J K R Classic Mr. Tamil Nadu

Conducting a State-level bodybuilding competition at a fine venue and in a grand manner needs encouragement.
Mr. India J. Muniappan should be commended for organising ‘JKR Classic’ Mr. Tamil Nadu 2009 at Kalaivanar Arangam, Chennai, on October 5.
Over 150 contestants from all over Tamil Nadu participated in the event. The best part is that almost 80 per cent of them were in top form.
Though many of them looked good, I would like to mention the names of a few who were truly outstanding.
In 60-kg category, S. Murthy, who has won Mr. South India, was the hands down winner. It is happy to see the champ back in top form after a break. Welcome back, brother.

Good to see Murthi back in top form

Good to see Murthi back in top form

Bantamweight was perhaps the category that gave judges a lot of work. Team Masters’ Murtuza Rasheed, representing Chennai, was a sight to behold. He presented a package that was top-class in all departments such as mass, thickness, shape, conditioning and charisma. His quads looked freaky with deep separation in all the heads!

Chennai’s Udayakumar came close to Murtuza and was truly a contender for the title. However, Murtu’s ‘wheels,’ overall package and incredibly-confident posing got him gold.

Murtuza deserves first for his hard work and commitment

Murtuza deserves first for his hard work and commitment

Three former national champions appreciated Murtu telling him that if he repeats this kind of performance at Senior Nationals scheduled for March 2010 at Goa, he is sure to win a medal (i.e., finish in top three).

In 70-kg category, Nilgiris’ Munusamy beat Chennai’s favourite Mohammed Ashraf, to take second. That the wonder boy from the hills has jumped two categories and yet retained conditioning is a feat! Tamizhanban from Nagai was outstanding and a deserving first place finisher.
In 75-kg class, Federation Cup winner Kodandaraman was a surprise entrant. However, the competition was so tough that the former national champ could take home only bronze! Chennai’s Murugan, who impressed one and all with his incredible back thickness at the selection trials, presented a much improved package on the stage.  But, Sathish from Nagai looked ‘rock solid’ and pushed Murugan to second spot.

T. Saravanan of Krishnagiri was the hero of the entire meet. He simply dominated the 80-kg category. Soon after the weigh-in on October 4, he told me that he was not in the kind of form he got to at last November’s State meet (where he won the 75-kg class and overall title).

Is there any room for more improvement, Saravanan?

Is there any room for more improvement, Saravanan?

However, even at this ‘less than top form,’ Saravanan was thick, full, hard and dry enough to win gold. Murali Vijayakumar of Team Masters won the Mr. Tamil Nadu title in his very first attempt last November. He competed in this category with much improved biceps peak, lat width and leg separation. Though Big Lee Murali was truly the biggest in the lineup, Saravanan’s incredible delt and arm thickness and overall hardness put him in second place right from the word ‘go.’

Though Murali was very sure of his placing, he was a true warrior on the stage.  He followed Saravanan wherever he went and hit the same poses, which kept the crowd excited.  For a moment, it looked like we were watching a Mr. Olympia final posedown.
Mr. India M. Kamaraj, who was a guest at the evening finals, told Big Lee that with more delt and arm size, he will rock the national scene.

Audience went crazy looking at Mr. India M. Kamaraj! Do you accept it

Audience went crazy looking at Mr. India M. Kamaraj! Do you accept it Sathish (Mr. South India) ?

Salem’s Mohanarangan has made tremendous improvement from his last year’s performance and finished third behind Murali.
In 85 kg category, Chennai’s Manimaran took home the first prize. Many in the audience felt that Vimal Anand from Salem could have finished first. The third place finisher, Annadurai from Tiruchi, surprised so many in the audience – he is 41 years young and has shown that body building need not be only for the youth.

Annadurai's incredible condition proves that 41 is 'young' in body

Annadurai’s incredible condition proves that 41 is ‘young’ in body building.

Several of the competitors mentioned in this story have planned to compete in the Mr. South India scheduled for December 4,5,6 at Hyderabad and Federation Cup scheduled for December third week at Uttarkhand.
Let us all wish them the very best of luck and pray that they win team championship honour at both the meets.

C. Lakshmi Kumar


13 Responses to “J K R Classic Mr. Tamil Nadu”

  1. Hi Lakshmi,

    A small suggestion / request:
    Just as Archives & Categories on the top right side of the screen, it will be great if we have another link in the name of Gallery where we could view all the pictures (the whole collection of photos which you would have received) of various competitions.

