Using treadmill for maximum fat loss

Four of my office colleagues recently purchased an imported, motorised treadmill each.
Though I am not a person who encourages buying equipment and setting up a home gym (I’ll post a separate story on this later), I feel it’s my responsibility to help such people with some instruction on achieving maximum fat loss.

Beginners programme:
If you are over 30 and have been away from intense physical activities for some years, start with 5-10 minutes of non-stop brisk walking every day for the first week. Add one minute to this cardio every day or every other day from the second week. In the next six-eight weeks you will be performing cardio for non-stop sessions of 30-40 minutes. Increase the intensity on the treadmill and ensure that you burn 250 calories every day.
Combined with a daily calorific deficit of 250 through your diet, you will shed one pound of fat every week. Performing cardio on an empty stomach facilitates maximum fat loss. 

Advanced level 1:
After some months of regular cardio, you can graduate to the next level.
Subtract your age from 220 and you will get something called Maximum Heart Rate (MHR). This indicates the number of heart beats you should achieve per minute. First walk at a slow pace for 5 minutes and get warmed up. Now, adjust the intensity on the treadmill in the following manner and keep walking:
50 % MHR for 2 minutes, 60 % MHR for 5 minutes, 75 % MHR for 15-30 minutes, 60 % MHR for 5 minutes and 50 % MHR for 2 minutes.

Advanced level 2:
This pyramided intensity cardio (for persons who have been training continuously for several months) is believed to burn 25 % more fat than normal cardio:
50 % MHR for 1 minute, 60 % MHR for 1 minute, 80 % MHR for 15 minutes, 60 %  MHR for 15 minutes, 50 %  MHR for  1 minute.

Advanced level 3:
This is known as Interval Training-style cardio. This routine is believed to burn fat, long after the session ends: 
50 % MHR 2 mins, 60 % MHR 1 min, 80 % MHR  1 min, 50 % MHR 1 min, 85 % MHR 1 min, 50 % MHR 1 min, 90 % MHR 1 min, 50 % MHR 1 min, 90 % MHR 1 min, 50 % MHR 1 min, 90 % MHR 1 min, 50 % MHR 1 min, 90 % MHR 1 min, 50 % MHR 1 min, 90 % MHR 1 min, 50 % MHR 1 min, 90 % MHR 1 min, 50 % MHR 1 min, 90 % MHR 1 min, 50 % MHR 1 min, 90 % MHR 1 min, 50 % MHR 1 min, 90 % MHR 1 min, 50 % MHR 1 min, 85 % MHR 1 min, 50 % MHR 1 min, 80 % MHR 1 min, 50 % MHR 2 min.
Note: I remember reading in Joe Weider’s FLEX magazine that a person need not measure his heart rate every minute to keep track of the intensity. Once he knows the speed that increases his heart rate to the desired level, he can adjust the speed each minute and keep going.

                                                                              _ C. Lakshmi Kumar


8 Responses to “Using treadmill for maximum fat loss”

  1. Hi, can you suggest a 12 week programme for gym regulars in the Intermediate stage of muscle building? I could use that along with a fat loss diet I have started to implement.

  2. Lakshmi Says:

    Dear Andy,
    Train each muscle group twice a week. Work chest, shoulders, and triceps on day 1 and 4; legs and abs on day 2 and 5; back, biceps and forearms on day 3 and 6.
    First perform one basic exercise in Pyramid style, 4 sets of 16, 12,10 and 8 reps. Follow that with 2 isolation movements of 3 sets each of 12-15 reps, taking only 30-40 seconds rest between sets. Use the same weight (moderate and not light) on all these sets. When you are easily able to do 15 reps, slightly increase the weight.
    This is only for bigger muscle groups like legs, chest and back. For smaller muscles like arms, perform only one basic movement of 4 sets in Pyramid style. That is plenty.
    For shoulders, perform one basic press movement 3 sets in Pyramid style and two isolation movements for the side and rear heads, 3 sets of 12-15 reps each.
    Perform only 3 exercises for abs (one for the lower region, one for the upper and one for the obliques) 3 sets of 15-20 reps each.
    Cardio can be done in the mornings on an empty stomach, 2-5 days depending on your body fat levels.
    These are some general guidelines.
    Listen to your body and make necessary changes.
    Good Luck.

  3. In the above said style of training, is it necessary to use only a treadmill? Will an exercise cycle give the same result? And is this technique based only on the MHR?

  4. takeupsculpting Says:

    It should work fine on any piece of cardio equipment. Because, whatever machine you use, it’s the heart rate that determines the effectiveness of the cardio.
    Keep going.

  5. k ravi teja Says:

    hi sir i am 23 can i start gym from now is it the ideal stage? and if yes can u tell me some basic things after entering the gym that is how to start with ?what exercise etc….and i am a pure veggie . thanking u

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    However, what concerning the conclusion? Are
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