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For non-stop muscle growth

Posted in training on January 17, 2010 by takeupsculpting

Cycling reps system
I recently bumped into a system of training, which can help a trainee break a sticking point and restart muscle growth.
I am not aware of who the person behind formulating this system is or when it was first introduced. But, I believe one of the current American champions, a true freak, endorses its muscle-building prowess.

You need to work extremely hard to build a great body. National champions Ranjith Kumar, Jayaprakash and Balamurugan will tell you that.

Though it may appear very simple at the first glance, it can be extremely productive, the champion insists. It’s just matter of playing with different rep ranges. However, the weight selection should be extremely meticulous so that the trainee is able to perform only the specified number of reps in textbook form and not anything more. If a person fails in choosing the right weight, the system may not be give results at all.
Here is how you train every four weeks.
WEEK 1: 3-5 reps
WEEK 2: 15-25 reps
WEEK 3: 6-8 reps
WEEK 4: Supersets, dropsets
Please understand that the reps mentioned here are to be performed in your working sets. You will have to perform 2 or 3 progressively heavier warm-up sets before you come to the working sets.
“How many working sets to perform,” you may ask.
That depends on an individual’s recovery ability – some may grow with just one working set, some may need two sets and some, three.
Keep cycling the reps every four weeks like this for 12 to 16 weeks.
Follow an excellent diet plan and sleep well.
Let me know how it works after four months.

Here is a sample routine
(with three working sets):
Day 1
•    Bench press
•    Flat bench dumbbell press
•    Incline dumbbell press
•    Barbell curls
•    Preacher curls
•    Pressdowns
•    Lying barbell extension
Day 2
•    Leg extensions
•    Squats
•    Hack squats
•    Leg curls
•    Stiff leg deadlifts
Day 3
Day 4
•    Deadlifts
•    Pulldowns (front)
•    Bent barbell rows
•    Seated cable rows
Day 5
•    Military press
•    Alternate dumbbell press
•    Lateral raises
•    Bent over laterals
Day 6
Note: Perform three sets of crunches, three sets of oblique crunches and three sets of reverse crunches (all 15 reps) every third day. Likewise, perform four sets of standing calf raises and four sets of seated calf raises (using Pyramid technique) every third day.
_ C. Lakshmi Kumar


Mr. South India

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Twenty-fifth Mr. South India was conducted by Telangana bodybuilding and fitness association on December 5 and 6 at Alwal, Secunderabad.

The victorious TamilNadu team

Competition was also conducted in the physically challenged and masters division. The team from TamilNadu brought home the prestigious team championship trophy. Teams were represented by six units – TamilNadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala and Puducherry.

South Indian Ronnie Coleman T. Saravanan & Team Masters' Murtuza.S. Rasheed were truly outstanding

Here is how the competitors finished in top three places of each weight category

Lions of TamilNadu

55 kg category

1. Pramod Punachi         Karnataka
2. K. Uday Kumar           Andhra Pradesh
3. G. Arulanantham       TamilNadu

60 kg category

1. K. Rajasekar                  TamilNadu
2. S. Murthy                       TamilNadu
3. S. Sundar                        Puducherry

65 kg category

1. R. Munusamy                TamilNadu
2. T. Ramakrishna            Telangana A
3. Amar Patil                      Karnataka

70 kg category

1. Murtuza S. Rasheed    TamilNadu
2. S. Senthil Murugan      Karnataka
3. Edwin Wilson                 Kerala

Puducherry's Ramkumar came close to taking away the overall title from Saravanan

75 kg category

1. C. Ram Kumar               Puducherry
2. Anil                                   Karnataka
3. A. Kumar                        TamilNadu

80 kg category

1. T. Saravanan                TamilNadu
2. V.S. Shihab                   Kerala
3. Md. Nawaz                    Telangana B

85 kg category

1. S. Aneeshraj                Kerala
2. K. Aashish                   Andhra Pradesh
3. Sakkeer                         Kerala

90 kg category

1. Zishan Ali                    Telangana B
2. B. Shiva                        Andhra Pradesh
3. Syed Mahboob Ali   Telangana A

100 kg category

1. Noor Ahmed              Telangana B
2. S. Riyaz                        TamilNadu
3. Pradeep Kumar        Kerala

+ 100 kg category

1. A.Amareshwar        Andhra Pradesh
2. S. Venkatesan          TamilNadu

Physically challenged category winner Abdul Buhari from Kerala was a mind blowing athlete

–  P. Srimathy