Weight training helps to heal injuries!

I have met several persons at the gym who have argued that weight training causes severe injuries. The fact, however, is that weight training not only is the safest form of exercise (if done properly) but also helps in healing of injuries!
Researchers at Ohio University conducted a study using test subjects in the 55-77 age group. Some subjects were made to perform cardio three days a week and weight training another three days.
Subjects belonging to another group were not given exercises.
After a month, the scientists made a small injury (1/8 of an inch) behind the arm of all test subjects and continued their observation. The injury on those who did not train with weights healed completely after 39 days while it took only 29 days to heal on the persons who worked out!

This is no personal hypothesis, I like to stress. I have worked with clients who have had injuries and seen the benefits of weight training in rehabilitation.
However, it’s imperative that people learn about exercises, what movements to avoid and what it all does before buying a fitness package at a huge health centre.
Keep yourself well-informed and do not allow anybody  to exploit you.
_ Murtuza Rasheed


3 Responses to “Weight training helps to heal injuries!”

  1. absolutely true, depends on how tactfully the injury is managed muscle mass and structural integrity concerns addressed.
    Focussing on negative/controlled eccentrics heal a lot of injuries.

  2. sandeep karandikar Says:

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  3. takeupsculpting Says:

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