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Build triceps with dips

Posted in training on March 28, 2010 by takeupsculpting

There are some trainees who aren’t pleased with their triceps development. Invariably, they would have been avoiding a great mass builder in their routine for quite sometime.
Dips performed on a parallel bar (not the one in which you lean forward to hit the chest) hits the triceps very hard.

Professional bodybuilders such as Troy Alves of the United States vouch for the effectiveness of this exercise. According to Alves, his triceps started to grow very well only after he added dips to his routine.

Alves says that a trainee should try to add more weights to his weight belt while dipping. This would be a constant challenge to the triceps muscle and result in very good growth.
Some trainers recommend that after a thorough warm up of the elbows, a trainee can perform a couple of weightless sets of dips and follow them with 3 or 4 sets of dips with a heavy weight strapped to their belt. This can be followed by 4 sets of any extension movement or close grip bench press for maximum stimulation.

Mr. Tamil Nadu Manikandan has a set of huge triceps.

Advanced champions can take a tip from these instructions and make their own routine carefully, avoiding overtraining.
Note: A routine should be made only after taking into consideration the condition of a trainee’s elbows.

                                                    _ C. Lakshmi Kumar


XXIV All India Railway Body Building Championship 2010

Posted in Contests on March 27, 2010 by takeupsculpting

When a fan decides to watch the best body building champions the country has to offer, he or she invariably has to sit among audience at either the Inter-Railway Body Building Championship or the Mr. Services competition.
These are the events where the best National-level body builders flex muscle in their respective weight categories. Often, they try to compete in their best shape of their lives as these persons have been given government jobs in sports quota and, obviously, should win laurels for their office.
The XXIV All India Railway Body Building Championship was conducted by South Eastern Railway Sports Association, Chakradharpur Division, between March 16 and 18.
Due to unavoidable circumstances, I could neither make it to that event nor the Mr. Services competition held in Hyderabad.
I sincerely thank M. Arasu, Mr. India and General     Secretary of Tamil Nadu Amateur Body Building Association, for furnishing the results of the railway championship. I also thank three-time Mr. India Jayaprakash for sending me backstage pictures of his.

Jayaprakash's most muscular

I have also requested for photographs of other competitors. I will post those pictures if I am lucky enough to get any.

Jayaprakash's double biceps - look at those quads!

The prestigious Team Championship trophy went to South Eastern Railway.

Jayaprakash's front lat spread - "lights out, game over baby!"

Here is how the competitors finished in various categories:
55 kg class
1. Anoop Raju – Southern Railway (SR)
2. Alok Chakraborty – South Eastern Railway (SER)
3. G. Sripal Reddy – South Central Railway (SCR)
4. P. Sudhakar – SCR
5. Selva Kumar – South Western Railway (SWR)
6. Mehar Singh – Railway Board (RB)
60 kg class
1. Peter Joseph – SR
2. P. Vijayakumar – Integral Coach Factory (ICF)
3. Prantosh Dey – SER
4.Babruwuyan – SWR
5. Haribabu – ICF
65 kg class
1. Shyam Kumar Choudhury – SER
2. H. Anas- SR
3. Yogesh Nikam – Central Railway (CR)
4. Hanjumanth Reddy – SCR
5. Ilayaraja – SR
6. Kothandaraman – ICF
70 kg class
1. V. Jayaprakash – ICF
2. R. Satish Kumar – SR
3. Kiran Kini – CR
4. P.U. Sajith – SR
5. Subhash Majumdar – SER
6. S. Koteshwara Rao – SCR
75 kg class
1. Sarbo Singh – SER
2. Arindam Dutta – SER
3. S.S. Sivakumar – SR
4. D. Dalvi – CR
5. Dinesh Singh – Northern Railway (NR)
6. Abijit – SWR
80 kg class
1. A. Bobby Singh – North Frontier Railway (NFR)
2. Satyanarayana – SWR
3. S. Senthil Kumaran – ICF
4. Rajasekhar – SWR
5. Shyam Sundar – NR
6. Devendar Kumar – RB
85 kg class
1. Rex Verghese – SR
2. Pritam – SWR
3. C.H. Vijay Kumar – SCR
4. Supratim Koley – SER
5. M. Karunakaran – SR
6. K. Siva Kumar – ICF
90 kg class
1. N.S. Singh – SER
2. Lavin – SWR
3. Vinay Pandey – South East Central Railway (SECR)
4.  Nischal Verma – SR
5. Sanjeev Kundu – SER
6. Upender Kumar – NR
100 kg class
1. Javed Ali Khan – SER
2. Jayakumar – SR
3. A.K. Rari – SCR
4.  Pramod – SWR
5. Duttkumar – CR
Above 100 kg class
1. Shyam Sharma – SER
2. Dilkush Kumar – SER
3. M.S. Vinod – SR
4. S. Kadam – CR
                                                 _ C. Lakshmi Kumar

