Delicious high-protein energy snack

"You'll love this," says 'Mr. India' Mohammed Abdullah.

"You'll love this," says Mr. India Mohammed Abdullah.

Mouth-watering treats, tasty puddings, yummy cakes and delicious ice creams are always a no-no for fitness freaks.
If you are a hard-training athlete or sportsperson and conscious about eating quality food, here is a high-protein, high-carbohydrate recipe that won’t hurt your taste buds.
‘Mr. India’ Mohammed Abdullah says that this is his favourite pre-workout and post-workout snack.
Take a cooking pan and pour in a glass (180-200 ml) of water. Add 30 gm of skimmed milk powder, 30 gm of oats and 2 egg whites to it. Maintain the stove on ‘sim’ and keep stirring the mixture. Ensure that the flame is always low. After a while, add 3-4 teaspoon of dates syrup. Abdullah prefers pieces of deseeded ‘Iranian dates.’
You may also add raisins and almonds to improve taste. Keep stirring until the mixture become thick like pudding.
Transfer the contents to a bowl and allow it to cool down for about half an hour. Your tasty, nutritious pudding is ready.
Abdullah cooks it so well that when the mixture cools down, he gets a kind of cake. He cuts it into two pieces and has one piece about an hour before workout and another with his protein powder immediately after workout.
Members of Team Masters will try to offer more such recipes in the future.
Note: If you are particular about calculating protein, carbohydrate and fat intake, refer to the labels on the packets and jot down the values. A large egg white will provide 3.5 gm of protein and no fat or carbohydrate.
Do the math once and you will always know how much macronutrients you will get when you add more ingredients to get larger serving.
_ Srimathy


3 Responses to “Delicious high-protein energy snack”

  1. Great recipe will try it ….thanx srimathy &Mohammed abdullah..expecting more such recipes ..


  2. Ravi Kumar Says:

    Nice recipe, tx. Pls do post more.


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