Burn fat, strengthen your heart

The youth of the modern day stay involved in sports, work out at gyms and go for jogging, running or swimming.

However, there are some who still prefer doing more “cardiovascular training” (cardio) than hitting the weights.

So, what is cardio?

Known as aerobics, these are exercises during which our heart works consistently for a specific duration to pump blood to major working muscles. These movements increase uptake of oxygen. They condition our heart and burn body fat.

Here are some popular aerobic exercises:

Running is an excellent cardio enjoyed by many. Running in early mornings in a non-polluting atmosphere (not our beaches) is refreshing and offers a visual treat.

It quickens weight loss by burning a huge amount of calories.
Speed-walking (the name explains it) is an alternative for those who find it difficult to run – either because of their age, excessive weight or knee and joint health.
There are modern equipment which help us in performing cardio, indoors or outdoors. And during summer, undoubtedly the best choice would be swimming.

                                      _ Murali Vijaykumar


5 Responses to “Burn fat, strengthen your heart”

  1. good one… I seem to visit your blog at least twice or even thrice a day…

    you keep on updating it regularly… great going….

  2. sir i am going to a gym everyday evening for 1hour and i go

    there in order to lose my weight and currently my weight is

    75kg with 6ft and i cant run even 1/2km and i feel tired

    and i feel difficult to breath after running ,and i have belly,

    fatty chest muscles . please help me in what to do for this ?

  3. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Karthick,
    you weigh less than ideal for your height. But, your belly is because of poor dietary habits and lifestyle.
    There is a story on the blog on how to eat and train to lose fat and build muscle. Read it carefully. It has instructions for you too. If you don’t have any health complications, start right away.
    Try to add some lean, hard muscle to your frame while losing fat. Or else, you will look sick and anaemic.
    Stop this ‘running’ or ‘jogging’ business….try something like the stationary bike for cardio.
    The story will tell you how many times to do it and when to do it.
    Follow all instructions to a T and you WILL see good results.
    An acheiver will never cook up lame excuses for not following the guidelines 100%. I think you ARE an achiever.
    Go for it. Good Luck.

  4. Radhakrishnan.N Says:

    For maximum fat loss, which is the best – running outdoors or treadmill walking?
    Is there any age restiction for running?


  5. takeupsculpting Says:

    Running expends more calories and hence can help you to burn more fat – be it running outdoors or on a treadmill.
    However, in eight out of 10 cases, those who run experince some kind of knee or joint pain. Heavier persons should not even think about running – that heavy person may be a 90-kg body builder or a fat slob. Remember, the joints do not know your body composition. All they know it that a heavy body keeps pounding them by running. This may lead to serious joint damage over a period of time.
    A teenager or a person in early twenties may not get any joint discomfort at all. But as a person ages, it may all set in.
    Very brisk walking and cycling are the best cardio which even Mr. Olympia winners endorse. Take a good look at their muscularity and see how much fat they have burned!
    What more do I say about effectiness of such safe cardio ?

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