Workout regularly as you grow old

Weight training and cardio are essential to regulate hormonal output and maintain optimum heart health. The combination also keeps a check on sugar-related complications. 
As a person grows old, he or she is sure to lose muscle mass by 20 per cent or more between the age of 40 and 60. This condition is known as sarcopenia. People often lose fast-twitch muscle fibres that are important for power, strength and other major activities.

Some persons like ‘Mr. India’ Mohanan keep on training and getting better even as the years fly.

Some persons like ‘Mr. India’ Mohanan keep on training and getting better even as the years fly.

Researchers from Maastricht University of The Netherlands conducted a study using elderly men in the average age of 72. The test subjects increased their muscle strength, lean mass and fast-twitch fibres after 12 weeks of weight workouts. Their fast-twitch fibres also had increase in the count of satellite cells which are essential for protein synthesis and muscle tissue repair.
Weight training has once again emerged winner in the battle against destructive effects of ageing.
                                                                     _ C. Lakshmi Kumar


10 Responses to “Workout regularly as you grow old”

  1. Hello,

    I just had a question regarding the diets issue.

    Is it ok to have raw eggs? Does raw eggs provide better protiens than the cooked(boiled) ones or is it the other way around??


  2. I used to have raw eggs like 5-15/day, but once a bad egg caused severe stomach ache and loose motion. after that i only ate boiled.

    So better have cooked or take utmost care when having.:)

  3. takeupsculpting Says:

    I already sent a mail to the reader telling him to avoid raw eggs to keep of ‘salmonella’ poisoning.
    I forgot to put that on the blog.
    But I am happy to see that my readers take interest in interacting with one another and keeping the blog very lively.
    I am extremely thankful for the ineterest they show.

  4. Hello,

    I have an odd question rather unusual.

    I am working out in gym for about 6months, with a strict diet regime, but now i notice that my face(cheek part) has become much more muscular and started to sleek inside and it looks so thin earlier it used to be fluffy.

    Is there any measure that i must follow during workout to avoid this thining of cheeks in future

    Thanking You

  5. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Shyam,
    what you had on your cheeks was fat.
    with a proper diet regimen and training routine, the unwanted fat will reduce. This will be evident on your face, even before it shows elsewhere. That’s how the human body works.
    Do not worry brother, a puffy cheek is not the mark of a man…it’s fine only on a little baby….remember, girls drool over only a powerful, masculine face and lean atheletic build.
    be a stud, brother.
    live healthy, happy and contented.
    PS: If you want your cheeks to be puffy, you should be chubby and carry a lot of fat. You cannot have a nice, athletic body and chubby cheeks. That’s science.
    good luck.

  6. hiiii….
    m Harpal singh
    m bodibilder …
    plz gide me …
    mai qlarety lana chatahooo…….?

  7. takeupsculpting Says:

    Harpal ji,
    maap keejiye…mein aapko reply karna chaahtha tha, magar bahut kaam kar tha, iseeme bhool gaya…..
    dekhiye, main appke problem ko smaj nahin paarahaa hoon….aap kehthe hain ki aap clarity laana chaahthe hain….kya matlab hai aapka?
    kya aap cuts aur condition ke baare mein kehthe hain ?
    agar aapka jawab ‘haan’ hai, to pehle body fat aur jism ke neeche chupee huyee water ko baahar nikaliye…aapka diet hi zaroor problem create kar raha hai..
    hamare blog mein fat kam karaane ki idead, routines aur diet plans hai…mera request hai ki aap wo sab articles padhe aur phir dollow kare.
    mujhu poora vishwaas hai aap zarror kamyaab honge.
    good luck

  8. sir,
    i have been going to gym for past 6 months and i am regular..i have never missed a day..i workout on biceps and triceps on the same day..lekin my problem is though the size of my hands are increasing but the muscles are not getting defined..i mean “cuts” nahi aa rahe…sir can you help me..recently on some friends suggestion i have started jogging on alternate that enough…my weight is currently 65 kgs..i am 22 yrs old.

  9. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Sibu,
    You can go for a fast walk instead of jogging. when you lose fat all over your body, your muscles will look more defined, and you’ll start seeing the cuts you desired. overall size will come down, when you are in a cutting phase. See to it that you lose only fat and not much of muscle. your diet should be clean. Increase your protein intake and reduce your carb intake. I need details like ur height, ur workout routine, diet etc. to help you further.
    All the best

  10. ms selvaraj Says:

    my dear brother you are contunue your workout and win mr. universe and more and keep your musles and long live same position “god bless You
    your elder brother selvaraj ms

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