Tip to get maximum muscularity

I was recently taken aback by a piece of advice given by multi-Mr. India J. Muniappan.
He told me that competitors who literally live on protein powders while getting ready for a show will not attain peak muscularity!

‘Mr. India’ J. Muniappan has proved several times onstage that he knows what he is talking about.

‘Mr. India’ J. Muniappan has proved several times onstage that he knows what he is talking about.

He explained three reasons, which, to my surprise, were endorsed by world champion trainers such as Charles Glass (‘Mr. Universe’) and Hany Rambod (FST training system founder).
1. It seems that the body has to spend a significant number of calories to break down solid food. If majority of your meals come in the form of powders, they will be absorbed very fast, thereby not giving your body a chance to expend more calories.
2. Solid food will be absorbed a bit slower than powders and hence you may not feel hungry to eat again for the next 2 to 2 ½ hours. This may not be the case with certain fast-acting protein powders. Eating too many meals, more than what your body needs, may be a stumbling block to getting ultra-ripped.
3. Certain supplements have some milk protein which may make your body hold water.

You need a solid plan to get ripped like ‘Mr. India’ Hardeep Singh.

You need a solid plan to get ripped like ‘Mr. India’ Hardeep Singh.

Should you avoid protein powders?
Certainly not…consume a fast-acting whey protein powder with some carbohydrates immediately after a workout. It should be followed by a high-protein solid meal after one hour. The rest of your meals should come only from solid food. Add plenty of amino acid tablets to your diet plan.
Try out this plan and see how your body responds.
                                                                            _ C. Lakshmi Kumar


10 Responses to “Tip to get maximum muscularity”

  1. M.V. Praveen Says:

    Dear Mr.Lakshmi,

    It is surprising that your website which contains lots of news and useful information on health and body building does not have your contact address or your gym’s address.

  2. sir,
    i’m 19,i joined at a gym 2 months ago.i workout almost 3hrs a day.my body structure is average,i mean not bulky and not skinny,just medium level.I weigh about 65kg n i’m 179cm tall.
    Now i can see that my shoulder,arms n leg muscles had improved in a good way,the problem is my chest muscles is not improving,i mean the structure of my chest is a little different.the middle part of my chest is like a little bend backwards.
    the side and lower part of the chest is just perfect,got all the flesh and muscles there but it’s size decreases when it comes to the middle part,it’s little bit bend backwards.so i’m not satisfied n i’m a bit confused what to do.
    so can you please help me?please suggest me how to clear dis problem or some workouts which is mainly concentrated to develop the middle part of the chest n i also like to gain some mass,i mean to be a little more fleshy.
    so could you please help me on these problems?

  3. sir I have many doubts in body building from the day(1999) I started working out in the gym, but gradually I found some solutions via magazines and surfing the et. But, still I’m not cleared of some doubts. It would be appreciated if u keep in touch with your readers regularly. One of my doubts is, I started taking a few supplements (STAMIN WEIGHT GAINER) when I started concentrating a lot on loosing fat without reducing size. And I got good results, but it was a slow process and I used to feel tired while doing cardio. Then I switched off to ultimate nutrition MUSCLE JUICE in which I’m satisfied. But is this the end of supplements. I want to know which supplement is good for each one’s body and mine. Since there are a lot of products in the market we r getting confused to buy them . Above all there are a lot of imported products as well, is it free from steroids can we buy them. Please let me know about this early as possible.

  4. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Peter,
    In spite of working full time with one of the leading dailies, I try to respond to all my readers. Being a competitor, training twice a day and working night shifts everyday do not give me lot of time to sit before the computer.

