of the show, he started to dry out and harden up as time progressed. But, the contest coloring could have been a tad better, which could have moved him up a spot or, may be,  even two. Ghuman usually glitters in ‘Dream Tan.’  But that cream doesn’t look great in the kind of top lighting we have at the Arnold Amateur.

Ghuman exhibits a very thick physique inspite of being a vegan

With one more year of dedication and hard work, Ghuman can surely crack the top spot and make Indians proud.

We pray to the almighty to bless Ghuman with loads of luck and success in all his endeavors.

Ghuman making other contestents look tiny with his TALL-WIDE  frame

Ghuman dwarfing other bodybuilders in his weight class

_  Murali Vijayakumar


44 Responses to “Varinder Ghuman at Arnold Classic Amateur 2010”

  1. L Dhanaraj wwc Says:

    ஆர்னால்ட் கிலாசிக் போட்டியில் கலந்து கொண்ட நமது இந்திய பாடிபில்டருக்கு என்னுடைய வாழ்த்துக்கள்


  3. dang cool story man.

  4. varinder paaji is very good kind of person……… n he also havin a good personality……….

  5. Kuldeep Says:

    Ghuman 22 Chak du phatte khlara pa de

  6. WADHAWAN Says:


  7. wow hw has a wonderful body.i wish him for a great future

  8. inder sodhi Says:

    Ghumann Saab i have the same height as that of u and also very passionate about body building but could never reach that level coz of shortage of time other circumstances, that i had to leave India but today i can proudly say if i could ever become a body builder then i can proudly say i would have been as same like u …….we r proud of u bai ji

  9. we are really proud of u great ghuman…u make proud punjabi
    m from jalandhar really from my heart wish to god for your happiness…
    god bless you

  10. being a indian & punjabi we are really proud of great ghuman…
    i really pray from my heart that god bless him & have a sucessfull career
    with lots of love from charul from ur home town jalandhar

  11. 22 ji kadi ludhiana vi aa jao

  12. Prathaesh Patil Says:

    Varinder paaji u made every Indian proud. proud to be an Indian. Looking forward for some tips from u.

  13. jiti singh Says:

    paji boh wadia

  14. jiti singh Says:

    khadiya kraka

  15. jiti singh Says:

    tuhanu milna a paji

  16. […] Varinder Ghuman at Arnold Classic Amateur 2010 March 2010 15 comments 3 […]

  17. Ghuman is a new upcoming bodybuilder form India. I have the privilege to be his guide right from the beginning. Khali, Prem Chand , Manjit, Daljit, Heera Lal few of my other students those my good students.
    Ghuman has all the potential to reach remarkable heights.
    He has a great affinity for movies. He has a lead role in Punjab film The return of Kabbadi. But he has more scope in the sport then other activities.

  18. He is preparing for This year Arnold Classic. …… All the best and god bless

  19. takeupsculpting Says:

    Doctor saab,
    my team members and I are honoured that you took notice of our effort in maintaining this blog and our interest in promoting Indian super star bodybuilders.
    Aap jaise itne bade trainer hamare blog mein mail bhej rahe hain, yeh badi khushi ki baat hai.
    With encouragement from legends like you, we promise to do our best in serving our bodybuilders in whatever little way possible.
    God willing, aaane wale senior nationals competition mein aapse milne ki koshish karenge.
    with esteemed regards
    Lakshmi Kumar

  20. takeupsculpting Says:

    Hamein poora vishwaas hai ek na ek din Ghuman zaroor world champion banenge aur Mr. Olympia mein bhee bhaag leenge.
    Hum yeh bhi chaahthe hain ki hamare bharat ke sher Olympia mein bhee top 3 position paayein.
    Jai ho.

  21. good bro i m gagan frm jalandhar

  22. kuldeep manak Says:

    16 to hun me 17 jaya ta haule haule mucha kundiya karvava

  23. kuldeep manak Says:

    bahro giri varge andro karhot varge jatt from makhu

  24. sat shri akal ghuman bhaji, mainu patta hai jado tusi excersice shuru kitti c SABHARWAL Health club vich mainu v chance miliya hai tuhade naal work out karn da , mainu maan hai ke mera veer ghuman aaj bulabdiya te hai , te main akal purakh agge ardass karda ha ke tusi din dugni ta raat chougni trakki karo, tusi APNE VEER LATE CHOTTA GHUMAN DI YAAD VICH JO EVENT KARWIYA C MAIN OTHE C , 22 JI IEDA HI APNE INDIA DA NAME ROSHAN KARNA HAI,( KIKI MREA V FRIEND HAI )

  25. ravi tamilnadu Says:

    mr.ghuman looks like a giant.he should win the title of arnold classic within three years.i am also from tara institute,punjab like him.he is very simple.our master hon’ble dr.randhir makes him mr.olympia on one day

  26. ki rakhya cricket vich khedni h tan kushti khedo te shareer banauna h tan ghuman 22 varga banao

  27. Deepal Singh Says:

    varinder ghuman is the arnold of the punjab keep it up dost

  28. hello sir i am aman gujral punjab asr varinder ghuman loin in the punjab and me tuhada bahut tagra fan ha plz call me 09988447137 sir

  29. Harpreet Singh Says:

    22,g na ucha krta jatta da naa. By-Harpreet brar.

  30. Tarundhillon Says:

    I proud of u

  31. baljinder singh Says:

    good a bai

  32. baljinder singh Says:

    good a bai

  33. deepak thakur Says:

    pajji tuhanu body buiding ker de dekh ke, I am realy proud of u, u realy give us proud feeling in front of all over the world in heavy weight body biulding

  34. AARYA GOUR Says:


  35. Janpal sandhu Says:

    Veer g maa tuhada bohat vda fan ha .is to pta lagda ha ki 12th class wich studie krda haa ik din tuhada bara mera frnd nea ulta bolya si ta ma us da ha todh dita ek var 22 ji tuhanu jarur milna cahna va.

  36. i am ankit, an amateur body builder. Its great an indian that too a vegetarian body builder has come out topping world class competitions. But my question is now a days food adulteration has increased so much and Is there any diet plan to build body naturally…?

    But Mr. Ghuman has done it in this which is great and appreciated and inspirating for people like me.

  37. Hey Mr. Ghuman, We are Proud of You… You make India Proud…. And i appreciate you are Vegetarian. God bless you with Good Health and all that you Deserve….

  38. Jalandhar da sher a g ghuman

  39. apne ghuman bhaji ji ok hai baki sare foke hi aaa hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  40. paji tusi great ho . main tuhada bahut vada fan haaa.

  41. 22 g saddia majha nu v patthe pa do

  42. ashwin sashi Says:

    Why are we Indians happy for what he did? He only got an entry to the competition? He didn’t win anything yet at an International level. He reminds me of other Indians athletes who are well-recognised only in India, but have not won anything major – PT Usha, Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal, Paes & Bupathi (doubles tennis major is not the pinnacle in tennis), our cricketers (2 world cups only inspite of only about 12 nations participating in the world cup and Australia have won 4, while their population is 50 times lesser than India’s), our Olympic gold winning shooter (he is not an athlete even, just stands and shoots) and so many more. They will only be hyped in India, the rest of the world won’t care.

  43. Wishing you the very BEST….will surely do us proud !!!

  44. he is like giant

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