Fruits and fat loss

I am dismayed by the current fitness industry scenario where several topsy-turvy ‘instructions’ are passed on to trainees as if they were gospel. One of them is promoting the extensive use of fruits and juices in fat loss diets, especially for women. Science says that insulin manipulation is very vital to trigger fat loss. If your insulin output skyrockets and then plummets, the unstable blood sugar level may lead to undesirable effects such as food craving. This may, in turn, lead to consumption of more food. Erratic insulin output also blunts the effect of fat-burning natural hormones. Controlling insulin has been proven to aid in fat loss.

Does it mean ‘no fruits’?

Women can certainly take a few pieces of fruit every day, but not juice. A whole fruit may have fibre, which may slightly reduce the speed at which the carbohydrates in the fruit are being utilised by the body. This may help to control insulin output. But, a glass of juice may have two or even three fruits squeezed into it, which means more carbohydrates and almost no fibre. This beverage is more like sugar syrup!

Another vital thing to note is that many women drink juice right after a session of cardio! An intense cardio session will help the body to burn fat for about two hours after the workout. Now, just think about the mistake of loading the system with sugars and playing with insulin when fat loss process should be maintained in top gear!

That over 95 per cent of women (except some models and athletes) do not perform intense cardio or weight training is another irony.


Srimathy practices what she preaches.

Srimathy practices what she preaches.

How to lose  fat?

Slightly restrict overall calories consumed in a day, based on expenditure. Consume enough amount of top class protein. Do not gorge on fruits or juices. Eat more of fibrous vegetables and a couple of pieces of fruit a day. Have those pieces after an intense weight training session with whey protein. Work hard on weight training as well to increase lean muscle and metabolism. Your transformation will be stunning.

                                                          _ P. Srimathy


3 Responses to “Fruits and fat loss”

  1. Really a nice review on the importance of fruits in fat loss.

  2. according to my hight to weight ratio in need to reduce 10kg more and planing to use fat burner (ANIMAL CUT) i do cardio in the morning and train in gym , advice me in that

  3. Dear Hari,
    first get your diet plan right…..start training right…….supplements come only after all that. …..
    I don’t buy this height-weight thing always because if a person carries more lean, fat-free muscle, he may be heavier than what is given in the height-weight chart…….
    For example, I have a body fat percentage of 9 with my abs clearly visible…….but at a height of 172 cm, I weight 74 kg, which some people say is overweight….so, it may differ from case to case, you see….

    And, as regards advice, there are enough stories on this blog about diets, weight loss and training…please refer to those stories.

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