Force stubborn muscles to grow

Pre-Exhaust Principle

This is a technique that will force stubborn muscles to grow.
Consider this hypothetical situation:
You have been working hard on Bench Presses, Incline Presses and Dips, but all you have been getting is more soreness in front part of the shoulders (anterior deltoid) and not the chest!
This means that your body recruits more muscle fibres from the deltoids, which are naturally stronger than the pectorals. You have to master a technique to make the target muscle get the lion’s share.
For that, you need to learn about two types of exercises.
Compound movements
These basic exercises, also known as multi-joint exercises, will make you use more than one joint to perform the movement. Some examples include Bench Press, Incline Press, Dips, Shoulder Press (all kinds), Squats, Leg Press, Barbell and Dumbbell Rowing, Deadlifts and Power Cleans.
Isolation movements
These are exercises in which you will be using only one joint to perform the movement.
Examples include Flyes (all kinds), Lateral Raises (all kinds), Leg Extensions, all curl movements for biceps done in a strict manner and all extension movement for triceps.
Using both
If your shoulders overpower your chest, pre-exhaust the chest by doing a set of an isolation exercise like Flye. This will fatigue only the fibres of the chest while keeping the shoulders out of the picture. Without taking a gap, perform a set of a compound movement like Bench Press. This kind of superset will force the pre-exhausted chest to recruit maximum fibres and do the major work.
This technique, called ‘Pre-Exhaust Principle,’ was invented by Robert Kennedy of Musclemag International and later acknowledged by Joe Weider.

You need to train hard and smart if you aspire a fantastic physique like ‘Mr. India’ Kiran Patil.

You need to train hard and smart if you aspire a fantastic physique like ‘Mr. India’ Kiran Patil.

Several Indian champions have also immensely benefited from it.
If you have a stubborn muscle, try this technique for a few months. It’s up to you to use it for all muscle groups or only a few.
Ensure that you avoid overtraining and too much volume (too many sets and reps), which can be counterproductive.
                                                                              _ C. Lakshmi Kumar


3 Responses to “Force stubborn muscles to grow”

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