Mr. India 2009


Jayaprakash of Services team, competing in the 100 + kg category, won the overall title at the ‘Mr. India’ senior National bodybuilding championship held at Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata, on Sunday.
V. Jaya Kumar of Railways won the title in 100 kg category. He beat the incredible Murali Kumar of Services (last year’s winner).
Railways and Services each had 4 gold medal winners. However, Railways bagged the Team Championship award for picking up more points (140 vs. 128!).
Here is how the players finished in top 3 in each class:
55kg category: 1. Rahul Salukhe (Railways) 2. Sripal Reddy (Railways); 3. Jagatjyoti Chakraborty (Bengal)
60kg: 1. Daljit Singh (Punjab); 2. Y. Kunj Kishore; 3. Anup Prem Kumar (Railways)
65kg: 1. Romi Singh (Services); 2. K. Balamurugan (Railways); 3. Mohammad Abdullah (Services)
70kg: 1. V. Jayaprakash (Railways); 2. R. Nayak (Services); 3. Aniruddh Chatterjee (U.P.)
75kg: Bhakta Kumar (Services); 2. P. Ranjit Kumar (Railways); 3. Ashim Banerjee (Orissa)
80kg: E.G. Byju (Services); 2. P.P. Sameer (Railways); 3. M. Shalin
85kg: 1. Amit Choudhury (U.P.); 2. S. Aneesh Raj (Kerala); 3. Anand Kumar (Services)
90kg: 1. Kiran Patil (Railways); 2. Prasad Kumar (Services); 3. Prashant Salunkhe (Maharashtra) 
100kg: 1. V. Jaya Kumar (Railways); 2. Murali Kumar (Services); 3. Wasim (Delhi)
 Over-100kg: 1. Jayaprakash (Services); 2. Varinder Ghuman (Punjab); 3. Sagar Kate 
PS: I received information over telephone that several big names didn’t compete in this show.
I have also requested some of the authorities concerned to get me photographs of the contestants and the show. If they are kind enough to send me the pictures, I will immediately post it on this blog.
                                                                     _ C. Lakshmi Kumar

Here are some photos of a couple of competitors a few friends sent me recently:

Kiran Patil, who beat the incredible Prasad Kumar

Kiran Patil, who beat the incredible Prasad Kumar

Asim Banerjee, bronze medallist from Orissa.

Asim Banerjee, bronze medallist from Orissa.

 Iam extremely thankful to multi-Mr.India V.M. Basheer and his son Sultan Basheer for giving me photographs of this Nationals.
I take this opportunity to once again say that Iam always indebted to them for encouraging me in my mission of promoting the sport of bodybuilding in India.

Side chest comparison for 65-kg class

Side chest comparison for 65-kg class

Abdullah (left) and Heeralal compare front lats

Abdullah (right) and Heeralal (centre) compare front lats

Romi Singh hits a triceps pose

Romi Singh hits a triceps pose

Romi Singh (left), Heeralal (second from right) and Abdullah (right) hit front biceps pose

Romi Singh (left), Heeralal (second from right) and Abdullah (right) hit front biceps pose

Bhakta Kumar's incredible most muscular pose

Bhakta Kumar's incredible most muscular pose

Ranjith Kumar (second from left) and Bhakta Kumar (right) flash an arm pose

Ranjith Kumar (second from left) and Bhakta Kumar (right) flash an arm pose

Jayaprakash (left) and Meenakshi Sundaram (second from left) display their arms

Jayaprakash (left) and Meenakshi Sundaram (second from left) display their arms

Amit Choudhry (right) shows his chest development

Amit Choudhry (right) shows his chest development

Byju was dominating the 80-kg class

Byju was dominating the 80-kg class

Daljit Singh wins 60-kg class

Daljit Singh wins 60-kg class

Jayakumar(left) and Murali Kumar (second from left) go for a fight

Jayakumar(left) and Murali Kumar (second from left) go for a fight

Kiran Patil and Prasad Kumar compare biceps

Kiran Patil and Prasad Kumar compare biceps



32 Responses to “Mr. India 2009”

  1. That’s awesome. Can’t wait for the photos.

  2. pls put all photos.. it motivates people like me sir

  3. Pradeep Purohit Says:

    You have not posted photos of Mr.India of all catogaries (weightwise). I was expecting that.

