Lose fat fast

I remember writing about the benefits of high intensity interval training (HIIT), which is an abbreviated form of cardiovascular training.
It’s a boon to the modern-day trainee, who wants to lose fat in a flash while retaining maximum lean muscle.
Some experts are of the opinion that HIIT form of cardio is even beneficial during an off-season – they claim that a trainee can lose fat while building muscle!
Let’s leave that alone for another day’s discussion and talk only about losing fat. Reputable fitness publications are saying that the best way to do HIIT is in the ratio of 2:1.
In simple words, a trainee has to perform high intensity cardio for a minute and rest for 30 seconds. He has to repeat the process several times.
I recently put together such a plan based on an expert’s suggestion and found that the results were amazing!
The only problem is that HIIT form of cardio may not be suitable for persons who have joint or other kind of pain.
If your body is fine with such rigorous bouts, go ahead and try this workout.
You can burn a lot of fat without endless sessions of cardio.
However, ensure that your diet supplies plenty of protein and has lesser amount of carbohydrates and a reasonable amount of fat. Drink plenty of water, train hard at the gym and sleep well.
You will get into great shape.

Getting a great body like Kodandaraman calls for a lot of discipline, patience, perseverance and hard work.

Sample workout:
Warm up on the treadmill by walking at a moderate intensity for two minutes. You can also warm up on the stationary bike, working at a moderate pace.
1 set
Now, run on the treadmill or pedal very fast sitting on the bike for 1 minute. You may then rest for 30 seconds.
This can be treated as one set.
9 total sets
 Perform nine such total sets.
Finish it with a two-minute cool down on the treadmill or bike, working at a moderate pace.
Try it out and let me know about the results.
               _ C. Lakshmi Kumar


9 Responses to “Lose fat fast”

  1. Good read. But i would still want to impose some of my learnings in my school of fitness.

    HIIT with low intensity breaks – like high intense action (running ) with rest spots filled by low intensity action (walking) works best and gives in a better atmosphere for fat burning and sends in strong fat burning signal.

    Experts feel that taking rest lowers the mental focus and thus reduced the effectiveness of your workout the fat burning signal loses its strength on every interval period.

    This is the reason why boxers who do rope jumping with rest periods increase power rather than sending in fat burning signal.

    More than burning fat – the fat burning signal has to be worked upon for better response..

    continue your good work mate.

  2. takeupsculpting Says:

    Thanks Imran,
    the way you have mentioned is how the regular HIIT is performed.
    What I have presented here is a variation which I read about and tried out with considerable success two months ago.
    I don’t know if it can be compared with HOC training or ‘Roadwork’ done by boxers.
    But, this has worked well with a few cases I have been observing from very close quarters.
    I am glad that friends out there are regularly following my blog……so propmptly that they respond within 6 hours of posting the main story!

  3. Thanks for this contemporary & advanced technique Lakshmi..
    I will try it out..

  4. Sandeep Says:

    I can vouch for the benefits of HIIT – I had read up on HIIT around Sept-Oct 2008 and at that time I was over 190 lbs (over 86 kgs). At 5’11”, that’s way too many kgs on me. The noivice I was, I decided to build six pack abs, and gave myself 8 months, starting Nov ’08 to Aug ’09. Before anything, I have to say, I am genetically predisposed to gain weight. Even if I live on healthy food, my metabolism is such that, without exercise, I will gain weight. And personally, walking 20 minutes or cycling 20 minutes on a flat road don’t count as exercises – that’s something I do either way.

    I started off on HIIT and within 3 months, I lost over 25 lbs (over 10 kgs). Kind of realized I need to start muscle building too – and in March ’09, started weights. I was (and am still) learning and to this day, continue to change and adapt my workout routines. Now, I do have under 10% body fat and am decently happy – but then one thing I realized along the way was – six pack abs was not a destination – it was something that just came along as part of the journey. Sure, I work out my abs just once a week now – am no professional body builder and don’t need perfect abs but am at least satisfied that I know what to do if and when I put on fat, later in life.

    I also have to add (so that I feel good and others feel better) – I have a fully torn ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) on my right knee so I can’t run, else my leg gives away laterally and I am on the ground. So, it’s just been a stationery bike for my cardio. However, I do squats, but am extremely careful not to over-exert my knee. So, if there’s anyone who thinks they can’t have a great body – unless you are bedridden, there’s really no excuse. No time, no gym nearby etc etc – are indeed just excuses. The amount of self confidence you will build (along with muscle) is something you have to experience.

    Good luck.

  5. Dear All,

    @Sandeep : Dear Sandeep, Thank you for sharing your message. I agree with all you say in totality. I am motivated by what you have written on HIIT. especially…when you said…”I know what to do if and when I put on fat, later in life”…

    Dear Lakshmi, Thank you for the wonderful job you are doing. I have been browsing your side only for a couple of days and found a good deal of information. I am motivated by all that you write.

    I am a weight training enthusiast, but have never been consistent. Somehow (and consistently) i tend to get sick after , say , 2 weeks of training . I dont over train. I had intially attributed my sickness to my training. But its just co-incidental that i get sick and have to be on antibiotics. I tell you this bcos…once i get sick…i am off training, but my appetite continues to remain same..and i gorge on large quantites of food.
    I developed a Tummy that i would want to get rid of.
    From one of the websites i calcuated my body fat to be around 28%, which is quite high. I want to follow the HIIT. Laskhmi, do you advice me to take up only HIIT and reduce my fat..or also continue with my Weight training sessions (and may be take up 2-3 days of HIIT daily). I am a vegetarian. Your suggestions are very much appreciated.

    thank you

  6. Hi Ramesh,

    First of all you should understand that health is most important and you need to take measures to prevent sickness at all costs.

    you should opt for lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Remember colour is the key. More variety of colours you provide through fruits and vegetables in your diet, more vitamins you supply. With more vitamins and fresh nutrients you keep your immune system healthy. So this will make sure that you dont fall sick often.

    Now onto your workout. As you fall sick often, till you develop good immune system i would just recommend a normal cardio activity. Low intensity and more duration thrice a week.

    Train with weights on alternate days and cardio on non training days.

    do a whole body routine so that you hit each muscle group with one exercise. Each workout choose different exercise for the muscle. This way you will provide variety and you will feel more motivated too.

    So nutrition, and proper workouts will help you reach your goals.

    and one more thing…… set realistic goals and do not expect too much from your body…. A 2 kg loss per month is very realistic and if you reach this target every month then you are on optimal track

    For training masters,
    Beast in the making,

  7. Bharath R Says:

    Hi Team,

    Kindly suggest any other best workouts to get rid of tummy, as I am not into body building, but would like to bring flatty look.

    Bharath R

  8. Dear Bharath,
    you need not train like a body builder to lose a belly.
    Just cut around 250 calories from your total intake every day, preferably from fast-acting carbohydrates such as rice…avoid sugar, bottled juices, soft drinks and fried stuff…….perform cardio 5 to 7 days a week, 30 minutes each session…….train abs on three non-consecutive days (one exercise each for upper abs, lower abs and obliques, each exercise 15 reps)…….train using a whole body routine (one exercise for each muscle group all 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps) on 3 non-consecutive days a week……increase your protein intake …….drink plenty of water……that’s it…..your tummy will start going down.

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    information you offer. It’s good to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same outdated
    rehashed information. Excellent read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding
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