Indians can be world champion bodybuilders


You can be the next Indian champion to win international glory after Prem Chand Degra.

February 23, 2009 is a very special day for all Indians.
Watching music maestro A.R. Rahman win a couple of Oscars was unbelievable.… No, no, no, I don’t mean that the genius got a gift…It was just awesome to realise that an Indian was king of the world!!!
It’s not that an Indian will not be given an Oscar.
Rahman’s triumph, especially being a Tamilian, is still more a news to jump with joy because he has broken a myth that talent from the south will be put down.
 The change of trend, if at all had there been one, is fantastic news.
And…as regards bodybuilding, there definitely is a change in the trend with Dexter Jackson wining Mr. Olympia over Jay Cutler, Phil Heath and Dennis Wolf.  You don’t need not be a monster to win..…and the reigning champ, whoever be it, can be knocked out.

With the introduction of under-200 pound class at the Olympia (202), naturally-smaller persons like those from West Asia and India have an opportunity to be world champions.
I have to accept that there has not been much support from sponsors or some authorities concerned to ‘father’ our sons of soil. But, that should not put out the fire of our champions.
I would just like to say a few things to all my brothers who crave for bigger titles and international glory….
1. Stop blaming your coaches or instructors for their mistakes of not helping you, knowingly or unknowingly.
2. Realise that you have a lot more to learn about the science of training, nutrition and the tricks of the trade that are so professionally handled by freaky pro bodybuilders of the United States.
3. If any person offers you sensible, scientific information, grab it. Retain it in your memory and use it sensibly.
4. Read, read and read more about training, nutrition, special aids…or just whatever you need, to go places. Never feel that you have already learnt enough or that your coach alone will tell you what to do when it is time. Remember the old saying, ‘God helps only those who help themselves.’
5. Never entertain negative thoughts.
6. Do not dream of winning Mr. Olympia…..but wait a minute, there still may be one among millions of Indians, at least one, who may be a genetic marvel and is very much capable of winning it. Dream big and keep working for it and keep learning every day and every second.
7. Indians have the most pleasing physique frames and facial looks. Someday, your name can be mentioned along with legends such as Frank Zane, Samir Bannout, Mohammed Makkaway or Lee Labrada.
Sooner or later, good-hearted sponsors who are ready to take good care of you and nurture your dreams will appear in the bodybuilding scene.
Be confident that anything is possible…things are changing and there are so many changes that are extremely thrilling.
You can be the next Indian to get world glory.
Yes, Indians can be world champion bodybuilders and contenders for even the biggest title like Mr. Olympia.
Go for it. 
                                                   _ C. Lakshmi Kumar


5 Responses to “Indians can be world champion bodybuilders”

  1. i read ur blog sir its open and true in body building world…
    doing gym workout how we manage our daily foods.explane me sir

  2. dead alive Says:

    so true….. a long journey starts with one small step…. one should never loose grip on his dreamz and fight just to keep them alive….

  3. that was truly inspiring and motivational piece of article ..keep up the good work guys…

  4. Nagarajan N Says:

    “Dream big and keep working for it and keep learning every day and every second”, what a powerful writing sir! truly motivating

  5. Nagarajan N Says:

    Lakshmi Kumar Sir!, That was truly motivating. And I like the quote, ‘God helps only those who help themselves.’

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