  4. takeupsculpting Says:

    My friend, it’s very clear that you did not read the post-script I had written.
    Read it again.
    I had recently answered another reader about how people show least interest in giving us photographs.
    I request you to read that as well.
    Believe it or not, I am still trying to get photos of ‘Federation Cup’ and ‘Jr. Mr. Tamil Nadu’ shows, even now, months after they were conducted!
    Can you believe this????

  5. This is one of the special post for me…….as my friend Ashim Banerjee (75kg Category) made it for the first time to the Bronze . I am really happy and more than everything . He is one of the dedicated buddy i have seen in my life. The guy is really an aspect to his future. He was not in the top 10 even Last Year……..and he is the Bronze winner this time….just amazing. Thanks for the post. I really am happy Sir for your contribution to the bodybuilding informations through ur blog. Thanks a lot.

  6. takeupsculpting Says:

    Thanks Somnath,
    If you can, pl. ask you friend to e-mail me his pics and training and diet information on how he improved so much in one year.
    We can carry that story on this blog too.
    This is a dias for promoting the health benefits of weight training and also our hard-working iron warriors.

  7. Its good that Romi Singh in 65 kgs and Bhaktakumar in 75 kgs, retained their titles. While Y.Kunjakishore in 65 kgs. got 2nd position for first time. They are all from Manipur and doing the state proud. Bhaktakumar and Romi Singh have become so strong in their respective weight categories. What about other competitors from Manipur and Assam? Did they get any place in Top 5 ? I mention some names:- Y.Varun, Pritam, A.Boby Singh, Bijit Gogoi, M.Romio, Shyam Sharma.
    Prasad Kumar and Murali must be a little out of condition. Or maybe the young bodybuilders like Kiran Patil, Jayakumar and Jayaprakash must have improved. Jayaprakash has tremendous structure and good potential. Also nice that E.Baiju has come back with a bang. Vitender didnt participate ??

  8. What is the reason that Ankur Sharma gets top position in many national level prize money bodybuilding championships but do not win the Mr. India title? Is it that he maintains form all year round while the others peak for Mr. India only? Ankur has nice chest and full arms, with a smaller bone structure which makes him look beautiful. Maybe his structure is not making him win, when the others come shredded and well prepared. Rex Verghese has also very good thighs and hard upper body, but never won the title.

  9. Thanks to Training Masters. You are the first to bring out the news of Mr. India. Why the others are not publishing news or pictures about the top bodybuilding competition in India even after so many days.

  10. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Pradip,
    you seem to be a very ardent follower of Indian bodybuilding scene!
    However, I don’t agree with some of your reviews about certain champions.
    I’ll post a story soon on why bodybuilding is still lacking mainstream attention. We, at Team Masters, are trying our best to
    help our champions and the sport we love so much.
    Stay in touch.
    And….. if you are a competitor, all the best for your training brother……..and if you aren’t one yet, I would say start training like one now.
    I don’t know your age…but, ours is a sport where even a person like the legendary Ed Corney can start at the age of 33 or so and win a world championship (Mr. Universe) at over 40.
    All the best.
    PS: If I had not mistaken, Rex has won Mr. India held at Nellore in 2007.

  11. Thanks for the reply. I had like to mention that I did participate in the Nationals earlier and missed a position in Top 5 by a small margin. Also won in State and zonal competitions.

    Did Rex win the Mr.India overall title? He deserves it. And a correction to my earlier post , Ankur has also won the overall title in 2006.

    Nowadays, we are having so many Mr. India competitions in the same year. Like for example last year Vitender won the title in Meerut. And another one was held in Aurangabad (Maharashtra) on June 21. Some competitors are joining both competitions and winning. Also another Mr. India competition was held Mr. Hindustan from which the team for ESPN Musclemania Mr. Universe (Amateur) was selected, and many Indians have won position there. Gautam Kalita from Assam won the Mr.Universe title in 2007 in that competition in bantam weight. . There seems to be different bodies and associations and rivalry. Another competition The Bharat Shree (Mr. India) which is held on height basis.

    Sir, I agree that Bodybuilding is a sport where competitors can win after 30. In fact Ronnie Coleman, won the Olympia when he was over 40. Bodybuilders usually peak in their mid 30s, unlike other sports. And Frank Zane is still in marvellous shape at 65 years. Our own Manohar Aich (Mr.Universe) maintains his figure well even in his 90s.

