Fat loss diet for vegetarians

"I have successfully experimented with such diet plans," says a smiling Murali Vijaykumar

"I have successfully experimented with such diet plans," says a smiling Murali Vijaykumar

Sometime back we received a request from a person who wanted a diet plan for fat loss. But, he didn’t want to consume egg whites, lean cuts of meat or fish.
Lakshmi Kumar entrusted the task of making such a diet to me.
I have outlined one such plan here.
As I have had the experience of training for fat loss using such a diet plan myself, I can say for sure that this is how it can be made.
Make changes according to your workout time, body weight, work schedule and needs.
Diet plan:

6 am:  30 gm whey protein, 1 glass skimmed milk
7 to 7.45 am: Cardio 3-5 days a week
8 am:  50gm of green sprouts + 2 wheat dosas
11 am:  50 gm of soy
2 pm:    2 chapattis + 100 gm of dal + vegetable salad, 1 multi-itamin/multi-mineral capsule
5 pm:   2 glasses of skim milk , 3 slices of whole wheat bread, 500 mg of vitamin C
6: 30 to 7: 30 pm:  Workout
7:35 pm: 30 gm of whey , 1 banana
8.30 pm:  35-40 gm of protein mixed in a glass of skim milk, 1 plate vegetable salad

                                                  _ Murali Vijaykumar


7 Responses to “Fat loss diet for vegetarians”

  1. conquermind Says:

    this is wht i was expecting, tnks Murali bhai


  2. Thank Lakshmi Bhai for setting up such a forum for us bro..

    I am honored.


  3. Hi Lakshmi/Murali….
    Thanks a ton for formulating such a wonderful diet menu for vegetarians. That too with food items easily available in stores. I need couple of clarifications on this, though. Is this an ideal menu a person working out can stick to, for a long time? When you say “35-40 gm of protein mixed in a glass of skim milk”, what does it mean? What kinda protein do you refer to? Again, whey? or are their any other forms that are available? few more tips can be helpful….. Thanks a lot in advance!

  4. Hi Aravind,

    We are happy that our story helped gave you food for your thought……

    Is this an ideal menu a person working out can stick to, for a long time?
    >> NO
    Your body is different every month. For example when you are trying to gain muscle and weight you will be 65kgs this month and you will be 67 kgs next month. You need to make modifications in your diet such that you eat extra calories in order to maintain or further increase the weight further.
    And one more reason is “food allergy” If you eat same meal day in and day out for a couple of months you will not be motivated to eat the same kind of food again.
    As god has given us seasons, we can use seasonal food to bring in quality to our diet.

    BASIC THUMB RULE: Eat protein in each meal. As a vegan, one food item does not provide all amino acids. So make your meal more colorful by adding variety of food sources. (More color you add in your diet – more vitamins and aminos you introduce to your body) By color i mean the color of the food items and not any coloring agent….

    What kinda protein do you refer to?
    >> Preferably whey

    Whey is the closest protein available to human kind which resembles the composition of mothers milk. 60% of mothers milk is whey.. No wonder why baby feeding on its mom’s milk grow faster….
    to kick in variety you can add any kind of protein powders but whey preferably…



  5. kevin george Says:

    hi iam kevin me working in a hospital admininstration so i am not able to have the split diet plan. can you make me a diet plan ,i have work from 9.00am to 8.00pm.

  6. hi Kevin,

    There are bodybuilders who have full time jobs and are in professions like construction, practicing medicine, lawyers etc… All these people take their meals from home. They wake up early, prepare and pack their meals and leave to the office.

    So if you want something more than a normal person, you need to work a little more towards it. so put up the extra effort and you will be able to make it


    For Team Masters,
    Beast under construction,

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