Mr. Asia 2009

The 43rd Asian Bodybuilding Championship was held in Aurangabad in the last week of July.

Indian bodybuilders bagged four silver and two bronze medals. Bahrain ended up with three gold medals and a bronze. Korean bodybuilders took home four gold medals. Korean champion Lee Jin Ho was adjudged ‘Champion of Champions.’

4 silver medals for India

Tamil Nadu’s M. Rajendran working in Services (85kg class), Manipur’s N. Kishan Singh (65 kg), Borun Yuman (70 kg) and Varinder Ghuman (+100 kg) placed second! Kishan Singh had to settle for silver as Korea’s Hong Hyeong Ho had extraordinary quads.

According to IBBF sources, most of the Indian champions need to work more on their lower body to win top honours in Asian and world meets.


Sami Al Haddad walked over all his opponents in 100 kg category and made his country proud. However, Arafat Yaqoob, also from Bahrain, had a tough battle against a champion from South Korea to win gold in 75kg class.

Raed Fuad (Bahrain), who made his international debut at the show, stood first in +100 kg class. Nasser Allah Al Mosawi won bronze in 80-kg category. The fact that he had participated in this event held last year turned out to be an advantage.

Most popular athletes

According to sources, the following were some of the most popular competitors among the audience: Sami Al Haddad (100 kg), Kamal Abdul Salam (90 kg), Raed Faud (+ 100 kg), Lee Jin Ho (85kg), Boo Chang Soon (80 kg), Arafat Yaqoob (75kg) and Kenji Kondo (70kg).


The crowd had Sami Al Haddad taking home the overall. However, it was Lee Jin Ho who had the last laugh!

Honoured guests

IFBB president Rafeal Santonja gave away prizes to the winners. The Assistant General Secretary of IFBB, William Tierney, the chairperson of the women’s committee of IFBB, Wanda Tierney, the Bahrain Bodybuilding and Weightlifting Federation (BBWF) president and president of Asian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (ABBF), Shaikh Abdulla bin Rashid Al Khalifa, were present.

 Guest poser

IFBB pro Dennis Wolf left all the competitors gasping for breath in disbelief! His guest posing that came at the end of the prize distribution, showed the competitors what it takes to be a professional bodybuilder.

Here is how the competitors finished:

55kg Shin Sung Tae, first (Korea)

60 kg Jeong Lihyang, first (Korea), Hiroshi Tsuda, second (Japan), Kazumi Kokubo, third (Japan), Ravi Kumar, fourth (India)

65 kg Hong Hyeong Ho (Korea), N. Kishan Singh (India), Takashi Yamazaki (Japan), Peter Joseph (India), Farook Fazil (Sri Lanka)

70 kg Kenji Kndo (Japan), Borun Yumnam (India), Bang Jaejin ( Korea ), Parvesh Kumar (India), Ibragimov Doniyorbek (Uzbekistan)

75 kg Arafat Yaqoob (Bahrain), Nam Kyoungyun (Korea), Jalaal Al Rayashi (Qatar), Junil Matsusshirta (Japan), Niyazov Dilshod (Uzbekistan)

80 kg Boo Chang Soon (Korea), ark Injung (Korea), Sayad Nasralla Hashem (Bahrain ), Amit Choudhry (India), Shaolin Singh (India )

85 kg Lee Jin Ho (Korea ), M. Rajendran (India), Wahab Al Naemi (Qatar), Akulovich Vladimir (Kazakhstan), Kosimov Farruh (Uzbekistan).

90 kg Kaml Abdul Salam (Qatar), Choli Minseok (Korea), Gokul Das (India), Svetlakov Alexandr (Kazakhstan)

100 kg Sami Al Haddad (Bahrain), Kim Songkuk (Korea), Jagdish Kumar (India), Jagjit Singh (India)

+ 100 kg Raed Fuad Abdul Rahman (Bahrain), Varinder Ghuman (India), Khalid Al Dosari (Qatar)

                                              _ C. Lakshmi Kumar


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  1. Joseph Vimal Francis Says:

    great news for indian body builders… sir if you could post photos it vil be a real treat for the eyes…

  2. can u post some pictures of indian builders who participated in this competition?

  3. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Vicky,
    I have requested the authorities concerned to send me some pictures.
    I am waiting…

  4. great for india”s future………….. sir if you could post photos it vil be a real treat for the eyes…

  5. Hey, ur posts were reall Awesome, good, unique that we could not find on other sites.

    Please dont stop blogging, carry on with ur posts.

    i find that there is only 1 post in aug …. no. of posts are comin down…do post more.

  6. takeupsculpting Says:

    We are not stopping Rohit…it’s just that all of us had very hectic schedules and a BEEEEG assignment……we will continue to post more stories, that’s for sure…..and by the by, if you have been benefited by our blog, we have a very pleasant surprise coming up in Jan 2010 for friends like you.

  7. who was mr northasia in year 2009 kindly provide me the list for above 65kg weight list of winner if u have

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