  12. what about the competition held at Varanasi 9 april-12 april
    south asia body building championship

  13. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear friend,
    there have problems with Asian Body Building Federation (under Datuk Paul Chua) and International Federation of Body Builders (founded by Ben Weider and now under president Rafael Santonja).
    I am unable to say anything more as I myself need details as to why so many things happened.
    I was told that bodybuilders who are under the Indian Body Building Federation affiliated to Ben Weider-founded IFBB have not participated in this South Asia meet.
    I was waiting to meet some high officials of the federation to get more information to share with my friends.
    As I could not meet them until April 17, I am forced to post this response.
    Thanks for supporting me.

  14. I found very informative. The article is professionally written and I feel like the author knows the subject very well. keep it that way.

  15. What happnd to Prasad Kumar s right upper arms ?
    Did some one notice ?

  16. Why do most of the guys look photoshopped?

  17. takeupsculpting Says:

    I don’t understand what you mean ‘photoshopped’!
    Assuming that you refer to clarity of the subjects compared to the backdrop or something…..well…..I am sorry to say that bodybuilding contests are not part of mainstream sports where lensmen from Reuters, AFP or AP lineup and keep clicking to send the best of pictures to their subscribers.
    We, bodybuilders, have to shoot with whatever cameras we have, and later, brighten the digital images before publishing them.
    All these may affect the quality of the image as we are not experts in photography.
    To know how good these champs really look (if at all a person is naive and wonders whether someone is pulling his leg), one has to visit such shows to see the competitors in flesh and blood.
    The rippling muscles of these top physiquemen IS sure to shock them out of their skin!

  18. Bikram Ngangom Says:

    Keep it up guys….
    i would like to know if Sanayaima from Manipur is one of the knowned Bodybuilder……. if you can help…
    Thank you..

  19. takeupsculpting Says:

    If I remember correct, he beat Prasad Kumar for the overall Mr. India title in 2002. He is also a good friend of Mr. India Bobby ‘Singh’ Meiti of Railways, that was what I was told.
    I don’t have any other information about him right now.
    very sorry boss.

  20. Hi, very good, nice photographs. Ther is many body building competion held in India but very few get good publicity, i dont know who upload this photographs but realy good work guys we need to do lots a work on this sports ,

  21. ashok devadiga Says:

    this r the real men it is done by hard work not by money i luv this sport 2 much.a country like people r running for their 1 day meal and their is no scope for such type of sports.then also people r behind it to keep the glory of boby building alive in country keep it up ur the real sportperson

  22. […] The busiest day of the year was December 17th with 595 views. The most popular post that day was Mr. India 2009. […]

  23. karthik Says:

    reli dese guys re very passionate towards deir body, hats off

  24. i am nandhu from hyderabad i have si interest in body buling show compitision and i am doing indian gym i have also little body . i want to participate body buliding champion show

  25. Abhishek purkait Says:

    I am also a bodybuilder. I participated some competetions. But its very difficult for me to know about the dates of competetions because of communication problems. I live in D.Harbour. Sir. Pls tell me how can I get the ioformations of competetions early? I WANT TO COMPETE THE SHOWS THATS HELD IN KOLKATA.

  26. Excellent blog post. I definitely love this website. Keep writing!

  27. dr vijay patil ,vice -president nasik district bodybuilding association mob-09422758507 Says:

    you are invited for jai bajarang shree 2012 manmad dt nashik on 27th may2012 at 5pm for special invitee show of body building

  28. rahul rakhshe Says:

    my uncle training a kiran patil

  29. chandan ghosh Says:

    im chandan ghosh an upcoming bodybuilder…very passionate n desperate for bodybuilding……i hav been representing myself for west bengal in many competitions n hav secured good i want 2represent india at higher level competitions n proper guidance may prove fruitful…so im in search of any renowned bodybuilders who would train me,plz mail into my facebook a/

  30. It’s difficult to find educated people on this subject, but you seem like you know what you’re talking about!

  31. sanjay kushwah Says:

    India bodybuilding is not progress , India bodybuilder isn’t good price in cash amount plz India bodybuilding good cash prize winner & good feshaleti

  32. pankaj kakati Says:

    this is very useful for us we found motivation from here..

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