    As regards your questions, here are my answers :

    The best supplement to be taken, depends entirely on your goal. Weight gainer is not a good choice when your aim is to lose fat without reducing size. The best food and supplement for this goal would be whey protein isolate, glutamine, bcaa, egg whites & chicken breast
    Supplements from reputable companies are absolutely free from steroids.
    You should be smart enough to choose a supplement to best suit your goal.
    You haven’t mentioned any other details like your age, weight, training and diet routine for me to assist you further.
    Good luck.
    P.S: Despite my telling all my readers, some of them keep posting silly questions without reading the stories posted or my earlier responses to my readers. I ignore only such questions, because there is no point in responding for the n th time.

  5. i am gyming fro 3 years…i have consumed alot of whey protein but i feel pain in my knees now….i dont have a good lower body as compared to my upper body…should i stop whey proteins?

  6. Sir,I want to be shred…whenever I m getting bigger there is a lot of fat in my body and when I try to shred I loose my size..I m trying from last 3 yrs..my ht -5.10…wt-92 kg.goal-body building…now I am taking whey protein,fat burner,nitrix….please suggest me something so I can ful fill my dream of being a successful body builder.

  7. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Sagar, I have not seen your physique.So, going by your words I have to come to a conclusion…I feel you are trying to gain weight too fast by adding too many calories. This is perhaps why you put on so much fat in off-season. Ideally, you should not try to gain more than 2 kg a month. My suggestion is this – If you are gaining weight even now, cut down your calories. There are calculations to find out body fat percentage, which you can get on the Net. Find out how much is yours. Knock off that weight from your total body weight and what you get will be lean muscle weight. Calculate your basal metabolic rate for THAT lean body weight. Add the calories you expend while workouts – say, if you hit the weights hard for 1 hour a day, you will be burning around 500 calories. Add that to your BMR. What you get will be the calories you need to MAINTAIN your lean weight at the present level. Just add 200 more calories from lean proteins and go ahead with your training. You will first lose weight, but if you are not overtraining, what you lose will be predominantly fat. If you feel too tired, add another 100 calories from sources like almonds. Your body composition will gradually change. Slowly you will lose fat and replace it with lean muscle. Your supplements are pretty ok…just ensure that you dont get any fake products….and, eat the right foods. No supplement will work magic if your overall diet is insufficient in quality calories from protein, low-glycaemic index carbs and unsaturated fats.
    As far as training is concerned, do not reduce weight and perform high reps while getting ready for a show. If you stop using heavy weights, the body will get adopted to less weight by losing muscle size. Just avoid high intensity techniques while on a low carb diet. Dont push beyond failure while getting ripped. …and, do cardio even in off-season after your workouts, twice a week. While getting ready for a show, do cardio after workouts 4 to 5 times a week. My personal preference is uphill walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes. Good luck.

  8. thnx for d suggestion…..and helping me…..i will prfrm accrdingly

  9. Hello sir,
    Im 21 yrs my height 5’10 n weight 78 kg my problem is that my body contain fat arnd my stmch near my lower chest, i wrk out and my trainer says 2 wrk heavy and dnt go for cardio, i try 2 follow this bt it dsnt wrk out neither i hv loose weight nor i have gain muscularity could u hlp me how should work out to build a good physique and if i want to increase my size
    loose fat dn wat food supplement should i prefer.. Egerly waitn 4 ur reply. physique

  10. Dear Sir,

    Rahul here, I am inspired by your reply to few of the questions above. I do workout for 2 hours daily. I am 5.7 ht, 78 wt. I am average. Having biceps of 16.5 inch, solid chest and shoulder. My problem is I would like to get muscularity and not able to reduce belly fat. I would like to get six pack abs without loosing the size. I am taking Dymatize protien isolate along with fat burner. My diet includes rotis, chicken, egg whites, fruits, veggies, wheat bread, peanut butter, dry fruits and 3 liters of water.

    It will be really helpful for me if you let me know how can i get lean muscle or quality muscle along with six pack abs without loosing present muscle. My gym coach advised me to lift less weight with more repetitions to get that muscularity. Could you tell me should i go wit less weight or more weight to get lean muscle.

    Thanking you in advance and loo

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