Mr. Chennai 2009 is on May 24

Mr. Chennai 2009 Competition is being organised by R. Murali of Allan Fitness Centre, Chennai 19, on May 24.
Venue:  Ganga Cauvery Marriage Hall, 49, T.H. Road, Rajakadai, Chennai 19
Day and date: Sunday, May 24
Weigh-in: May 23, Saturday, 4 p.m., at Allan Fitness Centre, 948, T.H. Road, Chennai 19
Weight categories: 8 classes
                              (55,60,65,70,75,80, 85, 90 +)
Based on individual performance, competitors will be chosen for Classic Mr. Tamil Nadu 2009.
The State meet will be held in Coimbatore on May 30, 31.

For details, please contact:
T.K. Gurunathan, working president (9444243060)
K. Suresh, general secretary (9841114045)
R. Murali (9884233565)

                                  _ C. Lakshmi Kumar


8 Responses to “Mr. Chennai 2009 is on May 24”

  1. sir,
    I am 19 year old 5″7 tall and 65 kg and have started going to the gym from last two months. i want to know what will be my ideal workout and diet plan?

  2. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Sujeet,
    there is a story on building muscle and losing fat in the ‘Training’ category of this blog. It was written by Srimathy and myself.
    Please read it. There will be a four-day-a-week workout routine in that story. You can start with that.
    I think you will be a little smooth for your weight. So you can also do some cardio 2-3 days a week.
    That story has guidance on that as well.
    There will be diet plans in that story, both to gain weight or lose weight.
    First, take a good look at your body…if you feel you have to lose several ‘spare tyres’ (fat) around your waist and chubby look, go for a fat loss diet.
    If your body fat levels are quite ok and you are only slightly soft, then you can start with a weight gain diet too, nothing worng.
    There is a separate story in the ‘Training’ section under the heading ‘Shape up, lose fat and get muscular.’ It has a diet to burn maximum fat. Read it…it will show you how that kind of diet should look like. But, fat loss diets should not be followed for more than 3 months at a stretch. Any person should then slightly increase carbohydrates and calories.

    Start training and eating properly….always use mind-muscle link and feel every inch of the movement work only the target muscle.
    Don’t think about ‘lifting’ the weight from point A to point B. Mind-muscle link alone will ensure success.
    Keep in touch.
    Good Luck.

  3. hello sir,
    i started visiting ur blog recently and i hav to admit that this is the best blog on weight training i have come across…hence im sure that ur the right person to answer some of the queries i have on the same issue…
    iam 21 yrs old,6’0 feet tall n weigh 60kg(quite skinny).i hav been going to gym for d past one month for weight gain…please provide me a diet chart for weight gain…also recommended wut supplements i should be taking…im quite confused as some ppl recommend creatine whereas others ask me to take whey protein n some recommend both together….
    thank u n hav a nice day

  4. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Tousif,

    There is a story titled “Building muscle and losing fat” in the ‘Training’ category of this blog. Please read it. There will be a three-day-a-week workout routine in that story. I think for your height, you weigh too less and so you can start with that.
    There will be diet plans in that story, to gain weight . You can follow that.
    I would not recommend creatine for a rank beginner. Get enough protein from wholesome food. Apart from that, take 2 servings (30 gms each) of whey protein. Have one serving one hour before workout with a small banana and a glass of milk and another serving immediately after workout with a banana and milk. One hour after this initial post-workout meal have a solid meal which includes chicken breasts or egg whites, wheat products and salad.
    Do not forget mind-muscle link if you are serious about results.

    Keep reading all stories I post.

    Good Luck.

  5. Hello Sir,
    When will you update this site regarding recent Mr Chennai 2009 and Mr Tamilnadu classic 2009

  6. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Nagarajan,
    I was in Coimbatore and then went to Thrissur for two days to meet Mr. Basheer.
    I came back only on Wednesday but had a couple of meetings with Mr. Muniappan and others.
    My leave ends and I am joining office today (Thursday).
    I have got pics of Mr. Chennai but am yet to receive State meet photos.
    I have to personally write the stories because other members of Team Masters are unable to even breathe owing to pressure at their office.
    Pl. give me some time … maybe within a week I’ll update it for sure.
    Thanks for your support

  7. Hello Sir,
    Thanks for replying me. I am eagerly waiting to see the pictures of Mr Chennai classic 2009 and Mr Tamilnadu classic 2009. And for Your information I am the person who secured 1st prize in this recent Mr Chennai 2009 and 4th prize in Mr Tamilnadu classic, in 55Kg category. I also like to thank the entire chennai team for their greater support. I also have some soft copies of the photos taken during those competitions.

  8. sir,
    I am 22 years old , 5.6′ tall, 58kgs. I am basically from chennai. Do i need to be more taller to participate in Mr.chennai contest, is there any possibility where i can grow taller? if yes, kindly suggest me how. Also suggest me an ideal work out and diet plan (am non vegetarian), to become more fit to be eligible to take part in mr.chennai. Waiting for your reply.
    Thank you.


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