    Thanks & Regards,

  2. Hi There,

    Why dont you upload some pics of Da Big-Lee crying after his defeat … So that the world can really enjoy that… At least i would enjoy that LOLS…

  3. Hi Mr Sai,

    I am extremely sorry for you not getting what you came in for !!!


    I am what I am.

    Do check the blog back to see me winning bigger and bigger titles!!!

    Biglee a.k.a Murali Vijayakumar

  4. Hi Mr Sai,

    Check out how a bodybuilders life was atleast 2-3 months prior a show.

  5. Dear Lakshmi Sir,

    Thts great our training master team had bag the medal in this year Mr.Tamilnadu classic, then all the very best for Murtu, Murali to perform well in their Mr.India (National) GOING TO BE HELD next month.

    I know you are behind the sucess of them.

    with love


  6. Sir annadurai is the former mr.tamilnadu rite sir, also is he the trainer for the mr.tamilnadu saravanan..????

  7. takeupsculpting Says:

    I don’t know if Annadurai is a former title winner. He has come back after a long time….he was not in shape and he has worked like crazy for over a year to look like this.
    …and…NO, he is NOT the trainer of Saravanan.

  8. Hello sir,

    I will be doing my first show on next January.

    I followed ‘Egg and meat diet’ for the last 2 weeks and got results, my upper abs are visible and was losing fat all over , but without carb I’m too much tired to train and not getting any muscle pump.

    what should I do ? why I choose this diet was it was simple Only eats egg and beef.

    Can u give some Idea about any other diet , or should I stick with this ?
    I’m 74 kg @ 5’5 height.
    your reply will be of much help 🙂

  9. Please concentrate on krishnagiri dist also…I never seen any information on krishnagiri dist..


  10. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Mr. Prabhakar,
    I need pictures and information from people staying there.
    It’s sad to realise that our people don’t show much interest in sharing things with us.
    Being employed full-time, we can’t keep travelling so much to get things ourselves……. hope you see my point.
    Believe it or not, I am still waiting to get pictures and results of some shows conducted last December and this June!!!!!!!!!!

  11. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Shaijil
    I don’t approve of this kind of Atkins diet sort of plan.
    Your body needs carbs even while getting ready for a show.
    Stop this diet plan…eat vegetable salads four or five times a day. Let it contain cauliflower, onion and cabbage. They are very low in carbs and yet, filling.
    Have an apple immediately after workout.
    If you can, have a serving of Rich Gaspari’s ‘Super Pump’ before workout. If you can have a serving of Gaspari’s ‘Size On’ instead of the apple after workout. Have a serving of All The Whey or ON Whey with this.
    After an hour, have chicken or fish.
    Take a good quality fat burner – my favourite is Animal Cuts.
    Train hard, do cardio on all days except leg workous…so, you may be doing cardio about 4 days a week, maximum.
    Train all muscles twice a week, but this is only a very general statement….I prefer training 3 days on 1 or 2 days off.
    But, you can do cardio on those off days.
    Go for tanning and drink several litres of water.
    For each muscle, perform 2 basic exercises. Use pyramid technique for the first exercise and do 4 sets of 16,12,10,8 reps.
    On the second basic exercise, do one medium weight warm up set of 10 or 12 reps and do 3 heavy weight working sets of 8 reps (total sets will be 4 here also).
    Third and fourth exercises can be 2 isolation movements, each 25-30 reps and 3 or 4 sets each with a medium weight.
    Rest less between the isolation movements.
    Always use a full range of motion and don’t swing the weights.
    Don’t do forced reps or cheat reps.
    Start practising posing everyday after your workout, this will bring out great separation.
    Your changes should be very significant.
    Waiting to hear from you.
    Good Luck!

  12. Dear Lakshmi

    Last week I followed what you said, your advice was really on time. Changed my diet and got my energy back. I’m having N.O Explode before workouts and 1 tab of Prolabs Cuts II
    [can’t find Rich Gaspari products here I’m in kerala].

    Doing Abs and cardio in the PM and other muscles in the AM.
    Sorry for taking your time and

    THANKS SO MUCH for your help brother.

  13. Dear Lakshmi

    Thank u so much for ur reply ..I didnt expect reply for my mail.Surely i will get u all the photos and details u need from hosur.

    warm regards

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