Varinder Ghuman at Arnold Classic Amateur 2010

Posted in Contests on March 25, 2010 by takeupsculpting
Ghuman Front Double biceps

Ghuman making India proud in his very first pose

It wasn’t long ago that we, at Team Masters,  used to wonder why Indians did not place well in international bodybuilding contests.  All those thoughts vanished recently when Murtuza called me up and told me to check-out MD website. I was thrilled to see that “vegetarian legend from India,” Varinder Singh Ghuman, had participated in 100+ category of Arnold Classic Amateur 2010, held at Columbus, Ohio, the U.S.

Man!!! The exclamations we exchanged over phone cannot be put in words.

Our national hero was the tallest and the biggest of all competitors in that line-up, well almost!

When he walked in, he literally dwarfed most of the competitors with his humongous built. Though he appeared slightly on the softer side at the beginning of the show, he started to dry out and harden up as time progressed. But, the contest coloring could have been a tad better, which could have moved him up a spot or, may be,  even two. Ghuman usually glitters in ‘Dream Tan.’  But that cream doesn’t look great in the kind of top lighting we have at the Arnold Amateur.

Ghuman exhibits a very thick physique inspite of being a vegan

With one more year of dedication and hard work, Ghuman can surely crack the top spot and make Indians proud.

We pray to the almighty to bless Ghuman with loads of luck and success in all his endeavors.

Ghuman making other contestents look tiny with his TALL-WIDE  frame

Ghuman dwarfing other bodybuilders in his weight class

_  Murali Vijayakumar

Lose fat fast

Posted in training on March 25, 2010 by takeupsculpting

I remember writing about the benefits of high intensity interval training (HIIT), which is an abbreviated form of cardiovascular training.
It’s a boon to the modern-day trainee, who wants to lose fat in a flash while retaining maximum lean muscle.
Some experts are of the opinion that HIIT form of cardio is even beneficial during an off-season – they claim that a trainee can lose fat while building muscle!
Let’s leave that alone for another day’s discussion and talk only about losing fat. Reputable fitness publications are saying that the best way to do HIIT is in the ratio of 2:1.
In simple words, a trainee has to perform high intensity cardio for a minute and rest for 30 seconds. He has to repeat the process several times.
I recently put together such a plan based on an expert’s suggestion and found that the results were amazing!
The only problem is that HIIT form of cardio may not be suitable for persons who have joint or other kind of pain.
If your body is fine with such rigorous bouts, go ahead and try this workout.
You can burn a lot of fat without endless sessions of cardio.
However, ensure that your diet supplies plenty of protein and has lesser amount of carbohydrates and a reasonable amount of fat. Drink plenty of water, train hard at the gym and sleep well.
You will get into great shape.

Getting a great body like Kodandaraman calls for a lot of discipline, patience, perseverance and hard work.

Sample workout:
Warm up on the treadmill by walking at a moderate intensity for two minutes. You can also warm up on the stationary bike, working at a moderate pace.
1 set
Now, run on the treadmill or pedal very fast sitting on the bike for 1 minute. You may then rest for 30 seconds.
This can be treated as one set.
9 total sets
 Perform nine such total sets.
Finish it with a two-minute cool down on the treadmill or bike, working at a moderate pace.
Try it out and let me know about the results.
               _ C. Lakshmi Kumar