Weight training improves health

You may often hear that weight training affects heart health. Is it true, you may ask?
Here is what experts at American Heart Association stated in one of their conventions.
“Weight training, along with cardiovascular training (such as brisk walking, cycling, swimming, etc.), has a major role in preventing heart disease. But for those who have suffered very serious damage to the heart, all others, even those who have had a heart attack, can train with weights under the careful supervision of an expert trainer. However, such persons should avoid certain exercises.
Cardiac rehabilitation
“Proper weight training can be effectively used for cardiac rehabilitation. Weight training builds [based on the type of workouts and the calories consumed] or maintains lean muscles at the expense of burning body fat. This helps to maintain a person’s metabolic rate.
Glucose metabolism
“It improves glucose metabolism, which prevents the onset of diabetes.” Those who are already suffering from the condition can also use their workouts to improve the quality of their lives, say expert trainers.
Fights high BPCardiologists have said in the medical journal, ‘Hypertension,’ weight training, if sensibly used, helps to fight high blood pressure.
George Kelly of the University of Northern Illinois says that his study involving people with high blood pressure proved this point. At the end of three months, the test subjects showed a 2 % decrease in systolic blood pressure and 4 % decrease in diastolic pressure.
Who should avoidHowever, he says that those who suffer from congestive heart failure and unstable angina should stay away from weight training.
In general, any common man can immensely benefit from 3 weight training workouts and 3 cardiovascular workouts every week.
_ C. Lakshmi Kumar


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