Big biceps – ‘Mr. India’ training

Championship training routines have a huge fan following.
But, up-and-coming bodybuilders always believe that big champions have secret exercises or use special supplements or designer drugs.
This is all garbage.
Listen to what ‘Mr. India’ N. Mohammed Abdullah and Federation Cup winner K. Gopinath say:
“We have been training sensibly for some years and that has brought us success. We learnt the science of training from the best bodybuilding magazine, ‘Bodybuilding Master’ (Tamil), and people like you. We know that overtraining should be avoided at all costs. We train arms once a week during off-season. Our current routine has only three exercises for biceps and two for forearms – all performed using the Pyramid Principle. We take each set to failure. We do not count the reps on the first two sets. The last set will be done with a heavy weight that allows us to get 6-8 strict reps. The weight selection will vary depending on how strong we feel that particular day. A trainee cannot use the same monstrous weight every workout. Factors such as diet, rest, sleep, physical stress, and family pressure lead to difference in strength output every workout. We may help each other a little bit to move the weight if it gets stuck midway. But, we do not use the Cheating Principle.
Our goal is to get bigger every year, in all muscle groups. That increase in lean muscle mass all over the body has helped us to pack on size in the arms. This is all any bodybuilder needs to do to build big biceps.”

"There are no secrets," says 'Mr. India' Mohammed Abdullah.

"There are no secrets," says 'Mr. India' Mohammed Abdullah.

Abdullah’s current routine
Barbell Curl 3 sets, Cable Preacher Curl 3 sets, Incline Dumbbell Curl 3 sets, Machine Wrist Curl 3 sets, Machine Reverse Wrist Curl 2 sets

"Avoid overtraining," says Gopinath.

"Avoid overtraining," says Gopinath.

Gopi’s current routine
Barbell Curl 3 sets, Cable Preacher Curl 3 sets, Standing Dumbbell Curl 3 sets, Machine Wrist Curl 3 sets, Machine Reverse Wrist Curl 2 sets
Tailpiece: Talking about training and Team Masters, the ‘dynamite duo’ asked when Mutruza Rasheed would go onstage again. As soon as I told them that it would happen this year-end, they said, “Give us his structure and balance. We will win ‘Mr. India’ for several years in a row.”
You hear that Murtu?
                                                  _ C. Lakshmi Kumar


6 Responses to “Big biceps – ‘Mr. India’ training”

  1. I certainly enjoy reading this blog, Thankyou

  2. Hi nice blog 🙂 I can see a lot of effort has been put in.

  3. Neeraj Kumar Says:

    Hello Sir! I am very fond of Bodybuilding.I have joined the gym and worked out for 5 years , but these days I am very busy and have no time for excersise.What should I do?Please email me

  4. takeupsculpting Says:

    If you need something very badly, you will somehow squeeze out time, I have seen so many people do this….I work on night shifts every day….I trained twice a day for my competitions, did cardio (stair climbing) after coming home at 1.30 a.m. , prepared all my meals and went to work.
    I started competing very late and am still training for more competitions and improvine every meet….I am not a very big champion or anything like that….
    I don’t make any money out of all this…..It’s just the love for the sport…..If I can do something like this, you can at least try……
    If you can’t even train, then I am not a magician to give you a magic potion that would turn into into a great bodybuilder….
    We should learn to somehow balance things like we strive for balanced development in our body…that’s what the sport should teach us.

  5. Hi,
    Could you please guide the step by step approach for good shape of hands(Bicep,tricep and curl) ,chect and stomach.

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