Whey protein can curb appetite

You might have heard that whey protein, especially in the form of hydrolysate or isolate, is the best to promote lean muscle gains. However, it may be news to some of you that whey can be effectively used along with a fat loss programme – it can suppress appetite!

According to Dutch researchers, when whey protein is consumed in such a way that it forms 10 per cent of your total calories, it suppresses appetite better than casein or soya protein. But, at higher levels, whey leads to an increase in insulin release. This can lower blood sugar and promote hunger!

Looking lean yet great like Federation Cup winner Kodandaraman, needs plenty of planning and hard work.

Looking lean yet great like Federation Cup winner Kodandaraman, needs plenty of planning and hard work.

Those who are trying to burn fat can restrict their carbohydrates, fats and total calories and get 10 per cent of their total calories from top-class whey protein. Ensure that your diet plan is perfect with just the right amount of carbs, calories, protein and branched chain amino acids.

Train hard and do enough amount of cardiovascular training. You will be pleased with the results.

                                                          _ C. Lakshmi Kumar


5 Responses to “Whey protein can curb appetite”

  1. Rahul vikas Says:

    I am going gym for the past 6 months with a strict dietry schedule and i am taking B-protein as source of protein in the morining before cardio and in the evening after workout

    My query is that is it good to take B-protein as i cannot afford to buy these fast acting Whey proteins. Will it retain more water content and also please do suggest some alternative protein powder which is safe, good, and economical. Eagerly waiting for the reply
    Thanking You

  2. takeupsculpting Says:

    B protein is a good source of protein. But try putting that money on natural sources like egg whites and chicken breast. U need not spend too much on supplements. Still if you r very particular, its quite safe to use any supplements which comes from reputed companies, which will cost around 500 – 600 Rs. per kg and you will get anywhere between 40 – 70 gms of protein per 100 gm depending on the product you choose. If i’m right B protin will also cost u the same, but u’ll get less protein compared to these supplements.
    All the best

  3. Hi lakshmi kumar am 25 yr old.I have back problem,disk prolapse.so i cant do heavy exercise.am 78 kgs
    i work in night shifts.i come home at 4 am sleep from 5-1.
    i do work out for 1 hr.cardio 15 min and weigts45 minutes

    here is my dietchart

    4.00 am-tea and biscuits
    1.00 pm-rice 2 cups with fish/chicken
    3.00 pm b protein 2 scoops
    3.00-4.00 pm Workout
    4.30 pm- b protein 2 scoops
    9.00 pm chappatis 4 nos with chicken curry
    12.00 am coffer 1cup
    2.00 am limejuice 1 cup

    This is my workout schedule
    15 min -cardio daily

    seated rowing 3*15
    lat pulldown 3*15
    one armed dumbell rowing 3*15
    parallel bar dips 3*12
    Bench press 3*12
    inclined bench press 3*12
    pecdeck 3*12
    dumbel press 3*12
    Dummbell fly 3*12
    inclined fly 3*12
    parallel bar dips 3*12
    Bench press 3*12
    inclined bench press 3*12
    pecdeck 3*12
    dumbel press 3*12
    dummbell fly 3*12
    inclined fly 3*12

    shoulder press 3*12
    dumbell press 3*12
    side raise 3*12
    Front raise 3*12
    upright rowing 3*12

    free squat ( icant use weigts in squat)
    Leg exrension 3*15
    leg curl 3*15
    calf raise 3*50 (Free)


    Dumbell Extensions-3*15
    Pushdowns 3*15
    t bar 3*12
    kickbacks 3*12

    barbell curl 3*10
    alternate dumbell curl 3*10
    hammer curl 3.10
    Machine Preacher Curls 5*10
    reverse curl 3*10
    wrist 3sets

    General workout
    1 exercise for each body part

    friday and saturday it repeats

    please give me feedback on diet and workout
    i cant sleep in night due to work

  4. Dear Bobby,
    I am sorry to say that your routine is far from correct.
    Stop it immediately.
    You are doing too much for the upper body and too little for the lower.
    I urge you to seek the advice of a sports physician or a certified therapist-cum-trainer.
    You need first-hand counselling as you have a disc problem.
    However, I offer a few general suggestions:
    1. Avoid overhead presses and try a variety of lateral raises
    for shoulders
    2. Try variations of squats such as free squats, wide stance free squats, dumbbell hack squats, etc.
    3. Perform step-ups with dumbbells, dumbbell lunges, dumbbell side lunges, etc.
    4. Train each body part only twice a week, maximum.
    Do not forget that your body needs plenty of rest.
    Perform cardio 3 to 4 days a week for a maximum of 30 minutes.

    Your diet needs a lot of more careful work. I have made some changes in that too.

    1 pm: rice 2 cups with fish or chicken
    3 to 4: pm Workout
    4.15 pm : whey protein 1 serving, 1 apple
    5 pm: some egg whites, chappatis or wheat bread, vegetable salad
    8 pm: chappatis 4 nos with chicken curry
    11 am: threptin biscuits, some casein protein powder, vegetable salad
    2 am: casein protein, skimmed milk

    That should be it….

    But, you know what, you haven’t told me a very important thing – what you want to achieve by working out!!!!!
    I have assumed that you want to lose some fat and get leaner without straining your back too much.
    My diet and training suggestions have been based on that assumption.
    Good luck.

  5. Hi airin,

    you can try taras supplements,classic and stamin.


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