Mr. Chennai

“Can a man outperform his previous best?” This is a question often asked in bodybuilding circles – be it a discussion about a competitor or an event organiser. I would say that there are men who are determined to fight it to the finish line and repeat their previous best, if not outperform the earlier achievement.

Kudos to Mohan Kumar !

A case in point is Mohan Kumar of Yuva Fitness, Associate Secretary, Chennai Amateur Bodybuilding and Fitness Association.

The man has once again staged a bodybuilding show in a grand manner and taken the first few steps towards introducing bodybuilders to audience as personalities! Mohan Kumar’s inter-district competition, titled ‘Mr. Chennai 2010,’ was conducted at Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium, Chennai, on February 7.

Kothandaraman was incredible

Special guests at the event were All India Congress Committee member Karthi Chidambaram, businessman-turned-actor R.K., actor-director Ameer, actor Vincent Asokan and Additional Commissioner of Police Ravi.

M. Arasu, TABBA Secretary, T.K. Gurunathan, working president of Chennai Amateur Body Building Association, J. Muniappan, tournament director, and P. Suresh, CABBA Secretary, were present at the event.

Cash prizes to the tune of Rs. 2,000, Rs. 1,500, Rs. 1,000, Rs. 500 (for iv & v) were given to top-five finishers in each weight category. The overall winner, Champion of Champions, was presented a Hero Honda Hunk bike worth around Rs. 75,000.

Manikandan, who won the overall, is a true monster

A total of 226 competitors participated in the event.

Special mention

Mohan Kumar took our suggestion and ensured that the winner of each weight category said a few words about himself and thanked those who helped him to get onstage. The organiser has to be appreciated for taking the first step in making our champions talk their mind out and be introduced to the audience. We, at Team Masters, are sure that in the days to come, our competitors will start talking well and given respect, on a par with winners of beauty pageants.

– C. Lakshmi Kumar


4 Responses to “Mr. Chennai”

  1. Wow.. given a good heads-up on this new initiative.. keep rocking..

  2. yeterday i have ( 6/6/2010 ) seen Mr. Chennai Competition which is very nice & interesting , encouragement for upcoming body builders , thank you conducting competition in chennai…

  3. superb competition…its encourage future body builders

  4. kumaran Says:

    verry nice keep it up

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