Training for fitness

How long should a person train every day for optimum fitness?
This is a question a friend asked Lakshmi recently.
The fact remains that duration of training can be used as a measure only for cardiovascular training (known as aerobics) such as walking, cycling, jogging, swimming, etc.
However, it should be noted that if a person breezes through his cardio workout, he will be wasting his time.
Intensity factor applies not only to cardio but also weight training.
Components of fitness
Fitness has several components such as cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, speed, agility, flexibility, etc.
A fitness workout should be designed taking all these aspects into consideration – at least a little bit.

"I always put my money on training intensity," says P. Srimathy.

"I always put my money on training intensity," says P. Srimathy.


Cardio can be performed 3-5 days a week, depending on the individual.
Each muscle group should be trained through it’s full Range of Motion (RoM), for improving strength and flexibility through out the region. Muscles being trained should be properly and carefully stretched in between sets.
Core muscle groups such as the lower back, abs and stabilizer muscles should be trained using specific exercises. Certain weight training movements and drills can also be incorporated to improve agility and power.
When everything is put together, a fitness workout may stretch to about 45-50 minutes a day.
Researchers at University of Pittsburgh have said that eating clean and training for 40 minutes a day will keep any person fit and healthy for a lifetime.
                                   _ P. Srimathy


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  1. I have joined a gym for last one year, I do regular cardio and weight training, I want to reduce fat in my body and also I am not interested to develop big muscle, I am interested to have a chisel kind of body, can you please suggest me how I can go about doing it. I would also like to know whether it is advisable to consume whey protein, if it is fine to consume then I should I have take it?

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