Workouts improve creativity

People often term those who train with weights as ‘dumb muscleheads.’ Bodybuilders are believed to be dull, boring and non-resourceful. However, science firmly says that intense exercises increase creativity!

 Researchers at Middlesex University in England asked their test subjects to think and come up with unusual uses for tin cans and cardboard boxes. Subjects who worked out for 25 minutes before beginning the task came up with several innovative uses. Researchers said that workouts improved more than just their mood.

Part of therapy

According to Kate Hays, PhD., sport psychologist, workouts trigger deeper self-awareness. Psychologists Hays and Wes Sime, PhD., at University of Nebraska, regularly use workouts to trigger creativity in their clients during therapy sessions. Sime says that training frees up the individual so that both thoughts and words flow easier.

Judy Torel, therapist and owner of Sweat Shop Fitness and Wellness Facility in Albany, New York, says exercise unlocks deeply buried memories that a person does not easily recollect.

Hormonal output 

Weight training also regulates output of hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone, and releases endorphins. These help a person to maintain health, lean body mass, feel invigorated and above all, attain a sense of accomplishment.

 _ C. Lakshmi Kumar


8 Responses to “Workouts improve creativity”

  1. I just love reading your posts!!

    I wanted to ask you one thing for which yo are absolutely the right person to answer it.

    I train for 1 hour in gym on week-days including sat (6 days in a week) in d mornings. Iam doing this for the last 5 nd a half months. I find a gradual change in my physique but it is too small.
    Am a vegetarian (but eat eggs) and am not well placed were i can have “dedicated” bodybuilding foods for me.
    If you can suggest tips for persons like me who wanna good body nd physique will make us really happy!!

    The following is d diet am using:

    Morning breakFast : Roti’s, Milk, Black Channa’s nd vegtbls

    Lunch : Rice, dal, vegtbls

    eve :Channa’s

    Dinner : Roti’s, vegtbls nd milk

    Do suggest me on d diets as it is an essential part of bodybuilding!!!

  2. Joseph Vimal Francis Says:

    hello sir, this article is really wonderful. i really think a lot of people should get to know about these facts and start working out and not think that gym is a place for people who are out of sorts. great article.. keep it rolling…. cheers

  3. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Rohit,
    I urge you to follow one of the muscle-building routines that we normally recommed (4 days a week routine).
    Don’t train more than that.
    Your current routine is not up to the mark.
    And….your diet needs an overhaul……start eating small meals once in 3 hours….have less carbs at night, much less than what you are eating now. the last meal of the day should be high in protein with very less carbs….
    eat at least 15 egg whites split into 3-5 meals….consume a good quality protein poweder made of milk and whey after your workout….refer to stories on the blog about eating to build muscle.
    you will make good gains.

  4. Thnks a lot for the reply sir.
    Looking forward to the posts from you!!

  5. Sir,

    really kudos to all your efforts…

    Read few of blogs and found it really helpful..and something which most of people who works out would be looking for..thanks…

    As mentioned in the previous blogs, even i used to workout for 6 days a week but now will stick to the routine as recommended
    thanks to rohit & of course you

    one suggestion would be required….. what would be the substitute for eggs as mentioned in most of the diet blogs as must…??

    and as far as my gym goal is concerned i prefer a well maintained, fit & mild body. No plans to participate in any contest or so..just to keep myself fit, active & flexi… and works out 1-1.5 hour a day with alternate days sets for chests, Biceps respectively & 1 day for legs could you please guide me on the schedule…n i do 2-3 sets for every reps…

    comment your views on the daily gym performance which i do… or suggest me the schedule which i should follow….

    as far as food is concerned i use to have the usual indian regular food i.e. roti, dal, rice, vegetables & occasionally non-veg….please comment..

    your view is valuable for all of us who read the blogs…

    hope u will reply soon…


  6. takeupsculpting Says:

    My dear balram, your training routine is PATHETIC…I suggest you read the blog once again, very slowly.
    there is a story for those who want to look good but not like a body builder.
    that also has diet schedule…follow that…every word of it.
    as regards egg whites, yes, they are must.
    you just cannot replace them with anything, that is what science says.
    It’s quality protein which has high biological value and protein effeciency ratio……this may be against what so many ‘experts’ in the mainstream media claim.
    but I am sorry to say that they are wrong.
    we live and breathe weight training, bodybuilding, fitness and nutrition…we are not here for business or to sell our services.
    so it’s up to you people to believe us or otherwise.

  7. Hey Thanks there…:)

    i will make a note of it…

    could you please suggest a training routine which i should follow !!!

    Thanks… and keep replying..

  8. Read that article again……if you have the patience to read it, you will see that it has a training routine and a diet plan…

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