Pyramid Principle builds muscle

This is the most basic technique that can be used by beginners, intermediate trainees and professional bodybuilding champions.

It instructs a trainee to perform the first set with a light weight (say 12 or 15 repetitions), the second set with a slightly heavier weight (about 10 reps), the third with a little more weight (about 8 reps) and the fourth with the heaviest possible weight (what that particular person can handle in textbook form for about 6 reps).

By gradually increasing the poundage set after set, the trainee can thoroughly warm-up his muscles before he begins to handle a very heavy weight.

This principle helps to keep injuries at bay.

As a person gains more strength, he should progressively add weights to his sets. This constantly challenges the target muscle and makes it to work harder.

When incorporated into a well-structured training routine and combined with enough rest and good nutrition (including food supplements), this principle can build a lot of muscle.

_ C. Lakshmi Kumar

Even multi-Mr. India Vitender Singh Pawar will be using this principle.

Even multi-Mr. India Vitender Singh Pawar will be using this principle.


9 Responses to “Pyramid Principle builds muscle”

  1. sir,
    i want to take trainig with the help through net so ple guid me please.
    your faithfully

  2. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear avinash,
    I don’t understand when you say ‘help.’ In what way do you think I can help?
    Please clarify.
    I can make training routines, diet plans etc….but I need details about what you want to achieve, your age, height, weight, general lifestyle, vices, how many hours you sleep every night, if you have any health problems…….And if you have already been working out, you have to tell me what routine you have been doing, what all exercises, how many sets, reps, what results have you seen so far, how long have you been doing this routine and how long have you been training altogether.
    I need all these details to offer the right suggestions.
    I also offer personal training.
    Send details to my mail ID.

  3. Hello friend I’m senthil working in a IT concern.
    Achieve : a good structure,well build ed muscles not like body builders but a normal muscles like six packs and nice bicep structure……
    Age : 21 yrs
    Height : 154 cms
    Weight : 70 kgs
    General lifestyle : I was a basket ball player,i stopped playing
    Sleeping hours : 5 hrs
    Health problem : Morning sickness

    Y I’m working out for the past 6 months…….without any instruction…….
    I’ll start with chest(bench press 15kg both inclined upwards, downwards and flat,butterfly,pullover)
    The next day shoulder (military press, then with dumb ell exercises)
    Then for wings
    then for triceps
    then for biceps
    I didn’t get chance to go for the past two weeks i will go from today evening…..
    Could you please guide me
    What r all the exercises i have to do i mean training routine, diet plans……..Please……

  4. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Senthil,
    I can clearly understand what you want your body to look like.
    But, tell you what, just training like us (bodybuilders) cannot make you huge like what you fear (“look like bodybuilders”).
    It’s a 24×7 commitment, and not like buying a shirt from a readymade apparel outlet and putting it on right there.
    We only wish it were THAT simple. There are millions right here in India, who live and breathe this sport but are still unable to get big like Schwarzenegger or Coleman at their competitive best.
    As regards your training, I am sorry to say, it’s flawed.
    Your diet should also be excellent if you are serious about making your body look good and stay healthy.
    It’s the old adage brother, ‘It you eat like a pig, you’ll look like one.’
    I’ll post a full story on training and diet for people who want to build nice, lean look (not very big).
    Follow it to a T and you will see results.
    Good Luck.

  5. avinash Says:


    i want to take trainig with the help through net so ple guid me please.
    your faithfully

  6. avinash Says:

    respected sir,

    This is my physical structure nd what i want to get.
    Achieve : a good structure,well builded muscles like general body builders but muscles like six packs and nice bicep structure……
    Age : 26 yrs
    Height : 171 cms
    Weight : 70 kgs
    Sleeping hours : 5 hrs
    your faithfully

  7. Dear Avinash,
    you sent me the same mail sometime ago. It’s still here on this post. Did you check it out?
    If I remember correct, I might have sent a mail asking for some details or told you to follow a particular programme found on this blog.
    I’m sure about it because I respond to almost EVERY single query I receive, except garbage.
    I have also posted here the feedback I sent you. I think you didn’t check it out.
    Here are my suggestions:
    The data you have provided is insufficent as regards your training and eating practice, besides your lifestyle.
    I urge you to read ALL the stories posted on this blog to learn what it takes to build even ‘SOME’ muscle or a GREAT BODY!
    It’s not like going for window shopping, trust me.
    There is a story in the ‘training’ category titled ‘Build muscle and lose fat.’ Follow the 4-day routine mentioned in that. There will also be diet tips there for gaining weight and losing weight.
    But keep this much in mind… when you try to gain muscle, your abs will NOT be very sharp. Nobody in the WHOLE WORLD can maintain that kind of abs round the year. Abs can be displayed in a ripped condition for a contest or a film shoot or modelling assignment. It is achieved following a calorific defecit (especially from carbohydrate reduction) in your diet and plenty of cardio. This can be practiced for a maximum of 12-14 weeks. Anything further will affect your health in the longer run.
    But when you build muscle, your abs should not be replaced by fleshy mass or a belly, just watch out. Abs can get a little blurred while gaining muscle but should not totally disappear or stick out like a belly.
    With this much in mind, read those stories and start working.
    Your rest (sleep) is insufficinet to make good gains. Try to take naps as well and increase sleep totally to almost 8 hours.
    If you try REALLY hard, nothing is impossible.
    Good Luck.

  8. Dear brother,
    there is a story on fat loss diet for vegetarians under ‘nutrition’ category…..use that story as a guidance and make your diet plan…..
    as you are thin, you may add vegetable salads, oats, whole wheat bread and chappatis to almost all the meals.
    but do not add them to the last meal of the day…..

    however, your goals are not clear….I have no idea if you do any exercise …… suggestion is that you can train three non-consecutive days a week under an experienced trainer’s supervision and play cricket three other days…..that way even your game will improve…….
    good luck

  9. I found your site when i was searching Google for websites related to this article. I have tell you, your site is good. I like the design too, its nice. I don’t have much time at the moment to fully read your site but I have noted it and I also registered for your RSS feed. I will be back in a day or two.

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